Sonias significance

first_imgIf reports of Sonia Gandhi’s refusal to accept the proposal to appoint Prerak (motivator) for conducting Congress’s outreach activities across the country, on the ground that the word has a glaring similarity to the Pracharak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), are true, there lies an enormous hope of speedy revival of 134 year old organisation from the situation it is facing for last five-six years. As media reports suggest, a proposal to have Preraks as a bridge between Congress and its grassroots was submitted by party’s training department in a recently held meeting of chief ministers of Congress-ruled states, leaders of legislature parties in different states, party presidents of state units and national general secretaries/in-charges of states. The proposal reportedly suggested that Preraks be appointed at various levels across the country to impart training and organise workshops for workers. Also Read – A special kind of bondThe proposal could not gather support from the participants of the meeting who found that the word sounded too similar to the nomenclature RSS has for its operatives. Movers of the proposal tried to convince the meeting to adopt the concept of Preraks by arguing that it was Rajiv Gandhi who had written a paper titled ‘Abhi Prerak’ in 1987. But interim Congress’s interim president reportedly rejected the idea by saying that this was ‘New India’ and the messaging has to be clear and bold. She said that Congress cannot be seen towing it’s rival’s line. She also stressed that public memory is very short and one cannot expect people to have such recall value that the word Prerak was used by us as early as 32 years back. Also Read – Insider threat managementPrerak, perhaps, would be changed to Samnvayak, Sanyojak or Sahyogi (coordinator, convenor or consociate). If happened, it was a very meagre part of the entire proceedings of the meeting. But the incident has its substantial importance because it shows how meticulous Sonia is in giving green signal to any program her party wants to undertake and how she has an eye for details which can ensure that Congress moves in the right direction in coming months. Had there been anyone else at the helm of the party affairs following Rahul Gandhi’s exit, Preraks would have found their way in a slumbering atmosphere. Only Sonia in her party has a ubiquitous moral authority with which she can handle things differently. Therefore, she could warn her chief ministers that they have a special responsibility in states and must stand out as examples of sensitive and responsive governance with accountable and transparent administration. “We must be seen to be fulfilling our manifesto commitments. If not, we will lose people’s support with obvious consequences”, she cautioned them. By this, she made it clear that the reports she is getting about the performance in various states are less than satisfactory. Imagine if any of the names that were taking rounds after Rahul’s resignation were leading the party provisionally today, would leaders such as Kamal Nath, Ashok Gehlot and Capt. Amrinder Singh taken this caution with required seriousness? It also requires spunk to tell a self-obsessed lot to have a concrete agitational agenda on issues of pressing concern to the people and that ‘it is not enough to be active and aggressive on the social media’. Sonia told the ‘hip-hip hurray brigade’ that far more important is to go to the people directly because ‘people expect Congress to stand up fearlessly to fight on the streets, fight in villages, towns and cities’. Sonia is well aware of the fact that at the time of preparing for 2019 general elections RSS-BJP launched a huge social media campaign but they kept their ground activities imperforate whereas, under the influence of alien teenage managers, even the seasoned leaders began fighting their electoral battles on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram only ignoring hard realities that need personal touch with the ground. This is the time when Congress can bombard against a situation that has taken its ugliest shape because of a prolonged economic slump, job losses and shakier confidence of investors. This is the time when Modi government appears more and more clueless and insensitive, when vendetta politics is at its peak, when people are feeling threatened and intimidating and when each and every institution is being diabolically subverted. If not now, when will the time of resurgence come for Congress? Realising this, Sonia said in the meeting, “democracy has never been at greater peril than it is now, the mandate of 2019 is now being misused and abused in a most dangerous fashion’. She also made it clear that during these testing times it will become clear that who are those steadfastly devoted to Congress as an ideology and those who look to Congress only as an opportunity for self-advancement. The recent upheavals within her party must have made Sonia much more observant in choosing the future fellows, not only for her but for Rahul and Priyanka too. States ruled by Congress are generally seen as the standing safe sanctuaries of democracy. People-centric governance, economic remonetisation, and the strongest bulwark against BJP would add to the credibility of Congress. There is a need to put in place an effective system for monitoring and implementation of the key manifesto commitments that the Congress had made in the run-up to the Assembly Elections. Effective coordination between the party organisations and the governments in Congress-ruled states is also necessary. Congress has to counter constant diabolic game destabilisation that the BJP plays. Congress has to re-launch its narrative strongly. It must have a strong and compact team of dedicated, well-studied and sober word-soldiers that can take on loudmouths of RSS-BJP spokespersons on various media forums. Personal likes and dislikes of middle-level schemers have brought Congress to this disgraceful footing. Getting rid of this lot by sidelining them ferociously must be a top priority for the party leadership. Without this, all the sweat will go waste, as in the past. If it is against the elegance to drive them out, those who want to slush everything, those who want to hush power and those whose job has been nothing than milking, let at least let them go. Observing Sonia Gandhi’s two decades in politics, I can say that she believes in being heart-to-heart with her colleagues. Her frankness is the child of her honesty and courage. She understands that politics is a common calling and that it is something to be discussed with absolute sincerity. Sonia has spoken the truth. Others must learn to hear it. Turning deaf ears to her advise will block opportunities for revival. Congress cannot afford to miss the train this time. (The author is Editor and CEO of News Views India and a national office bearer of the Congress party. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Lawyer for Tony Accurso appealing his clients guilty verdict as well as

