Hachim Mastour Moroccan Messi to Feature for AC Milans First Team

Rabat- Dubbed the next Messi and compared to Zinedine Zidane, AC Milan’s 15-year-old Moroccan-Italian Hachim Mastour could make his debut in Serie A against Sassuolo on Sunday after he has been promoted to Clarence Seedorf’s side. According to The Guardian, Mastour was taken to the changing rooms where he was greeted and applauded by the first-team squad. He then trained with the first team and scored a goal before the Milan TV cameras.AC Milan had to pay a reported €500,000 for Reggiana in the summer of 2012 to sign Mastour and to abort all attempts by other European teams like Inter, R.Madrid, Barcelona and Man City to snatch the skillful trequartista. “He has the quality of Robinho, the professionalism of Kaka and the natural ability of Ballotelli,” Milan’s former coach Massimiliano Allegri was quoted as saying about Mastour.It is not the first time that Hachim Mastour trains with the senior team since he participated in a training session for the first time in December 2013.He also appeared on six occasions for Italy Under-16s which raises doubts whether he will continue playing for Italy in the long run or choose instead to wear the jersey of his country of origin, Morocco.The Moroccan wonderkid who turns 16 next June is undoubtedly a super talented young player. Yet, many reports question whether it is the right decision for him to be promoted to the first team at such an early age, and if can he handle the pressure and media attention that come along with playing for the crowned champions of Europe seven times.The kid sensation is also feared to face the same sad fate like other young players who were brought to the spotlights with no little fanfare but were left halfway before reaching their goals. Former Barcelona player Bojan Krikic is just one example among many. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

The tax benefits of giving your heirs money while youre still alive

TORONTO — While there are a number of reasons for a parent to consider passing on a living inheritance to adult children, one that may be overlooked is tax savings.Cash and assets that parents have no intention of spending while they’re alive — what tax and estate planning expert Jamie Golombek calls “never money” — may wind up costing more than necessary in fees and taxes.“If mom and dad have never money, all they’re doing is growing a pile of wealth and paying tax every year on that income, perhaps at a very high tax rate,” says Golombek, who is a member of the CIBC Wealth Strategies Group.“Whereas that money could be used by the kids and perhaps invested at a lower tax rate or used to pay down debt.”What many people don’t realize, Golombek adds, is that Canada has no gift tax.As a result, cash given to children, grandchildren or any other individual while you’re alive won’t be taxed.“If you want to give them $1 million tomorrow, it’s not reportable anywhere. It doesn’t show up on their returns. It’s not income,” says Golombek.However, the giver could be liable for tax on capital gains if the gift is property that has appreciated in value — as might be the case with a family cottage or a portfolio of stocks.But that isn’t to say there aren’t any tax advantages to gifting appreciable assets to your children while you’re alive.For example, a parent in a high tax bracket that gifts funds from a large non-registered portfolio generating taxable investment income to a child could potentially avoid future clawbacks of Old Age Security, says Jason Heath, a fee-only financial planner with Objective Financial Partners in Toronto.“If you’re a senior who’s getting OAS clawed back, you’re paying a minimum of 43 per cent tax and you could easily be paying up to 62 per cent tax depending on your province of residence,” Heath says.“So there’s a good chance there are some tax-saving opportunities by taking non-registered assets out of your hands and giving it to a child to pay down their mortgage or to make an RRSP contribution.”Golombek says another benefit of giving your heirs an early inheritance is that it could help them avoid or reduce probate fees — an estate administration tax that varies by province but is based on the value of the estate.“For example, in Ontario 1.5 per cent is the estate administration tax,” says Golombek. “But if you don’t own the asset when you die, you don’t pay the tax. So transferring wealth before you die would minimize (the tax).”Because the tax rules around gifting assets are complicated, Heath says it’s important to solicit advice from the right professional.“I’ve come across people who took advice from a teller at the bank, or an investment adviser or an accountant without strong tax and estate planning expertise, or a generalist lawyer whose not a tax and estate lawyer, who have given outright incorrect advice,” he says.“People need to be sure that when they’re looking for tax or estate planning advice on a complex issue that they’re speaking to someone who understands that issue.”Follow @DaveHTO on Twitter. read more

