Snowflake Trump and his snowflake enablers can’t handle the truth

first_imgIt would be sweet justice if Trump and right-wing talkers so thoroughly trash the electoral process that it depresses Republican base turnout in Georgia in January. And that just might happen. And then there’s reporting from CNN that key Republicans are tip-toeing around Trump and his aides, hoping the courts will solve their problem for them so they don’t have to have any icky conversations.  GOP leaders are nervously watching President Donald Trump’s erratic handling of an election that’s slipping away from him, delicately urging him and his team to clearly make a specific case about voting impropriety or accept the will of the American public. […]But top Republicans are also treading cautiously around a mercurial president who holds enormous sway with their party’s base, with many unwilling to directly challenge his dubious claims and instead urging him to make his case in greater detail.GOP sources said Friday that the idea is to give Trump and his team a chance to make their case and allow the disputes to work themselves out in the courts, arguing that if the lawsuits fall flat, then Trump will have little choice but to concede the election without their having to confront him.What a bunch of self-serving snowflakes. It’s always self over party and party over country when it comes to Republican lawmakers. Once again, Senate Republicans are gladly watching Trump burn down our democracy in order to keep their stranglehold on power. – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img

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