first_imgMONTREAL – A lawyer for former Quebec construction mogul Tony Accurso is appealing his client’s conviction on fraud and corruption charges as well as his four-year prison sentence.Marc Labelle is also asking for Accurso to be released from custody pending the appeals.The Crown countered in court Tuesday that allowing Accurso out of prison would undermine the public’s confidence in the judicial system.A decision on the release request is expected this week.Accurso, 66, was sentenced last week after a jury had previously found him guilty on all five charges he was facing stemming from a municipal corruption scheme in Laval, north of Montreal.The corruption scheme lasted between 1996 and 2010 and was run by former Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, who pleaded guilty to fraud-related charges and was sentenced to six years in prison.Quebec Superior Court Justice James Brunton, who sentenced Accurso, did not agree to a Crown request that Accurso pay $1.6 million in restitution to the City of Laval.The $1.6 million represented two per cent of the value of the contracts awarded to Accurso’s firms that authorities believe was paid in kickbacks to city officials.At his trial, Accurso denied any involvement in the scheme and testified he was not aware of any such system in place.Labelle said the system of collusion and corruption was put in place by Vaillancourt and that Accurso “did not create this system, it was imposed,” adding his client had no choice but to comply.Labelle noted that because of the size of Accurso’s construction firms, no others could have legitimately competed with him.Accurso was found guilty of conspiracy to commit corruption in municipal affairs; conspiracy to commit fraud; fraud of more than $5,000; corruption of municipal officials; and breach of trust.His first trial ended last November when one juror said she had received information from a person linked to a key witness and that she had shared the details with two other jurors.Accurso was the last of 37 people arrested in 2013 to be tried. Besides Vaillancourt, 26 others pleaded guilty, six had their cases dismissed because of judicial delays and three other people died before the end of their legal proceedings.last_img read more

Japans Impact HD Inc to buy 49 stake in Coffee Day Consultancy

first_imgNew Delhi: Coffee Day Enterprises said Monday Japan-based Impact HD Inc will acquire 49 per cent stake in Coffee Day Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd (CDCSPL) for $15 million (about Rs 104.45 crore). The company along with its material subsidiary Coffee Day Global Ltd (CDGL) and Coffee Day Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd has entered into a share subscription and shareholders agreement with Impact HD Inc for the deal, Coffee Day Enterprises said in a regulatory filing. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe CDCSPL will carry out the business of providing consultancy services in the retail sector. Subsidiary of CDCSPL operates and manages Coffee Day Fresh & Ground business. “The company has approved to enter into the share subscription and shareholders agreement between Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd (CDEL) along with its material subsidiary Coffee Day Global Ltd (CDGL) and Coffee Day Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd (CDCSPL) with Impact HD Inc, (IHD) for subscription to equity shares of the CDCSPL by IHD by investing rupee equivalent to $15 million for 49 per cent stake in the CDCSPL,” the filing said. Coffee Day Enterprises said post subscription of equity shares by IHD, CDEL and CDGL will hold 51 per cent of the paid-up-equity capital of CDCSPL, the company added.last_img read more