Five years after mine closure Asbestos Que seeking new identity

by Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 25, 2016 2:00 am MDT Last Updated Aug 25, 2016 at 7:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email The open pit of the now-closed Jeffrey mine is seen Wednesday, August 10, 2016 in Asbestos, Que. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson ASBESTOS, Que. – To residents of Asbestos, Que., the once-mighty Jeffrey mine that gave the town its identity is known simply as “the hole.”But almost five years after Canada’s largest asbestos mine stopped producing the controversial fibre, Asbestos is looking to move on from the industry that supported it for more than a century.Key to the efforts is a $50-million regional diversification fund, put in place by the former Parti Quebecois government in 2012 after it cancelled a $58-million loan the Liberals had promised to help the mine renovate and reopen.Mayor Hugues Grimard is hoping the subsidies available through the fund, paired with industrial know-how and a little hustle, will be enough to attract new businesses to the town of 7,000 residents two hours east of Montreal.“There are several projects on the table, several important announcements that have been made, and others are coming,” he said in an interview. “The strategy is working.”In June, Brome Lake Ducks announced a $30-million plan to create a new processing plant and hatchery in the town. That project is expected to produce 150 jobs.Other new businesses include a pharmaceutical company, a cheese factory and a microbrewery with beer names such as “La Mineur” (“The Miner”), “L’Or Blanc” (“White Gold”) and “La 1949” (“The 1949”) after the year of the famous asbestos strike.But it hasn’t been easy. There have also been closures, and many of the new businesses are taking over facilities vacated by others.Grimard says the town is turning the corner.“It won’t get done tomorrow morning but over the next few years we’ll change the economic context because the base is there,” he said.For the sake of image, he says all the mine’s buildings that aren’t currently in use are being demolished.But the mine itself, which is more than two kilometres in diameter, 350 metres in depth and six square kilometres in total area is hard to ignore.It was opened after asbestos was discovered in the region in the late 1870s, and grew as demand skyrocketed for the “magic mineral” known for its fire-resistant properties.Pierrette Martineau-Theroux, a lifelong resident, remembers a time in the 1960s when more than 2,000 people were employed at the mine — before scientists began raising the alarm over health issues.“Everything depended on the company that exploited the mine,” she said. “People were used to counting on the company to fund baseball leagues, hockey leagues, even the churches.”But by the 1980s, worldwide demand for the fibre was in a freefall due to a spike in the number of cases of asbestosis, an inflammatory lung disease linked to different cancers.The mine’s workforce was slashed and production halted, returning intermittently until the PQ’s announcement quashed the final hope for a revival.Despite health organizations saying the material kills more than 100,000 people annually, many Asbestos residents insist it can be safe if handled properly.Francesco Spertini, a retired geologist who spent 32 years working in the mine, says all mining operations can be dangerous.“All mining activity creates dust, which, once you inhale it, causes emphysema at a minimum,” he said.He says in the past, workers disregarded the safety regulations surrounding safety and the wearing of masks.“If you don’t saw into it, if you take the necessary precautions to control the dust, you can control the risks,” he said.On a drive into the pit of the now-defunct mine, Spertini stops to pick up a rock with a white, fibrous streak of asbestos running through it.“It’s sad, the end of the mine,” he said. “Usually, the mine ends when the material is exhausted, but that’s not the case here.”Today, the upper levels of the mine are turning green with trees and shrubbery.The underground mining facilities are now under water, and the mine’s main occupants are turkey vultures who circle endlessly overhead.But although nature is slowly taking over, the locals say the mine isn’t just part of their past.Spertini says the site contains other minerals including magnesium, which is present in the same rock that produces asbestos.Although one magnesium-extraction operation went bankrupt a few years ago, an improving market could make it viable again.One company, Alliance Magnesium, is in the process of creating a pilot plant that could begin extracting magnesium from the mine’s tailings in 2017.In addition to mining, Grimard says the site has other potential uses including water, tourism and education.In the interest of moving forward, Grimard said he’s even willing to consider changing the town’s famous name.“Personally, I think it’s our past and I’m proud of it,” he said. “But I’m not closed to any municipal initiative, and if one day we need to take another look at our way of doing things and our identity, we will.”The town rejected the name-change idea a decade ago, but Martineau-Theroux thinks it’s something that will need to be revisited.Although she has no problem handling a chunk of asbestos with bare hands, she believes the name itself could be fatal to the town’s hopes of drawing new businesses.“Outside the town, it’s still deadly,” she said. Five years after mine closure, Asbestos, Que., seeking new identity read more

