Colombia’s Army Has Faith in the Cause

first_img Gen. Navas explained that although the motto “Fe en la Causa” and the supporting campaign is new, the underlying concept of faith in the military and the nation is not. “While the concept for ‘Fe en la Causa’ had not been previously brought out as a motto, it has been a fundamental part of our institution’s daily life,” Gen. Navas said. “The faith that we have and the cause that motivates our actions are not mere new words. They have been implicit in the hearts and minds of our officers, NCOs, and Soldiers forever, and have become part of our philosophy of life.” “We saw the need to convert this concept into a motto that would remind us, under every circumstance and at all times, that if we want to live our lives as military service members, we must be committed to the institution’s mission and therefore, committed to unconditional service to country.” Based on this recognition, the Army devised a three-phase institutional campaign to instill the concept in the hearts of its members as well as in everything they do. The three phases are an instructive, a persuasive, and a sustainment phase through which commitment and faith in the Armed Forces’ mission is deepened, in order to reach victory. As described by Colonel Wilson Torres, deputy director of Integrated Action, the office within the Army’s headquarters charged with leading the instructive phase efforts, the campaign has matured over the last 18 months with the instructive and persuasive phases well underway. The Army expects to enter the sustainment phase in 2014. The first phase consisted of developing a communication plan that would ensure that all members of the Army were informed about the initiative and its goals. From videos and radio spots, to messages in the food packets Soldiers take with them on combat operations in the jungle, the “Fe en la Causa” concept is spread throughout the Army using all communication platforms. The campaign has also reached the Colombian public through the showing of a specially produced video in civilian movie theaters as well as on television during prime viewing hours and radio spots on public radio channels. Public awareness and interest also has been raised through the Army’s website, which has seen an increase in public users accessing “Fe en la Causa” information. In addition to the communication campaign, the Army’s Training and Doctrine command has established a “Fe en la Causa” training program that is included in all levels of professional development. For example, in Tolemaida, the Army’s largest training post, Soldiers go through training where they encounter scenarios designed to challenge their ethics and values. The scenarios are based on events that they could experience in combat. Retraining is done every six months to ensure that Soldiers internalize the concept of superior ethical behavior. General Sergio Mantilla, current Army commander, said the “essence of the campaign is the human resource, our Soldier. This is the most valuable asset of the institution.” Highlighting the importance of the human resource, the Army designed the “Fe en la Causa” medal that is used to recognize Soldiers and civilians whose actions embody the spirit of ethical behavior and dedication to the cause and the nation. To determine the success of the program, the Army is surveying the force every six months to measure Soldier understanding and knowledge of the program, and the degree to which they accept and apply the principals. The Army also tracks the number of “Fe en la Causa” medals awarded; the number of human rights violations or complaints made, if any, during operations; the Soldier desertion rate; and finally, the Army tracks Gallup poll results regarding the civilian opinion of the Military as a profession. So far, the results of these measurements are positive. According to Integrated Action officers, the Army has seen fewer retirements; leaders report a positive influence on Soldiers and their behavior as well as an increase in Soldiers taking on leadership roles; a decrease in the number of complaints by Soldiers and against Soldiers; and a February 2012 Gallup poll had the military rated as the most respected institution in Colombia by 81 percent of poll respondents. To achieve victory, the campaign has reaffirmed the values and ethics of a professional military throughout a force that has been fighting an enemy within its own borders for decades. The campaign sets the foundation for good citizenship and a military that Colombian citizens can count on to conduct itself in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards. “The vision is to carry out the duties that the State requires of us, which has a direct impact on our defense of our sovereignty, of our independence, the integrity of our national territory and the constitutional order,” Gen. Mantilla said. “We can carry out all of that with the commitment and the courage of all the men and women that comprise the force, with their total devotion to duty, courage, discipline, modernization, training and values, the highest morale and ‘Faith in the Cause.’ ” By Dialogo January 01, 2013 There’s no worse disease than hate, no greater gift than health, no other faith like trust, and no other joy like peace. I thank the creator and nature for the growth arising from the path of peace and harmony in my beautiful Colombia. In my view this is a very good article, very well written. But it would be good to put in the exact day the campaign was created because all that is there is the month and the year XDDD These are the officers who make us proud to be Colombians. Congratulations to Colonel Wilson Torres Pradocenter_img The Colombian Army has been fighting an insurgency led by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for more than 50 years. During the past five years, the Army and the Colombian Government have mounted a series of successful operations against the FARC and have begun to plan for the end of the conflict. Key to recent successes is the professionalism and dedication of the Colombian Army and its willingness to strive for constant improvement not only of the institution but of its members. More than 50 years of combat causes an army to adapt and change, and allows for the chance to review tactics and strategy, and try new ideas. In Colombia, the Army saw a need to develop a program that reaffirms and strengthens the fundamental principles of ethics and values that provide the foundation for its Soldiers to perform their mission. The initiative, called “Fe en la Causa” (Faith in the Cause), was developed by General Alejandro Navas during his time as commander of the Colombian Army and began in December 2010. The program not only involves the officers, NCOs [noncommissioned officers], and Soldiers of the Army, but also seeks to involve the Colombian civilian population by reinforcing the ethical component of combat operations that will help lead the Military and the nation to victory against the FARC. With Gen. Navas’ appointment as commander of the military forces, “Fe en la Causa” has also been embraced by all services. last_img read more