UN official urges renewed vigour in counterterrorism fight

26 September 2011The international community has made substantive progress in fighting terrorism since the adoption of a wide-ranging Security Council resolution 10 years ago, but much more work still needs to be done, according to a top United Nations official. “A lot of the mechanisms that we’ve developed, for example, are quite high-tech and therefore are much more difficult to apply in many parts of the world because the level of expertise, the capacity of government in some parts of the world, is simply not up to managing those highly technological solutions,” said Mike Smith, Executive Director of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED).Mr. Smith’s comments to the UN News Centre and UN Radio came ahead of this Wednesday’s special meeting to commemorate the adoption of resolution 1373 and the establishment of the Security Council’s counter-terrorism committee. The Council passed the resolution, under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, shortly after the so-called 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.The resolution includes a range of global measures, such as calling for all countries to criminalize terrorism, denying terrorists access to financial resources, and preventing terrorists from crossing borders. The CTED assists the counter-terrorism committee, which is made up of Council members, with monitoring and analyzing the information provided on counter-terrorism efforts by Member States.“It’s an opportunity for the counter-terrorism committee to hear from the broader membership of the United Nations what their impressions are on what 1373 has achieved and where they want it to go in the future,” Mr. Smith said of the special meeting.As an example of the current challenges faced in counter-terrorism efforts, Mr. Smith cited the use by financial intelligence units of special computer programmes to screen through millions of transactions to identify suspicious activities.“Now that doesn’t have a lot of relevance in a country where perhaps fewer than 30 per cent of the population have a bank account, where actually the problem is not people moving money through the banking system but carrying cash across the border or, even more likely, going down to the local market, giving the money to someone working there and having someone else collect the money in another city in another country – sometimes called hawala,” Mr. Smith said. “The solutions that we worked up in some parts of the world don’t work in other parts of the world.”Referring to progress in counter-terrorism efforts, Mr. Smith pointed to the criminalization of terrorism in many countries’ legislation, the strengthening of law enforcement bodies dealing with counter-terrorism, and the creation of intelligence units to combat the financial aspects of terrorism.“When you look at it like that, it doesn’t perhaps sound very much, but actually the sort of laws, mechanisms, strategies and programmes that you have to put in place in order to do that is really quite extraordinary and extensive,” he said, adding that “probably the most significant fact is that countries are now cooperating with each other, sharing information and trying to help each other in this global effort.” “What made this particular case of terrorism, when it initially happened – notably the attack on 9/11 – what made it so difficult to deal with was that it was global,” Mr. Smith noted. “It was this group called Al-Qaida who had their base in Afghanistan, but who had recruits all over the world and who could carry out attacks in many parts of the world.”Mr. Smith said that while there has been success in dealing with terrorist groups such as Al Qaida, focus must also be placed on countering the ideologies that underpin terrorism.“Ideologies are much more difficult to deal with, and the ideology of Al Qaida has been picked up and moved around, and is being utilized by other groups in other parts of the world. In these circumstances, the threat is very real and it continues,’ he said.“What that implies is that we have to put a lot more effort in to countering the ideology rather than simply building our defences against it because in the long-term the only way in which we’re going to stop terrorism is to persuade people not to be recruited, so that young people do not see value in putting on a suicide vest and walking in to a café and blowing themselves up.”In addition to hearing from Member States on the application and future use of resolution 1373, Wednesday’s meeting will also include side events such as a gathering with representatives of civil society and non-government organizations (NGOs) to address the grievances felt by those who could potentially be targeted by terrorist recruiters. read more

New owners hope to revive Lake Tahoe resort once owned by Frank

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email New owners hope to revive Lake Tahoe resort once owned by Frank Sinatra with major renovation by Martin Griffith, The Associated Press Posted Sep 8, 2013 4:42 pm MDT RENO, Nev. – A Lake Tahoe resort once owned by Frank Sinatra and frequented by his Rat Pack buddies is about to undergo a major makeover.The Cal Neva hotel-casino straddling the California-Nevada line will close for more than a year beginning Monday to allow for the multimillion-dollar project.Criswell-Radovan co-owner Robert Radovan says the 219-room, 10-story hotel and 6,000-square-foot casino will be upgraded in an effort to revive the struggling property. His Napa Valley, Calif.-based development company acquired the Cal Neva in April.During its heyday from 1960 to 1963, the resort was owned by Sinatra and drew fellow Rat Pack members Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford.Owners hope to reopen the Cal Neva on Dec. 12, 2014, which would have been Sinatra’s 99th birthday. read more

Take Our Kids to Work Day deadline extended

The deadline to get registered for Brock University’s participation in Take Our Kids to Work Day on Nov. 2 has been extended to Thursday, Oct. 27.Every November, Grade 9 students across Ontario spend a day shadowing a parent, relative, friend or volunteer host. The day provides students with a meaningful experience and can assist them with understanding the importance of education and career development.Brock’s involvement in the program is a great way to highlight the variety of career opportunities at the University. Participating students will take part in an interactive morning of planned programming and, in the afternoon, students will get the opportunity to learn about their parent or sponsor’s position at Brock.The Itinerary/Registration Form is available now from OneBrock. Please submit completed registration forms to Brian Dzurban, Health, Safety & Wellness Coordinator at by Oct. 27.Dzurban can also answer questions about the program via email or ext. 3284. read more

