Transportation Minister Stresses Need for New Approach to Curb Road Accidents

Rabat  –Minister Delegate in charge of transportation, Najib Boulif, stressed, Monday in Rabat, the need for a new approach in addressing road security and preventing road accidents in light of the heavy death toll that was incurred last month.The efforts made by the Equipment, Transportation and Logistics Ministry that have shown that Morocco is on the right path concerning infrastructure building, yet more efforts need to be undertaken in terms of road safety and accident prevention, the minister said at the opening of a technical meeting on roads’ safety.The Minister alluded to the recent tragic accidents in Tan Tan and Ouarzazate, which left 35 and 8 people dead respectively, saying that more efforts need to be made to prevent road accidents in rural and urban areas. The minister also mentioned the upcoming signing of partnership agreements in the field of road safety in 12 cities registering the highest accident rates.In this respect, the minister recommended the adoption of a second ten-year strategy relating to road safety following the one adopted over the period 2003-2013.The Minister for Equipment, Transport and Logistics, Aziz Rebbah, talked about reforms in the fields of transport and other areas announcing the launch this year of the ” Roads Plan 2015-2035,” and the civil aviation strategy.

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