‘A perfect human being, a champion of cycling’

first_img… National Coach Mohamed remembers Jude BentleyTHE sudden death of Jude Bentley has shocked the cycling fraternity and messages of condolences have been pouring in.The national cyclist, who represented Guyana at the Commonwealth Games in 2006, was killed in an accident yesterday morning.Jude Bentley was an extraordinary human being whohelped to promote the sport of cycling.Bentley, of Jude’s Bike Shop on Robb Street, was more than just a cyclist; he was an ambassador of the sport and had helped countless young riders over the years.President of Carlton Wheelers Cycling Club, Hassan Mohamed, said that Bentley, who was a member of the club, was “a perfect human being and a champion of cycling.”He noted that he was altruistic in nature, especially towards children who would visit his shop.“This is an unfortunate thing to happen to such a talent.”General Secretary of the Guyana Cycling Federation, Malcolm Sonaram, called the death “a great loss to the cycling community.”He too spoke about Bentley’s big heart and his assistance to young cyclists.“As an individual, he has given a lot to cycling and cyclists. I personally witness many times that children would come into the bike shop and they would not have money to buy chains, tyres and Jude would help them out.”Bentley, who also represented Guyana in Trinidad, Barbados and Cuba at meets, was all geared up for the 2020 cycling season and had purchased a US$6000 bike to compete. His first competition with the fast bike was expected to take place yesterday in the National Park.After authorities and cyclists found out about the death, they decided to hold a lap around the park for their fallen comrade and one minute of silence. Out of respect for Bentley, they also called off the event.Sonaram, who is also vice-president of Carlton Wheelers, said that more must be done to protect cyclists on the road.“Why is it we have to wait for something of this magnitude to happen before we address the safety of cyclists? We need to sit down with all road-users: taxi drivers, general road-users. They need to understand that everybody has a right to use the road…. You got to get serious about this or you’ll continue to lose lives.”Mohamed added that some persons have already spoken about holding an annual competition in honour of Bentley, but he said that it would depend on the approval of his family.The category one cyclist, who was set to turn 42 later this month, leaves to mourn six children, including his youngest son, who turned one yesterday.last_img read more

Wish to Better World Championships Show at 2020 Tokyo Olympics: Manish Kaushik

first_img Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. New Delhi: Manish Kaushik capped his senior debut at the World Championships with a bronze medal in his 63-kg lightweight division. The 23-year-old pugilist, who reached New Delhi to a warm reception with the rest of the Indian contingent early on Monday, said that that he went into the competition with the expectations that he would win a medal.Kaushik said that he will now be focussing on the Olympic qualifiers with the Asia/Oceania zone qualifiers happening in February in China. The Boxing Federation of India had earlier stated that those who win medals at the World Championships won’t need to go through the trials to enter the Indian contingent going for the qualifiers. “Earlier there was the thing about going through trials but now that is not there. So now I will be focussing solely on the qualifiers. We will be evaluating our the opponents and will plan accordingly,” Kaushik said.Kaushik had a perfect record going into the semi-finals of the lightweight division where he faced eventual champion Andy Cruz from Cuba. He said that he was beaten for speed in the bout, which he eventually lost by a unanimous decision. “He was faster than me. After that I spoke with the coach and he told me that I need to work on my strength and focus on increasing my weight,” he said.National coach Santiago Nieva said that watching Kaushik perform at the Worlds “was a joy” and that he garnered praise from other contingents too. “Everybody was telling me how impressed they were with Manish. He is a model for how I want long range boxers to be and I would like the other Indian boxers to study him. Amit’s (Panghal) style is difficult to copy because it is an individual thing. But in the case of Manish, if all our boxers can do 70 percent of what he did there, we will get a great base for good results in the future,” he told IANS.”He needs to become stronger. In the semi-final he was fighting with significant disadvantages in size and strength and these are things he needs to focus on. Manish’s strength is to always land the last punch but in that match he was not able to do that and so he was outplayed by the Cuban. Of course, his opponent was pound for pound one of best amateur boxers in the last three years. But our task is to see how he can beat him. We need to analyse the footage of that fight and work accordingly,” he said.Kaushik said that the medal in World Championships has done a world of good for his confidence going into the Olympic year. “Boxers from around the world participate in this, so it is great that I have won a medal in the World Championships. Now I will try and do the same in the Olympics,” he said. boxingbronze medalIndiaIndian Boxing First Published: September 23, 2019, 7:28 PM ISTlast_img read more

Court Says Landfill in Lake Chelan Will StayWA Voters May Have Say

first_imgLandfill on Lake Chelan will stay in place.  A state Appeals Court in Spokane ruled Tuesday the so-called Three Fingers Fill, which is three plots extending into the lake, will not be removed.The decision reverses a Superior Court judgement backing a claim by the Chelan Basin Conservancy that the landfill is an eye-sore and interferes with access to the beach and water.The plots were constructed in the 1960’s and maintained as private property.  They occupy between 6-and-8 acres of the lake area.(Photo courtesy of Go Lake Chelan)last_img