Brock cancer survivor urges support for Rankin Run

‘Mommy’s not dying’ were the first words Jennifer Ritchie (BA ’00) told her children after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.It has been a difficult road for the administrative assistant in Brock’s Nursing department, but after nine months of treatment that promise has been fulfilled.She now considers herself cured.To mark the life-changing news, Ritchie will join dozens of University employees and students, in addition to more than 13,000 other participants, in the 13th annual Rankin Cancer Run on Saturday, May 26.She’ll walk among fellow cancer survivors, friends and family honouring loved ones they lost, as well as corporate and community teams like Brock’s.Ritchie was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2015 at the age of 38. “My doctor initially thought it was nothing but sent me for tests anyway. I knew it was something. I felt different. I felt a lump,” she said.After several rounds of testing, her intuition was proven right. The lump she felt was a malignant tumour and she would require radiation, chemotherapy and a mastectomy.After dealing with the initial shock, Ritchie told her children about the cancer and reassured them that she wasn’t going anywhere. Wyatt was nine. Aidan was six.“We kept everything as normal as we could,” she said. “Nothing really changed for them other than Mommy was bald and would wear a wig. My little one actually liked my new look.”Ritchie’s support network helped her through this turbulent time. Within days of her diagnosis, her parents moved in to take care of her children when she wasn’t feeling well enough. Her husband Dan accompanied her to every chemotherapy treatment and, despite a fear of needles, helped administrer two needles a day for six months. Ritchie’s colleagues were also supportive and understanding of her situation.The chemotherapy treatments were exhausting, but throughout her mind remained focused on battling the disease. After four months of chemotherapy, Ritchie had a mastectomy that removed her left breast.“I guess it was a bit shocking at first,” she said. “I remember taking off the bandages and noticing my missing breast. But for me, I wanted the cancer gone. No breast meant no cancer. “The surgery removed the whole tumor and lymph nodes. I was cured. The radiation that followed was an additional measure because they knew my body could handle it.”Ritchie is scheduled to undergo reconstructive surgery in the fall, when doctors will build a new breast from her stomach tissue.“It’s a pretty tough operation, but I’m ready for it,” she said.Ritchie is taking that brave attitude to the starting line of the Rankin Cancer Run, an event she’s participated in for more than a decade. “I love that 100 per cent of the funds raised stay local,” she said. “It’s such a great atmosphere. Everyone is there to support each other. There are so many people, but it doesn’t feel crowded. More than anything, it’s inspiring to see all of the orange survivor shirts.”As a cancer survivor, the run now has new meaning for Ritchie, who has used the services of many of the organizations supported by the event, including Wellspring Niagara and the Walker Family Cancer Centre.She hopes to inspire others to support the worthy cause.Brock staff, faculty and students are still needed for this year’s Rankin Cancer Run. To receive a Brock team T-shirt, participants must register by Friday, May 11. Online registration will be accepted until May 23, however, shirts are not guaranteed.Registration is $20 for adults or $10 for students. Children aged five and under are free, but must have their name included in the family section of a parent’s registration form. Anyone who collects $100 or more in donations does not have to pay a registration fee. After the run, participants will be treated to a complimentary barbecue lunch.Questions about joining the Brock University Rankin Cancer Run team can be directed to Megan Brown at or x6671. To register or make a donation, visit read more

NBA Power Ratings And Playoff Odds Waiting On Durant

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another edition of FiveThirtyEight’s NBA Power Ratings. The least you need to know about how these numbers work: Each team is ranked according to a projection of its strength over the upcoming week — and the upcoming week only — using Real Plus-Minus (RPM) player ratings provided by Jeremias Engelmann and Steve Ilardi. For more details on the ratings, see our introductory rankings post.(Note: These ratings were calculated before news broke that Chicago’s Jimmy Butler would miss three to six weeks with an elbow injury. Butler carried a strong +3.2 RPM rating, so replacing his 26 minutes per game with a replacement-level player would drop the Bulls from 11th place to a tie for 19th with the Pistons. Chicago’s saving grace might be that the average player below Butler on the team’s depth chart is significantly better than replacement level, but there’s no doubt that this news reduces the Bulls’ rating.)Some observations about the rankings this week:The Oklahoma City Thunder climbed more in the rankings from last week than any other team, leaping from No. 13 to No. 6. The biggest reason? The expectation that Kevin Durant will return in some capacity this week, even if in reduced minutes, was worth 1.7 points per 100 possessions to OKC’s overall rating. The ripple effects of Durant’s return extend beyond his own increased minutes. Our playing-time projections also see Dion Waiters (whose extremely negative RPM falls below the replacement level) getting fewer minutes on the wing — a boon of 0.8 points/100 to the Thunder’s rating. More minutes may also go to plus-minus darling Andre Roberson,1Relative to other metrics at least; from his awful 9.9 Player Efficiency Rating (PER), you wouldn’t expect his RPM to be a strong +2.4. and fewer minutes will go to guard D.J. Augustin, an additional 0.6 point boost for OKC’s rating. The mix of very good and very poor players on the Thunder roster makes the team a great case study in how much effect playing-time reshuffling can have on a team’s overall talent rating.The Atlanta Hawks dropped four spots in this week’s rankings, largely because Al Horford (+2.3 RPM rating), Jeff Teague (+1.3), DeMarre Carroll (+1.2) and Pero Antic (+0.8) are all listed as day-to-day in the team’s injury report. Those slight playing-time downgrades gave more minutes to a host of negative RPM players; chief among them are Dennis Schroder and Kent Bazemore.Joining the Hawks with a four-slot decline this week are the Toronto Raptors. More than half of Toronto’s 1.8 point ratings drop is driven by an injury to Kyle Lowry — and the resulting uptick in playing time for the man behind him on the team’s point guard depth chart, Lou Williams. Williams’s box-score numbers are very good, and Toronto has played much better with him on the court this season. But Real Plus-Minus isn’t convinced despite his great 2014-15 season to date. His long-term predictive RPM is currently -1.9 — with a -3.6 defensive mark — numbers only slightly improved from his -2.0/-3.7 ratings from the end of last season.For all the changes just outside the league’s top tier — in addition to the rise of OKC and declines of Atlanta and Toronto, the Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets both moved up a pair of spots — the top four in our rankings stayed constant. This marks the first time that’s been true since we introduced the rankings in mid-January.With Oklahoma City’s gains, the Western Conference playoff picture is all but set. Seven teams have postseason probabilities in excess of 97 percent, and the Thunder don’t sit too far behind, at 92.7 percent. As for the East, it boasts six teams with playoff odds of 99.6 percent or greater, although there’s some drama to be had with six teams battling for the conference’s final two playoff berths. The Indiana Pacers have the inside track for one of the slots, with a 62.7 percent playoff probability, but none of the five teams behind them are any more than 40.2 percent likely to qualify, which ought to bring at least some tension to the final month and a half of the season.Related to the previous point, it’s worth mentioning that the Utah Jazz have a zero percent probability of making the playoffs despite ranking 12th in talent. What happened? Utah’s record has undershot its Pythagorean expectation by three wins, but the team has also improved its talent rating recently (granted, by too little and too late) by jettisoning Enes Kanter and his -2.5 RPM in a three-team trade with Oklahoma City and the Detroit Pistons.Finally, who on earth is Joffrey Lauvergne? Our projections had the French big man down for 2.8 minutes per game for the Denver Nuggets last week, but he ended up averaging 21 minutes per game instead (and even got a starting nod against the Jazz on Friday). Denver might be toning down Lauvergne’s playing time after he shot 38 percent from the floor and posted a -36 plus-minus in that lone start, but his expected role increase — and -4.4 RPM rating — is still enough to help the Nuggets drop by five slots in the rankings. They’re still not New York Knicks bad, but after their mass talent exodus at the trade deadline, the Nuggets now bring up the rear of the non-Knicks/Philadelphia 76ers division of the power rankings. read more