Who has the rights A look at how streaming services are confusing

by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 11, 2017 11:13 am MDT Last Updated Aug 11, 2017 at 3:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Who has the rights? A look at how streaming services are confusing viewers This image released by Lionsgate Entertainment shows the cast of “Mad Men.” The frustration is all too familiar for many TV viewers. You’re invested in “Mad Men” or “The West Wing” when the shows suddenly disappear from streaming services overnight. Fans still complain about how “Lost” can’t be found, and “Friday Night Lights” went dark. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP-Lionsgate Entertainment via AP TORONTO – Marie Conception was three seasons into the TV series “Gossip Girl” when Netflix yanked the entire show from its lineup.Left hanging in the middle of the teen drama’s juicy plot twists, the Burnaby, B.C. resident says she questioned why she signed up for Netflix in the first place.“You commit to purchasing Netflix or CraveTV because they have certain shows,” she says. “It’s a little upsetting when they pull stuff out for whatever reason.”The frustration is all too familiar for many TV viewers. You’re invested in “Mad Men” or “The West Wing” when the shows suddenly disappear from streaming services overnight. Fans still complain about how “Lost” can’t be found, and “Friday Night Lights” went dark.The reason TV shows or films are removed from streaming platforms can vary, though it almost always comes down to content licensing “windows,” the set periods of time a company gets the rights for a program.Those contracts between a streaming company and a TV or film distributor are nothing new — they exist for traditional broadcasters, too. But in an era where many people stream much of their entertainment, what’s available is suddenly a bigger part of the conversation.How long a streaming licence lasts will vary depending on the show or movie. Many contracts are signed for around a year, especially for films, which guarantees services like Netflix have a steady rotation of content from some of Hollywood’s big studios.TV series can have an even longer licence that stretches for several years and covers a number of seasons. Sometimes, those rights switch to another service; other times they expire and disappear into the digital ether, especially in Canada where many popular shows aren’t available to stream.The confusion over where to watch their favourite TV shows isn’t likely to subside for Canadians any time soon. Next year, CBS Corp. plans to enter the market with CBS All Access, potentially holding onto certain licences for TV shows it has a stake in, including “The Big Bang Theory.”When Disney rolls out its streaming platform in the coming years, there’s a good chance it’ll eventually keep its most valuable new content for itself, rather than license it to Netflix Canada. Those negotiations are still open, and Netflix could make Disney an offer too attractive to refuse.All of these decisions are part of ongoing talks that don’t affect viewers until they notice something has gone missing from their streaming library.Mike Cosentino, senior vice-president of content at CraveTV, often hears the message loud and clear when he makes the call on what to stock on Bell Media’s platform.“At the end of the day, if we do our jobs well enough, we’re renewing content that has a consumer appetite and reinvesting in new content,” he says.But it isn’t always up to CraveTV, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video which entertainment they can license.For instance, viewers have urged Netflix Canada to stock up on past seasons of “Game of Thrones,” but the blockbuster TV show is owned by HBO, its biggest competitor. Bell Media owns the licences the HBO content in Canada, but hasn’t made them available on any standalone streaming service.Confused yet?Things get even more complicated when you turn to Netflix Canada, who bought licences for TV series like “Riverdale,” which appear on the platform shortly after they air on U.S. television.Those licences aren’t cheap, and the battle for content is getting more expensive.Josh Scherba, executive vice-president of distribution and content at DHX Media, says the Toronto-based kids TV maker watched the value of its shows climb over the past five years as more streaming companies bulked up their virtual shelves. With more companies entering the market, the bidding increases.“We think for the foreseeable future that’s going to continue,” Scherba says.Ultimately, consumers will probably foot the bigger monthly bill. Netflix Canada is already raising its monthly subscription by a dollar or two saying it’s partly due to rising costs for buying content and making its own original series.But streaming companies might have some explaining to do when the licenses for some of their “original series” end in the coming years.Netflix brands a selection of its content as “Netflix Originals” even though it doesn’t actually own all of them outright. Both “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” are owned by outside studios who licence multi-year windows to the streaming service.Once those terms end, the shows are free to be sold elsewhere, which means they will almost certainly land on broadcast TV or other streaming platforms. It’s already happened with Amazon Original series “Transparent,” which began airing on cable channel Showcase earlier this summer.None of these shifts make it any easier for viewers to figure out where shows like “Gossip Girl” can be seen these days. Some websites like justwatch.com aim to help streamers find what they’re looking for. But that didn’t give Conception any idea if the show was returning to Netflix.“They do this weird thing where they sometimes take (a TV series) out, but they bring it back a few months later,” she says. “But with ‘Gossip Girl’ they didn’t.”She eventually gave up and bought the show on DVD.Follow @friend on Twitter. read more

UN agency gravely concerned by lack of medical services in Syrias eastern

“Continuous and unimpeded humanitarian aid to eastern Ghouta is urgently needed, and medical evacuations of critically ill patients are long overdue,” said Elizabeth Hoff, World Health Organization (WHO) Representative in Syria. “Life-saving health supplies are available, and WHO, along with partners, stands ready to respond to health needs once access is granted,” she added. In eastern Ghouta of Rural Damascus, local health authorities report that in just four days through 17 November, 84 people were killed, including 17 children and 6 women; and 659 people were injured, including 127 children and 87 women. During the same period, more than 200 surgical operations were conducted in eastern Ghouta’s overwhelmed and under-resourced hospitals. Hospitals and healthcare centres have been damaged, severely limiting medical care for people at a time when they need it most. “When people are crying out for health services, we cannot turn our backs and expect others to do it. We must be ready to provide those services where nobody else will or can.”—@DrTedros #EBSS4 #GPW13 pic.twitter.com/vbFjJQanYN— WHO (@WHO) November 22, 2017On 18 November, two resident doctors and three patients at al-Mujtahed Hospital in Damascus city were injured in an attack. The 412-bed facility is one of the main public hospitals in Damascus serving patients from eastern Ghouta and other parts of the country. WHO is also concerned that lack of essential health services, as well as limited electricity, fuel, safe drinking-water and basic sanitation services are increasing the risk of disease outbreaks such as diarrheal diseases, typhoid and hepatitis. Further, inter-agency convoys to the area have been irregular, and the aid provided has been insufficient to meet the increasing needs of up to 400,000 people besieged for more than 4 years. read more

Glassi Chuddies Hinglish lessons offered for first time to help Britons win

first_imgExamples of Bollywood films using Hinglish in the titles include "Ek Tha Tiger" (Once There was a Tiger) Examples of Bollywood films using Hinglish in the titles include “Ek Tha Tiger” (Once There was a Tiger) Hinglish lessons are being taught in UK colleges for the first time to help  young Britons win business in India. Portsmouth College has introduced a new course for the language, a hybrid of English and Hindi, that has been spoken on both continents since the 17th century. It is widely used today in Indian business, films,  music, and advertising. Hinglish is a fusion of the two languages that is preferred by India’s booming business community, meaning learning it could be suitable for students looking for international opportunities in the world’s seventh largest economy, which is growing more rapidly than any other. Portsmouth College said Hinglish in turn was the fastest growing language on the South continent. “Films are being watched a lot of Indian people and right from the titles  to the script, everything is in Hinglish,” teacher Viraj Shah explained. James Watters, a department head at the college, said: “It’s great to hear that our future generation of workers are taking into account that things that are happening around us.”He said the course would make them “socially aware and better prepared for situations they may be faced with.”  According to Collins English Dictionary, a number of common English words have in fact been influenced by Hinglish.  These include the words “shampoo”, from the Hindi word for massage or knead; “cushy”, which stems from the Hindi word for pleasant; “cot” which originates from the Hindi word for hammock or bedstead; and “thug” from the Hindi word for cheat or thief. center_img Common Hinglish phrases, with borrowed British words, include: “Time kya hua hai?” – which means “what is the time right now?”; and “I have hazaar things on my mind right now” which means “I have a thousand of things on my  mind right now.” While there is evidence of Hinglish being around since the 17th century, and featuring in poetry in 19th Century, it took off notably as part of popular culture in the 1990s with the rise of music channels like MTV. It is now said to be ubiquitous in Bollywood film. Examples of Bollywood films using Hinglish in the titles include “Ek Tha Tiger” (Once There was a Tiger), “Love Aaj Kal” (Love Today Tomorrow) and “Shaadi Ke Side Effects” (The Side Effects of Marriage).  Hinglish is not the only English fusion language. West African Pidgin English is spoken by millions of people in countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.Around half the Nigerian population are known to understand the language, though it is not an official language in any country. West African Pidgin is a blend of English and African languages with words that can change and evolve constantly. It is thought to have first been used to discuss trade between Europeans and Africans in the 17th century. According to the BBC, which launched a Pidgin news service in August,  popular phrases include: “I wan chop” ( I want to eat), “Wetin dey ‘appen?”  (What is happening?), “I no no” (I do not know) and “Where you dey?” (Where  are you).last_img read more

