Group plans rest of term

first_imgThe Student Senate planned for the final two months of the current officers’ tenure during its first meeting Wednesday, while looking ahead to its turnover to the new government. Student body president Brett Rocheleau said the group needs to stay focused during their remaining time in order to finish the term on a high note. “We have two months left in our term,” Rocheleau said. “We want everyone to buckle down, make sure you are making all of the meetings and paying attention to hall elections coming up.” Student body vice president Katie Rose echoed Rocheleau’s statement and praised the group’s hard work. “Regardless of outside opinion, this has been one of the most successful student senates because of all the resolutions we have passed in such a short amount of time,” Rose said. “Thank you for all your hard work, especially with all the time spent in your departments and outside of meetings.” O’Neill Hall senator Jack McKeon said his hall was concerned with medical amnesty. Rocheleau said the group plans to address this issue as soon as possible. “Perfect timing, Jack,” Rocheleau said. “This is going to be one of our first topics for the semester. We are bringing it up at CSC this Friday and will bring it to Senate soon after.” Lewis Hall senator Casey Spreen voiced a complaint from a hallmate concerning unequal hall taxing procedure. “Girls in Lewis were wondering if there is some system keeping hall taxes uniform across the board, or if that is something we need to work on,” Spreen said. Morrissey Manor senator Billy McMahon described one instance in particular of what he said was blatantly unequal punishment. “In Morrissey there were recently three students kicked off campus,” McMahon said. “I know for a fact that for two of them it was their third ResLife, but for the third guy it was just his first. We are all wondering if there is a three-strikes-you’re-out policy or if there’s some room for discussion.” Director of communications Ricky Bevington III said he hoped to get the senate on board his initiative for this semester. “What I wanted to come to Senate to talk about is kind of a two-layered topic, both specific and general,” Bevington said. “Generally talking, we are trying to find different ways that students can both recognize and remember people who have devoted a good portion of their lives to student development, particularly at Notre Dame.” Bevington said although devoted administrators are not unique to Notre Dame, our university has a special group. “Although loyal administrators are not necessarily unique to Notre Dame, we do have rectors who spend good parts of their lives at only our University. Some offices do memorialize these people, especially after they have passed, but there are sort of disjointed student responses to these ideas,” Bevington said. Bevington said his idea came from a desire to honor Farly Hall’s recently deceased rector, Sister Jean Lenz. “Sister Jean Lenz passed away last January,” Bevington said. “She was the first female rector of Farley Hall, so she goes way back.” Contact Maddie Daly at mdaly6@nd.edulast_img read more