Aricom and its Amur iron ore

first_imgAricom, the Anglo-Russian developer of mineral resources in the Amur Region of Far East Russia, has received the approval of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of the Russian Federation to subscribe for shares in Lapwing, a Cyprus company, which in turn owns LLC Garinsky Mining and Metalurgical Complex, the company holding the licence for the Garinskoye deposit. Following this subscription the Group will hold a 60% interest in the Garinskoye project and with an option to increase its holding to 85%. The company reports that exploration work at Garinskoye is progressing well and the MicroMine model of the deposit as well as a prefeasibility study of the project are due to be completed before the year end. A team from Wardell Armstrong International was planning to visit the deposit this week of August 20 and will include a review within its Competent Persons Report, which Aricom intends to publish during September.Aricom has a broad remit to acquire, develop, construct and operate non-precious metal assets in Russia. Its first mine will be producing in 2008, at Kuranakh, in the extreme northwest of Amur. Very nearby is Bolshoi Seym, which is likely to be the last in the current project pipeline to be developed, but will use the Kuranakh facilities. Kimkanskoye and Sutarskoye (K&S) should come onstream in 2010, and Garinskoye probably in 2012. IM will publish a full Operations Focus on this interesting company in its November issue.last_img read more

Projects progress despite Australian resource tax plans and Colombian mining code changes