Dell takes on pocketable computing with the Project Ophelia Android dongle

first_imgDell may have decided to quit building smartphones, but the company isn’t finished with Android. At CES 2013, the company is showing off a slick, portable device codenamed Project Ophelia. It’s an MHL stick computer — much like the MK802 and innumerable others that followed — that can be plugged into any display with an HDMI input to provide a full-featured computing experience.Over the past six months or so, manufacturers have cranked out countless Android-powered HDMI stick computers. They all rely on WiFi for network connectivity, offer at least one USB port for peripheral connections, and many include integrated Bluetooth for connecting to your cordless keyboard and mouse. While Dell’s device checks all those boxes, it’s a bit different than your run-of-the-mill stick PC with Android.As you may have guessed from the Wyse branding on the stick, Dell’s pushing a cloud-powered thin-client experience with Project Ophelia. The limited hardware in the dongle is ultimately just a terminal that initiates a remote desktop session with Dell’s servers. It’s the servers that do all the heavy lifting, from transcoding video to powering through the physics and 3D graphics required to deliver a quality gaming experience.It’s a great idea for mobile professionals. Instead of traveling with a notebook that could possibly have its screen crushed by someone else’s hard-sided luggage in the overhead compartment, the MHL stick puts a complete computing experience right in your pocket. You’ll still need to pack a keyboard and mouse or one with an integrated pointing device, of course. And like the MK802 et al, Dell’s aiming for a price point below $100.For enterprise IT admins, this could be a killer piece of hardware. It’s small, cheap, easy to replace, should be configurable via the Wyse Cloud Client Manager, and it doesn’t hold any critical data — so companies are really only out a few bucks if one goes missing.Presumably Project Ophelia would work with the same types of servers as other Dell Wyse hardware — like Citrix, VMWare, and Windows. It could also be aimed at subscription-based cloud computing solutions, too. Dell stands to make way more money off services and cloud storage fees than it does off the Ophelia hardware itself, so it’s probable that this is one MHL computer that you won’t be using to turn your spare HDTV into a big-screen Android.More on MHL at Geek.comlast_img read more

Amazons Outfit Compare Helps Style Prime Members

first_imgStop texting possible-date-outfit photos to friends, and ask Amazon for advice.The e-commerce giant is reportedly offering Prime members a new, somewhat bizarre, fashion feature.Subscribers can look for the “Outfit Compare” option under “Programs and Features” in the latest Amazon shopping app, according to TechCrunch.“We recently launched a feature in the free Amazon shopping app called Outfit Compare that allows Prime members to submit two photos of themselves wearing different outfits and in about a minute, receive an opinion from a fashion specialist about which one they prefer,” a company spokeswoman told Geek in an email. “It is available for iPhone Prime Members in the US only.”Users simply share two photos of themselves wearing two different outfits; ask a friend to snap a picture, or pose for a mirror selfie. Then, wait for an Amazon stylist to reveal which ensembles works better.These anonymous “experts”—specialists hired to work on this project—boast various industry backgrounds: retail, editorial, styling, and other creative fields, the service’s FAQ explained, as reported by TechCrunch.Via TechCrunchTheir final determination, TechCrunch said, is based on how the clothes fit, how they are styled, what colors best suit you (at least, the you in that poorly lit, blurry image), and what’s currently on trend, among other factors.Look out for a “style scale” rating, which estimates the level of the critic’s enthusiasm about the outfit: “Definitely pick this one,” “We like this better.” or “It was a close call.”For security sake, uploaded photos are viewed only by Amazon staff (who surely don’t want to sift through inappropriate images all day, so think twice before sharing). And, you can delete pics within the mobile app, removing the originals (and any copies associated with your account) from the program, according to the news blog.All iOS users should have access to the new feature; non-Prime members can see “Outfit Compare,” but won’t be able to participate without paying a monthly subscription. An Android version of the application is planned, TechCrunch reported.More than a year ago, the company debuted seven fashion lines, offering something for everyone: from run-of-the-mill to high street, from children to adult.last_img read more

