Tremor at East Java’s Mount Ijen triggers isolated tsunami, killing one

first_imgA sulfur miner was killed when volcanic activity at Mount Ijen in East Java released poisonous gas and triggered a 3-meter wave in a natural lake situated within the volcano’s crater on Friday afternoon.The tremor occurred within the mountain at 12:30, resulting in toxic air and an isolated wave from the lake in the crater, reported.The wave that was formed in the wake of the volcanic activity recorded on Friday qualified as a tsunami, according to Indonesian tsunami expert Widjo Kongko. He explained that several lakes, such as Lake Toba in North Sumatra and Lake Poso in Central Sulawesi, were formed following a series of volcanic events similar to the one that occurred on Mount Ijen.Widjo called on the East Java Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) to conduct research into volcanic activities in the region and formulate robust mitigation plans, such as setting up early warning systems, to prevent further losses and damage in the event of a seiche.“The development of a tourist destination around any lake must be done in accordance with disaster mitigation principles,” he said.Mount Ijen has been popular among tourists for its turquoise sulfur lake, as well as a natural phenomenon dubbed the ‘blue fire’.According to experts, the blue fire results from the crater’s sulfuric gas igniting as it emerges and comes into contact with the air, without producing smoke. (rfa)Topics : He said a tsunami typically occurred when activities at the bottom of an ocean, gulf or lake disturbed the column of water on the surface.“[A tsunami] may be triggered by an earthquake, landslide or volcanic activity. The phenomenon recorded in the lake within Mount Ijen’s crater is an example of a tsunami,” Widjo said on Monday.He went on to say that the wave that occurred on Friday was known among experts as a seiche.“Water oscillations or waves caused by tremors fall into the seiche category,” Widjo said.last_img read more

Colin Kaepernick workout update: No NFL contract yet for Kaepernick

first_img 9 months ago NFL: Colin Kaepernick to make his long-awaited return to the NFL? First Published: 19th November, 2019 12:53 IST 9 months ago Colin Kaepernick gets help from Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z in NFL star’s recent workout: Report Three years without an NFL showing had little effect on Colin Kaepernick’s workout as he displayed a glimpse of the skills in his arsenal at the Charles R Drew High School in Atlanta. Kaepernick has been out of the NFL for three whole years after the NFL owners allegedly froze him out of the league. However, after coming to a settlement with Colin Kaepernick, the tensions between the NFL and the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback took another turn after Kaepernick’s workout last weekend. For starters, the NFL had organised a workout of sorts for Kaepernick at the Atlanta Falcon’s Facility. However, Colin Kaepernick refused to show up at the venue on account of the enforced media blackout at the location. Kaepernick, therefore, changed the venue to the high school in Atlanta at the last minute, with the media also in attendance. Also Read | Colin Kaepernick’s NFL History, Timeline Of His Protest Against Racial DiscriminationNFL news: Colin Kaepernick’s contract a no-showAfter a reported last-minute change of location, it seems that only eight out of the 25 teams’ representatives showed up for Kaepernick’s workout, according to his agent, Jeff Nalley. Nalley admitted that he had spoken to a number of the representatives and he hopes that Colin Kaepernick will get a contract with an NFL team very soon. He also admitted that he was rather pessimistic about Kaepernick’s chances at the moment, considering that he had not heard from any of the NFL teams on a contract for Colin Kapernick so far.Also Read | Myles Garrett Net Worth, Annual Salary, Steelers Brawl And NFL Suspension Colin DCunha WATCH US LIVE 9 months ago NFL Brawl: NFL or WWE? Browns’ Myles Garrett swings helmet, smacks Steelers’ Mason Rudolph 9 months ago Colin Kaepernick: NFL upset after his no-show at original venue for workout session Written By FOLLOW US LIVE TV COMMENT 9 months ago Myles Garrett net worth, annual salary, Steelers brawl and NFL suspension NFL News: Colin Kaepernick’s sharp words for NFL ownersSpeaking after the workout, Colin Kaepernick said that he was ready for a return to the NFL and has been ready during the period of his three-year absence. The former 49ers quarterback had a strong showing during his workout and impressed the media and the NFL representatives during the same. Colin Kaepernick did, however, call out the “scared” NFL owners after his workout, asking the representatives to inform the owners to stop “running from the truth”. Also Read | Colin Kaepernick Calls Out ‘scared’ NFL Owners In Recent Interview After WorkoutWhether Colin Kaepernick returns to the NFL after a three-year absence remains to be seen. His agent, Jeff Nalley said that since none of the teams asked for this workout, there were no takers on a team workout for Colin Kaepernick. He did, however, say that Colin Kaepernick is ready to workout at any of the NFL team’s facility as is the normal process.Also Read | Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Was A Publicity Stunt Rather Than Usual Trial, Claims Jay Z WE RECOMMEND SUBSCRIBE TO US Last Updated: 19th November, 2019 12:53 IST Colin Kaepernick Workout Update: No NFL Contract Yet For Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick took part in a workout session organised (in part) by the NFL last weekend. However, there are no offers on the table for the quarterback.last_img read more