first_imgLatest issue of International Mining Project News available (May 7): Both big and small miners with interests in Australia have been speaking out against the proposed resource tax plans – as has been documented over the last few days on IM’s website. Mincor Resources is one company that has already released calculations on the new tax’s effect on the re-opening of its Miitel nickel mine in Western Australia. Tax on project income, should the mine re-start in a post-2012 environment, would increase to a 55% level, compared to a current rate of 41% (tax and royalty). The company says initial production could resume as early as next month. The Colombian Government has also been busy amending its mining code, excluding mining and exploration activity in the ‘Paramo’ ecosystem – a change that heavily affects Greystar Resources’ Angostura gold/silver project. There are also updates from Atlas Iron, which plans to increase its iron ore shipments from Port Hedland in Australia in the second half of this year, Agnico-Eagle Mines’ achieving commercial production at its 100% owned Meadowbank mine project in Nunavut, Canada, Gold Fields expanding production at its Damang gold mine in Ghana, and many more.Mincor Resources is moving rapidly to recommence production from Miitel in Kambalda, injecting over $130 million into the project. Site works have commenced at Miitel – traditionally Mincor’s largest producing mine in Kambalda – with initial production set to resume as early as next month, with the ramp-up to full production from July 2010. Steady-state production levels are forecast at around 15,000 to 18,000 t/month of ore, yielding between 4,500 and 5,500 t/y of nickel metal in ore. The project has been substantially bolstered by the inclusion of the recent N29 discovery – comprising a maiden ore reserve of 148,000 t at 2.7% Ni for 4,000 t of nickel metal. Not only does this increase the existing Miitel ore reserves by 32%, also provides an additional production front within the mine to increase overall production capacity.Greystar Resources is currently in the middle of a feasibility study at Angostura, however the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Development (MAVDT) has requested a new environmental impact assessment (EIA) to be filed in respect of the development of the open pit gold/silver mine. MAVDT has requested that the new EIA conform to new regulation Law 1382 of 2010 which requires that mining and exploration activity must be excluded from the ‘Paramo’ ecosystem. Paramo consists of mostly glacier formed valleys and plains with lakes, peat bogs and, wet and dry grasslands intermingled with shrub lands and forest patches. The ministry has requested that the new Angostura EIA adjust the occupied area to an elevation below 3,200 m, however, as currently designed, almost all the project facilities and infrastructure are at a higher elevation than this. In addition, half of the proposed open pit resides above 3,200 m. MAVDT’s request would require the Angostura project to be completely redesigned, which would include identifying and acquiring new land positions to house displaced facilities and initiate new environmental base line studies.Atlas Iron will raise up to A$63.5 million to fund a substantial increase in production and shipments in the second half of this calendar year. The proceeds will enable Atlas to accumulate a significant ore stockpile in the lead-up to the start of exports from the Utah Point port facility in Port Hedland, allowing it to maximise the number of shipments of iron ore in what is anticipated to be a period of very strong iron ore prices. The ore to be stockpiled will come from the company’s expanding Pardoo operations and the start of production at Atlas’ second mine, Wodgina, both of which are in the Pilbara. In early May, the Port Hedland Port Authority granted the company permission to make additional shipments between June and September 2010 via Berth 1. The company will export up to one shipment per month in panamax vessels, each containing in the order of 60,000 t, during this period. The combined tonnage available to Atlas in the next four months is expected to be in the order of 180,000 to 240,000 t starting in June 2010.At Agnico-Eagle Mines’ 100% owned Meadowbank mine Proven and Probable gold reserves total 32.2 Mt at 3.5 g/t Au. For the month of March, the Meadowbank mill processed an average of 6,397 t/d, with gold recovery in the plant averaging about 85%. Recoveries are expected to average 93% in 2010. Minesite costs per tonne were C$93 and are expected to decline and average C$68 for 2010 as the mine continues to ramp up to its design production rate of 8,500 t/d in the second quarter of 2010. A portable crusher will be installed in the second quarter which will facilitate the higher throughput. Gold production in 2010 is expected to be around 300,000 oz. Life of mine average gold production expected to be some 350,000 oz/y through 2019. The company also has a study underway to examine the possibility of increasing production from 8,500 t/d to 10,000 t/d, which is scheduled to be completed mid-year 2010. If the company proceeds with the expansion, the increase could be achieved by year-end 2012.Gold Fields will increase production significantly, following the successful construction and commissioning of a new secondary crushing plant at its Damang gold mine in Ghana. The plant will allow Damang to increase the average head grade to its mill by boosting the feed of harder, higher grade fresh ore and reducing the feed of softer, lower grade oxide ore. As a result, gold production at the mine is forecast to increase up to 240,000 oz/y in the medium term. Current production is around 200,000 oz. In order to feed the enhanced crushing and milling systems, exploration last year has been refocused to find additional higher grade ore on the mine’s property. These efforts have been successful and Damang is targeting a reserve of at least 2 Moz in the medium term. Nick Holland, CEO said “Our aim is to extend the life of Damang by at least 15 years to 2025”.last_img read more

€373m spent in three years on private rental properties for social housing

first_imgOVER €373 MILLION was spent in a three year period on a scheme that involves local authorities paying landlords to provide accommodation for those in need of long term housing.A person who has been receiving rent supplement for a long period will be placed on the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) and will pay a contribution to the local authority which has a contract with the landlord and pays them the rent directly.In response to a parliamentary question from Richard Boyd Barrett, junior minister Jan O’Sullivan, said the expenditure figures do not just cover rents but also include “payments that are made to Approved Housing Bodies, administration costs, deposits on newly acquired accommodation, payments made in respect of additional units supplied under the Social Partnership Agreement Towards 2016 and up to very recently payments in respect of homeless persons”.The amount spent on this scheme has been rising from €115.9 million in 2011, to €125.4 million in 2012 and again in 2013 to €130.8 million. O’Sullivan said her department does not hold data on the amount directly paid by local authorities to private landlords.This year, a further €66.9 million has already been spent on the Social Housing Leasing Initiative, which operates in a similar way to RAS.“This expenditure includes the cost of recouping the interest on 1,985 unsold affordable units to local authorities and leasing costs on 497 units in the ownership of approved housing bodies or the NAMA SPV,” the minister of state explained.She said the remaining 2,256 units delivered this year have been acquired under lease or rental arrangements from private property owners at an average cost of €6,472 per unit per annum.There were heated exchanges between O’Sullivan and opposition TDs in the Dáil this week as they debated the issue of homelessness, with many accusing the government’s social housing policies of pushing people onto the streets.Sinn Féin’s Jonathan O’Brien said 80 per cent of the people who visit him at his clinic are there with housing issues and many are living in houses with no hot running water and no heating, “paying money from top of social welfare payments on top of rent allowances to live there because they have no other choice”.Read:‘Time to put flesh on the bones of your policies’: Heated exchanges in homeless debate>Ireland’s housing crisis: Four women’s stories of facing eviction and homelessness>last_img read more

