Morocco Exchange Office Employee Arrested for Bribery in Casablanca

Rabat – Police arrested an employee at the Exchange Office in Casablanca for soliciting a bribe in exchange of giving preferential treatment to a company owner. According to news website Al Yaoum24, the employee is accused of soliciting money from a company owner in exchange of simplifying administrative procedures for him.The company owner reported the bribery case to the authorities using the hotline number recently launched by the Ministry of Justice “which aims to root out unethical practices such as bribery cases and corruption wherever it is found.” The hotline number made available by the Ministry of Justice also led to the arrest of an agent of public authority in Casablanca last week, who accused of soliciting a MAD 10, 000 ($1,100) bribe from a citizen.The Ministry of Justice said it aims through this initiative to encourage people to report cases of bribery and corruption and simplify the administrative and judicial procedures that prevent people from registering corruption and bribery complaints.People will be able to report any case of bribery or corruption by calling the hotline number The hotline is currently available in Arabic. Amazigh and French are expected to follow.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission

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