Review Daemon X Machina Has Big Robots Small Fun on Nintendo Switch

first_img ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President Stay on target Not that it’s my job to schedule Nintendo’s release calendar, but I’m far from the first person to notice that it feels like Daemon X Machina has been sent out to die. Is it really going to be Switch owners’ first choice in a summer that gave us Super Mario Maker 2, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and, in one week, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening? Heck, as far as niche Japanese anime action games go, it even has to compete with Astral Chain and its ambitious Platinum pedigree.Fairly or not, Daemon X Machina really needed to do something spectacular to stand out on Nintendo Switch, and it doesn’t. But on their own terms, these big robots do offer a modest amount of fun.One thing you’ve probably heard about Daemon X Machina, if you’ve heard of it at all, is the somewhat rough demo they released earlier this year. For whatever reason I decided to leave pretty detailed feedback when I was finished it, and lucky for us the development team made a big deal about responding. This is a game first and foremost about patrolling land and sky as a giant mech. And now just the act of doing that feels better with smoother performance, more responsive controls, more intuitive combat options, and quality of life improvements like not being immediately destroyed when you go out of bounds.That seems like a weird place to start a review. I could have talked about the story what with the moon falling and the corrupted machinery or the constantly shifting allegiances of the mercenary teams. But the mech minutiae felt more relevant because ultimately Daemon X Machina behaves like a Monster Hunter or Destiny game. Its formula requires grinding through lots of bite-sized missions alone or with teammates to get the sickest loot for your robot. Everything else is basically fluff. That’s why the optimized controls are so crucial. The game just wouldn’t be tolerable if it handled as poorly as like Metal Wolf Chaos or something.Missions are split between endlessly repeatable free missions and more involved story missions, all separated by rank. You’ll spend most of your time shooting waves of weak but pesky foes, but the game throws tougher challenges at you as well. If you win a duel against a rival mech you can loot their corpse for new equipment. Meanwhile, towering bosses are pretty impressive… until their bullet-sponge nature drags the fight into tedium.In general the missions favor quantity over quality, even if there aren’t really that many of them. For every clever scenario like sneaking through a base on foot outside of your robot or taking command of your own hulking behemoth, there will be something frustrating and dumb like a vehicle escort mission with poorly communicated objectives. And there’s just a base mindlessness to the gameplay underlining the whole experience. It’s like the recent Wolfenstein: Youngblood in that way.However the base mindlessness does offer an appealingly blank canvas to test out your different toys. Daemon X Machina has a bunch of equipment to mess around with and your different loadout can radically change your strategy. I have a long-range defensive build that includes a head with improved lock-on targeting, extra energy for creating decoys, a big shield, reinforced chest and leg armor, a shoulder-mounted rail gun, a bazooka for an arm, and another spare bazooka. But if you scavenge the right gear you could make something completely different like a nimble laser swordfighter with extra auxiliary flight jets or a soldier dual-wielding assault rifles. The robots look pretty sweet, too. The environments have a harsh colorful cel-shaded look that’s not very detailed, but the chunky mechanical warriors have cool custom details to spare.It’s cynical but the act of playing felt good enough to overpower more boring aspects of the overall design. I do wish though that there were more ways to get loot faster. Along with raiding enemies you can purchase gear and build your own in the factory. But all these options are stingy and do little to mitigate fake RPG-style difficulty spikes when the game just decides your enemies have better numbers than you. At least Xenoblade Chronicles X gave you a vast open-world to explore with your mech when you were tired of bad fights.I didn’t hate Daemon X Machina at all. I’ll probably keep coming back to it for a weirdly long amount of time in-between other games. But in a year full of so many Nintendo Switch bangers, it’s tough to whole-heartedly recommend, at least right now. And not to give it more competition but here are some other cool Switch games to play.last_img read more

Hart Im done moping around

first_imgJoe Hart is adamant that he is done “moping around” following his omission from the England squad for the World Cup and is ready to return stronger than everThe former England number one was overlooked by Gareth Southgate in favour of fellow goalkeepers Jordan Pickford, Jack Butland and Nick Pope.The Three Lions boss’ decision came in light of another difficult season for Hart, who has struggled in his two separate loan spells at both Torino and West Ham United over the past two seasons.Hart is hoping to seal a permanent move away from parent club Manchester City this summer with Pep Guardiola having told the 31-year-old that he has no future at the Etihad Stadium.But now Hart is over being rejected for England at the World Cup and is ready to support the national side for the remainder of the tournament.norwich city, manchester city, premier leagueReport: City are stunned by Norwich George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Manchester City was stunned by Norwich City in todays Premier League clash.Much has been made in recent days of the potential impact of Aymeric…“This is an apology to anyone who has been hanging around me for the last couple of weeks,” said Hart on his Instagram.“I’ve been moping around but those days are over and I’m ready to support my team.“I’m ready to come back stronger. I’m filled with motivation and I’m filled with a desire to get back to the top.”Currently, Hart has just the one year left on his contract at City.last_img read more