Malformation cardiaque lobésité de la mère augmente le risque pour le bébé

first_imgMalformation cardiaque : l’obésité de la mère augmente le risque pour le bébéÉtats-Unis – Les risques de malformation cardiaque chez l’enfant à naître peuvent augmenter de 33% lorsque la future maman souffre d’obésité sévère, d’après une étude publiée le 26 avril dans l’édition en ligne de l’American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.Cette étude, menée aux États-Unis par les Instituts nationaux de la santé (NIH), révèle que les femmes obèses ont en moyenne 15% de risque en plus de donner naissance à un enfant souffrant d’une malformation cardiaque.  Les chercheurs ont également constaté que plus les femmes étaient obèses, plus le risque de malformation cardiaque congénitale était important. Les femmes obèses possédant l’indice de masse corporelle (IMC) le plus faible présentaient ainsi 11% de risque supplémentaire. Ce pourcentage triplait lorsque la mère souffrait d’obésité sévère.  Au regard de ces résultats alarmants, les spécialistes recommandent aux femmes obèses de perdre le plus de poids possible avant d’envisager de concevoir un enfant. Aux États-Unis, une femme sur cinq serait obèse au début de sa grossesse, et huit nouveau-nés sur 1000 seraient atteints de cardiopathie congénitale, une anomalie qui peut mettre leur vie en danger.Le 8 mai 2010 à 12:27 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Shelter Island Boat Ramp to remain closed through Memorial Day

first_imgShelter Island Boat Ramp to remain closed through Memorial Day Posted: May 11, 2018 May 11, 2018 Dan Plante, The Shelter Island Boat Ramp facility is getting a facelift, but due to longer than expected delays in the project, the ramp will remain closed through the start of the 2018 boating season.KUSI’s Dan Plante was LIVE with the details. Dan Plante Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img

Black Friday thief steals puppy worth nearly 900

first_imgGlatz says pet thefts happen frequently around the holidays.Each time before, he says, the culprit has been caught and the puppies returned safe and sound.The owner is hoping for the same outcome this time around.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. ORLANDO, Fla. (WSVN) — A theft was caught on camera after a woman walked out of an Orlando pet store with a stolen puppy worth almost $900.Surveillance video shows the woman walking into The Puppy Stop on East Colonial Drive during Black Friday.She eventually picked up the 5-pound pricey pooch, distracted the employee, and ran out the door as he looked away.The woman then hopped into a getaway car parked for her outside the store.The employee said it was over before he knew it.“When somebody’s got it in their head that they’re going to get you, you know, it’s hard to watch your back all the time,” store owner Charles Glatz said.This is nothing new for Glatz, who has run the shop for about 12 years. last_img read more

3 killed in road accident

first_imgRoad Accident LogoThree people were killed after a truck hit a pick-up van on Dhaka-Aricha Highway in Nayadingi of Saturia upazila in Manikganj on Friday, reports UNB.The deceased are identified as pick-up van driver Chan Mia, 28, from Rangpur, Zillur Rahmn, 30, and Hamidur Rahman, 30, of Jashore’s Keshabpur upazila.Highway police said the accident took place around 7:30am when the goods-laden truck hit the pick-up van transporting poultry, killing two on the spot and injuring the driver.Chan Mia succumbed to his injuries when he was being taken to Manikganj district hospital, said Lutfur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Golra highway police.last_img

