The cards can leave Simeone without three pieces

first_imgLooking a little further, in the locker room there are five other players who are two yellow from the penalty. They are Savic, Morata, Koke, Vitolo and Vrsaljko. The case of the Croatian is special, who made his debut against Leganés and was then reprimanded in the next three games. Thus, there are eight rojiblancos who have to be careful not to be punished. At least, Cholo has the peace of mind that 22 players are already available, all but Lemar, Therefore, sanctions may not be a serious problem if they do not accumulate. On the horizon, after visiting Espanyol, Atlético will meet Sevilla, direct rival, and then Athletic, Osasuna and Valladolid.In Champions the situation is very different. The Cholo only has a warning in case the Atlético is raised in the quarterfinals. In the European competition the cycles to be punished are not five cards, but three and with two yellow is only Correa, admonished in the first leg against Liverpool. No other player carries more than one card. Largely overcome the plague of injuries in the locker room, Atlético must now be careful with cards too. Simeone has a yellow of the sanction in League to three soccer players: Thomas, Marcos Llorente and João Félix. As soon as they are admonished they will become low for the next game. For the technician it can be a problem especially if he drops both means at the same time, because the Ghanaian is an essential and the Madrid player is gaining weight in the team and also, if necessary, could replace his partner.In the case of Thomas, the third footballer in the squad with more minutes (2,651), he would complete his second cycle of reprimands, since he has nine yellow ones – those that add up to ten more than First – and the game was lost against Granada (first round) by penalty. For its part, João Félix (1897 ’) saw Villarreal his fourth yellow in the league, the third to protest, to become warned. In the case of Llorente, he has been aware since November and there are already seven games in which he has dodged the fifth card.last_img read more

Astronomers spot another giant black hole in our backyard

first_imgAstronomers have long known that there is a supermassive black hole—known as Sagittarius A*—at the center of our galaxy. Now, a team of astronomers says they have found another one, not quite as big, orbiting 200 light-years from the center of the Milky Way. The team didn’t set out to find a black hole. While it was using the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan’s 45-meter Nobeyama radio telescope to study an enigmatic gas cloud called CO-0.40-0.22, something unusual caught their eye: an unusually wide range of speeds in the cloud’s gas molecules, suggesting that something massive is accelerating them. Observations at x-ray and infrared wavelengths didn’t reveal any big objects in the cloud. As the team describes in Astrophysical Journal Letters, a simulation of the gas movement in the cloud suggested the cause was a compact object 0.3 light-years across with a mass 100,000 times that of our sun. The best explanation for such an object, which doesn’t appear at other wavelengths, is an intermediate-mass black hole (imagined by an artist, above). Astronomers have long predicted the existence of black holes larger than those formed from single stars, but smaller than the million or billion solar mass ones lurking at the centers of galaxies. But so far there is little evidence for their existence. If CO-0.40-0.22 does prove to contain such an object, it will be a rare beast, indeed, and right in our backyard.last_img read more