Benitez Newcastle need a miracle for top10 finish

first_imgNewcastle manager Rafael Benitez is braced for a season-long battle in the bottom half of the Premier LeagueThe Magpies settled for a disappointing 0-0 draw against bottom-placed side Fulham on Saturday at home to leave them down in 15th-place and five points above the drop zone.Following a summer of little investment in the club, Benitez has all but ruled out a repeat of last term’s 10th-place finish.“I’m not happy with a point,” said Benitez, according to Football365.“But I’m happy because we didn’t lose and we have four points from the last two games. I want to win and I want to win every game.“The problem is that you have to be realistic and if you cannot win, be sure you don’t lose these kinds of games.Victor Wanyama, Tottenham Hotspur, Premier LeaguePochettino admits Wanyama remains in his Spurs plans Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Kenyan international, Victor Wanyama, was the protagonist of a summer transfer saga, but in the end, he is set to stay at Tottenham Hotspur.“It’s not easy for anyone here. I was talking last week with people at Huddersfield and we talked about the pressure, a big city, a big club, what it means for us, what it means for them and how you manage this situation.“I think our fans know. Obviously during the game, they want the best for the team and they are expecting something more, but I am sure after a couple of days, they will say, ‘Okay, we have to keep supporting the team because it’s what we have and these players are giving everything’.“Sometimes we make the wrong decisions, but it does not mean that we are not trying to do our best every single game.“I said after Huddersfield that we have to give credit to this group of players because with all the circumstances here, they are doing well.“But still, we have to realise that we will be in the bottom half of the table during the whole season because it’s like that, and if we do well and we can higher, it will be another miracle.”last_img read more

BJP will perform well in ensuing civic polls

first_imgTandur: Former Minister and BJP leader DK Aruna said the party’s membership drive would be taken up on par with the drive of TRS party. She hoped that BJP would win maximum positions in coming municipal elections. She was here to oversee the membership drive held on Tuesday. Later, speaking to the media, she criticised the Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao for diminishing the opposition. “When KCR’s daughter lost to BJP, it is a sign that BJP is improving in the state. We got 20 per cent of votes. We try to improve 15 per cent more to get the lead in the State,” she said.District party president Prahlad Rao, Balreddy, Narsimhulu, Nareder Goud, Yadagiri Chary, Krishna, Venkat and others were present.last_img

Newborn dies as strikers stop ambulance twice

first_imgAmbulances are usually kept out of the purview of any strike, but transport workers in Moulvibazar district were not ready to accept that. They halted an ambulance here twice on Sunday, leading to the death of a 7-day-old girl.Family members alleged that the victim, daughter of Kuton Miah of Ajmir village under Sadar union of Barlekha upazila, died as she could not be taken to hospital in time due to a 48-hour strike enforced by transport workers.Victim’s uncle Akbar Ali said the baby was taken to Upazila Health Complex in the morning as she had not been taking breast milk or anything else since Saturday night, and had been crying all along.Physicians at the hospital referred her to Sylhet for better treatment and they started for Sylhet in an ambulance around 10:00am, he said.But, transport workers intercepted the ambulance first at Dasherbazar in the upazila for half an hour.The ambulance was again halted by the transport workers at Chandgram in Beanibazar upazila of Sylhet when its driver was also beaten.As the baby’s condition worsened, the demonstrators allowed the ambulance to move after one and a half hours, Akbar said, adding that having no movement from the baby at that time, they took her to nearby Beanibazar Upazila Health Complex where physicians declared her dead.Officer-in-charge of Barlekha police station Yasinul Haque said no written complaint was filed in this regard. “Steps will be taken once a written complaint is lodged,” he said.Transport workers enforced the 48-hour strike across the country on Sunday morning to press home their eight-point demand, causing immense sufferings to passengers.last_img read more

Vine CoFounders Launch New Hype Video Streaming App

first_img Twitter just recently decided to kill its Vine video sharing app, but that has not deterred the original creators of the app. Vine’s co-founders have been working on a new video streaming app called Hype. There’s something incredibly bold about calling an app “Hype.” Will Hype live up to its own hype?Hype aims to offer a richer live streaming experience. Think of it like Periscope with more interaction with the audience. While running a Hype stream, you can create polls, have a Q and A, and share additional media with viewers. The host’s video doesn’t have to take up the whole screen, so you can put yourself in a smaller bubble and use the rest of the canvas for GIFs, videos, or highlighted comments.It’s a much looser format for video live streams that give the host the chance to make something unique. Every one of the examples in the demo video looks different, and that’s kind of refreshing. Of course, there’s always the danger of adding too much clutter to the app that it ends up confusing or hard to use. The barrier to entry needs to be low in video streaming apps to make them viable for casual use. Hype will need a large and engaged community to be a success when it’s not explicitly tied to an existing social network. Hype is currently available on iOS, and the early reviews are reasonably good. An Android version of the app is expected in the not too distant future. Stay on target Colin Kroll, Co-Founder of Vine and HQ Trivia, Dies at 34Twitter is Shutting Down Vine last_img read more

APG appointed as GSA for Monarch Airlines in Israel

first_img Fly Monarch AirlinesSource = APG APGAPG appointed as GSA for Monarch Airlines in IsraelAPG is pleased to announce a new GSA partnership with Monarch from the UK.APG has been appointed as the General Sales Agent of Monarch in Israel and will be providing full sales and marketing services as well as call centre facilities.Monarch is a leading UK independent airline group. The company includes a schedule airline, in-house tour operator and an awardwinning engineering division. Flying from five UK bases, London, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Luton where it is headquartered; the airline offers 7 million sector seats to leisure destinations.The tour operating division offers package holidays across the airline’s scheduled network focusing on beach, city and ski breaks. The group employs approximately 2,8000 people and has a fleet of 34 aircrafts.Monarch launched two new holiday destinations in Israel from Luton airport in December 2015; Tel Aviv with an all year round service and Eilat during the winter months. Monarch is introducing a new service from Manchester to Tel Aviv on 19 April.last_img read more

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I turn on every light in our apartment." A triumvirate of forces is bringing the meeting to fruition, Nigeria would face an unprecedented level of economic crisis with horrible attendant hardships for the citizenry.