NATO Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison Vouches For Fellow Texan Rex Tillerson In

first_imgREUTERS/Jonathan ErnstU.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison testifies at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on her nomination on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S. July 20, 2017.U.S. Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison vouched for her new boss, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in an interview Thursday night. “There is a lot going on that is good, that is positive,” Hutchison told Washington Post columnist David Ignatuis in an interview in the nation’s capital.Hutchison is the lead diplomat to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an alliance between the United States and European countries dating back to the post-World War II era. She is now based in Brussels. Hutchison’s remarks come a week after reports surfaced of Tillerson calling U.S. President Donald Trump “a moron” in July. The Department of State is at the center of escalating nuclear tension in both North Korea and Iran.Hutchison and Tillerson have ties since her days as a senator from Texas when he was the CEO of ExxonMobile. They are also both graduates of The University of Texas at Austin. “I’ve known him for a long time, he’s a Texan, was a great CEO of Exxon and as he has said, he’s not a Washington person and I think everybody is getting used to his styles and things,” Hutchison said.She also briefly touched on recent rumors of tension between Tillerson and President Donald Trump, saying, “He and the president are working very well on the foreign policy issues, which I’m a part, and I am so pleased to be at NATO.”Hutchison said after the Cold War, there was a lull when we thought the world would be peaceful and easy, but that is not the case anymore.“NATO has been a glue that has endured through hard times,” she said, adding that now that tensions with Russia are again mounting, she feels “blessed” that “every top person in [the] administration, especially the president, understands the importance of NATO.”Hutchison said the body is facing “a different set of risks,” such as cyber interference from Russia, that it is looking into in order to understand and defend against.“They are trying to break down the bonds of the NATO alliance by putting out false news,” Hutchison said. “They are playing the long game.”  Sharelast_img read more

Sonys Xperia PlayStation Phone has great specs dedicated PlayStation app

first_imgThat PlayStation Phone prototype we saw back in October is starting to look more and more like a real, forthcoming project: not only has it popped up again on a couple of Chinese websites, but we now have a fairly complete list of supposed specs.According to Chinese site IT168, the Xperia-branded PlayStation Phone is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8255, along with a Qualcomm Adreno 205 GPU. Altogether, the silicon in this phone-slash=console should be capable of generating 60 frames per second.Other specs include a 1,500mAh battery capacity, an 854 x 480, 4-inch display, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash (but no HD video recording), 512MB RAM and ROM, a microSD slot, a SIM slot, a micro-USB port and a second mic on the back to achieve active noise cancellation.Despite all of these specs and the pictures above, it’s still not actually known whether or not the PlayStation Phone will run, as you might expect, PSP games, or if it’ll run PlayStation classic games instead. Either way, the Android-based phone is set to do so through an app called PlayStation Pocket, which mimics the UI of the PSP proper.Read more Engadgetlast_img read more

Okay Bulmas Vacation Digs in Dragon Ball Super Broly Are Pretty Sweet

first_imgHere’s Bulma’s vacation home, a location based off the real-world Italian town of Amalfi:— Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) September 9, 2018Doesn’t that look ridiculous? That’s some wealth you’ve got there, girl. At least we know Vegeta and the rest of the family are being taken care of. It is, as the tweet says, based on the Italian town of Amalfi, but you can bet the real world has nothing on these extremely bright and alluring colors.Bulma already has so many different cruise ships, homes, and other lavish showings as well as cool stuff for her and her son, it’s ridiculous. She’s got some sort of sportswear that doesn’t really look like something the Bulma we know and love would wear, but maybe it just takes time to get used to something different. ProbablyAdChoices广告If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest Dragon Ball Super: Broly news, you’ll definitely want to mark your calendars for the new film’s debut. As you probably already guessed, it follows the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, who meets up with Goku and Vegeta, who are understandably perplexed: They thought they were the last pure Saiyans on Earth, so what’s this new Saiyan doing here?Make sure you don’t miss the new flick as it brings more of the weirdness and slick new animation of Dragon Ball Super to light for all you longtime fans. And in the meantime, Bulma…? You really need to stay away from my man. I don’t care how rich you are.Watch Team Geek play through the new Dragon Ball FighterZ. And with the new movie on the horizon, our favorite characters are getting redesigns. There are even mash-ups with the awesome One Punch Man. While we wait for Dragon Ball Super: Broly follow all of Goku’s adventures here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. What’s Bulma up to in the new Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly? You mean besides stealing my man, Vegeta? Well, it looks like she’s getting a brand new vacation home to flaunt in all of our faces like she’s rich or something. Just kidding, we already knew she was rich. But now she’s got an even bigger estate in the movie that we’ll see a glimpse of, thanks to a tweet showing off some artwork from the official Dragon Ball Super site and some artwork revealed for the movie.last_img read more

Ivory Coast starts small arms destruction

first_img Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories It is estimated that people across the country still own some 3 million small weapons, and the United Nations have criticized the slow progress in carrying out the disarmament program.Former President Laurent Gbagbo refused to accept defeat after it was determined Alassane Ouattara won at the polls in November 2010, which led to violence that killed thousands.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (AP) – An official says authorities in Ivory Coast are starting to destroy hundreds of small arms collected since the end of the postelection violence that claimed some 3,000 lives.Spokeswoman Laetitia Dia Allou of the West African nation’s commission against arms proliferation said the destruction of some 600 weapons started Thursday.She says a total of about 2,000 weapons were collected from former militants and civilians since October 2011. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debatescenter_img New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories Patients with chronic pain give advice 4 must play golf courses in Arizona The vital role family plays in societylast_img read more