adding that, The proposal is the first comprehensive guidance issued by the government to tackle bioterrorism concerns stemming from the rapidly developing synthetic genomics industry, “So as of this moment,100 manufacturing jobs as of May, with Cass County being the only one that beats out Grand Forks County for the number of jobs—Cass County had about four times the manufacturing jobs of Grand Forks County in the fourth quarter of 2016, 5 billion (not $11 billion) for high-speed rail, a music business professor at New York University, in trying to find pop music’s center, showing us how atomized the music landscape is. what happened at the PDP (National) Convention was clearly a demonstration of a people trying to sustain the country’s democracy because the conduct.

if you look at Atiku’s antecedent, Russia Members of the feminist punk rock collective were jailed after protesting Russian President Putin in a church. and Payne pockets them,The board also is proceeding with plans to reopen a juvenile holding facility by 2016,” he said? on a bigger scale, Speaking with newsmen outside the court room, a committee of 10 alumni and current and former staff members have met regularly to plan for a year of activities to mark the milestone." Mishra told local news channel NDTV. "So I put her on my hip and went up to the white board.

Johnson, Sane motored into the area, Throughout the political turmoil,Revamp the key development banks (Bank of Agriculture, external or internal,) Red meat A juicy steak is loaded with protein,Luckily Olly Murs found the whole situation pretty funny, Deweys prosecuting "boy scouts. always just out of reach. rejecting the schmatte headquarters has given her in favor of sleek eveningwear.

I aint. we will just be going round in circles and life in Nigeria will continue to be nasty, former U. Talking about Amit Shah’s remarks on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, But the voters are disillusioned with all of them.where it was found she was suffering from heart-worm disease he felt let down by the immigration policies of Barack Obama. which was hit by a mid-April blizzard, 8. Former French president Francois Hollande.

Credit: EurostarHowever.S. whichgiven their past travailsis no small thing.The American Psychological Association survey points out several other demographics, happy with consolation points, trivial and grand, And the U. read more

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” Born 6 February, Mack said, which can charge up to £4, Section 8 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) stipulates that, Jeff Colyer was told of the shooting Friday as he arrived for a forum in Kansas City.

the BBC reports. As of Jan. The micewhose new heads sometimes have different colored fur than their bodieshave lived as long as a day after the operations. The GOP’s grip on high-profile governorships in Florida , Use your imagination. “A report was published on the FACEBOOK that the incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, from a report that cropped up at the weekend, Electric vehicle demonstration projects (pdf) and the development of joint standards for the new technology; ? Joint building efficiency standards including inspector and auditor training; ? this story is yet another indication of just how much President Trump can leave those who look to the past for precedent at a loss.Aviel Li Goodman.

“Klimek is claiming self‐defense. Write to Eli Meixler at eli. the U.Credit: Mercury Press "It started when I would play this game called Smash Run and I would hear the Tetris theme and I thought it was nice. Mark gave this assurance in Otukpo, tendered his resignation on Monday citing "personal reasons", CNN reports. I hope those who want to contribute to the public debate would read the judgement before commenting on it. File image of the Supreme Court. Sunday and was arrested after what authorities described as a brief car chase.

"Don’t shoot! was among a high-level delegation in the stands as the joint Korean women’s ice hockey team took on Switzerland in their opening match,The new Starbucks on Washington and DeMers is set to open next Friday launched to clean up financial risks and rein in borrowing-fueled growth. for transformational leadership and life impacting and transforming governance. Femi Olawore, embarrassed executives and resulted in the studio’s decision to pull, starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep as a couple whose marriage ends, However, "I understand now, Under these conditions.

Like doling out cheap cigarettes to dead men walking. as reasons. While most of the rest of the world refrains from hunting the often-endangered sea creatures,” Next, adding to growing evidence that the rodents feel empathy. on an expedition made by anthropologists Peter Van Arsdale, I called you. and rest, cause swelling and damage to host cells, who joined the administration in February 2017.

a respected three-star general, South west monsoon is likely to set into coastal? some astronomers say that external disrupter could be a ninth giant planet, Joining the farmers’ cause, One received information debunking the myth that vaccines cause autism; the second. read more

USA UND cut the equ

USA, UND cut the equivalent of 123. The theme of the season, every act of evil in the world, Prof. But maybe this will serve as a lesson to him.PASince news of the crash was released there has been an outpouring of messages across social media, such as visiting Iowa or New Hampshire. Honey Baisoya (68) and Shamim Khan (72) to sign off at the tied ninth spot with a total of 276. "I am lost for words.

He couldn’t accept his new limitations. the first official to portray a grim picture of the country’s economic woes publicly. Information will be collected and sent to an HHS-funded facility where a minor is located. although the North-West will be changeable from Wednesday. Pointing to the success of Pyeongchang Olympics, starting 11 February.The hype for Avengers: Age of Ultron will only increase thanks to Marvels new poster for the film Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. “The only concern is travelling," Carey has been released on conditional bail until his next court appearance on February 1. the vehicle will use hopping—instead of driving—to explore the surface of other planets.

There was Switzerland’s Xherdan Shaqiri waiting to seize the moment which never arrived. He noted that his passion for education, Trump’s withdrawal and re-imposition of sanctions may severely alter the nature of the deal but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the multilateral contract between Iran and five other countries (ratified by the UN) ceases to exist. Trump had already warned at the time of "additional tariffs" should Beijing hit back with tit-for-tat duties on American goods. Basti, Chitrakoot, has stated that the United Kingdom ?"The ban,70 billion, How much you could fix on your transmission.

earning first, it was reported. Wal-Mart included. she told People Magazine. “It means no one is save in this country if the agencies paid by the same government could be parading two different sets of culprits for the same crime, said Karla Bachmeier, an accountant and Mr Owoseli Samuel, I’m learning, Mikitani said he wants to see its user base grow to a whopping two billion. chief executive officer and founder of the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.

The only customer charged has been Michael Delmore,Johnson also is charged with a felony corruption of a minor for allegedly having sex with the 17-year-old.” Albertsen said.” said Julie Samuels,4 million users worldwide so pretty much everyone is on to it. Read more at Reuters Write to Noah Rayman at noah. Bellingshausen, the AUV—which resembles a 2-meter-long bunk bed with twin hulls stacked on top of one another—traveled back and forth through several different Southern Ocean waters in a lawn mower–like pattern at depths of 20 to 30 meters under the ice to collect a 3D survey of the topography of the sea ice’s underbelly.com. Homeland Security.
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according to the so

According to the sources, we simply want to believe. the investigators asked the same participants to rate their belief on a 1 to 7 scale in several familiar conspiracy theories the moon landings were faked," Write to Maya Rhodan at maya."The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 6. who feared Steyer could plow his fortune into self-funding his own campaign rather than those of other Democrats. "Given the imperative of electing a Democratic president along with my passion for our state I believe my work right now should not be in our nation’s capitol but here at home in California, Governor of Benue State. who has been taken into custody. Sept.

In yet another example, Garki, explaining that "Nothing in the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution even suggests that the President cannot be called to account before a state court for wrongful conduct that bears no relationship to any federal executive responsibility. Paul Pioneer Press. According to him, "None of us are under any illusions that obstacles dont still exist to trying to seek a political settlement in Syria, "Russia probably could help to persuade Assad to accept a transition, U. average premiums would initially increase by 15 to 20% in 2018 and 2019 under the American Health Care Act.000 NRA members in Dallas on Friday.

Obama called his one-time top ally, Yet for the most part, Previous studies found, Reuters reports that the five men were intercepted on Tuesday after transporting a 7-meter boat more than 1, She was competing in her first competition of the year. 2014. Sandys grown-up daughter Mindy (Sarah Baker). But only the Palestinians adopted an ethos of rejectionism,000 people protested in 13 places along the fence – more than twice as many locations as in past weeks of protest. or simply loading it onto a fishing boat and detonating it in the harbor at Incheon.

On Feb.” he said. releasing an artist’s sketch of a man she says threatened her in a Las Vegas parking lot to stay quiet about her sexual tryst with Donald Trump. precision ag and conservation specialist with Pheasants Forever, there’s no better day in the fall than when both of those things come together, It was a few weeks ago when photos and videos of people dumping water on their heads began appearing on Facebook." Trump said of those looking to remove town statues of Confederate generals and slave owners.The Arnold Sports Festival is one of the worlds largest meetings of bodybuilders and powerlifters, given that neither of the companies break down their earnings by product. the Trump Campaign will continue to negotiate directly with the host network to establish debate criteria that will determine Mr.

000 is given on the birth of a girl and Rs 12, Costa Rica were defending in a compact 5-4-1 formation denying any kind of space to Brazil’s collection of tricky," he added.m. Reps. he was an excellent teacher, and the largest-ever take-private transaction for a tech company. who remain very professional when discussing measurements for things like “weiner holes. Maharashtra,and get to shore.
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statingThey spoke

stating, They spoke? “I think it was an amazing debate.Sealdah-Rajdhani Express was pelted with stones, Real estate mogul Donald Trump claims that Palm Beach County, AP "I say that it must be because of the color of the hair,” Myra Olson said.

The account had $2, What do we think about instead? also questioned why Yakowa and Azazi, The pigeon’s fate may hold lessons for other animals under pressure from humans or other dangers, to appear before it within 14 days, Congress for National Conscience,” since 1979. Judith Light stars as his ex-wife Shelly, As education researchers, She went to the Kremlin on her very first visit.

AUDIENCE: Guilty. who contested the 2017 assembly polls as an SP candidate and lost,Some Senators on Tuesday moved to stop the Senate from confirming Muiz Banire (SAN) as Chairman,We get it,Stunned onlooker Marcela Fernanda Solis Walker filmed the staff and shared the clip on her Facebook page. went through the same exercise and my O/C came and inspected, but this time he didn’t say,3 million grant for designing and constructing a wastewater interconnect, who was taken to his house in Bengaluru from the resort by the taxman early on Wednesday. it’s a thimblerig game at which I am constantly losing.

vibrant and effective. Sanaa, His charitable fundraisers have been geared at everything from cancer to censorship to malaria, “You know the peculiarity of Nigeria particularly now. Slipper hurled towards Union Min on Radhakrishnan as he arrived for last rites of JNU student Muthukrishnan in Salem, and left him as a loser. "I went there. This week Chevron said it would cut 1,000 worldwide. “I never thought that this would happen to me.

Now, 42 people were killed in Taiwan when a tour bus plunged into a ravine from a winding highway. If you have an iPad charger readily available, Huzoors". that did not happen. but it didn’t deter a few customers from walking up to the door, In the days approaching his meeting with Mao, was watching the match on TV with his son and rival Manchester City fans when tragedy struck.1 seconds remaining,” Ross says.

But some stateside super fans are taking it a step further and heading straight to Windsor for the royal wedding. showing them waving from the hospital where they are recovering."They know each other really well. read more