Morocco Exchange Office Employee Arrested for Bribery in Casablanca

Rabat – Police arrested an employee at the Exchange Office in Casablanca for soliciting a bribe in exchange of giving preferential treatment to a company owner. According to news website Al Yaoum24, the employee is accused of soliciting money from a company owner in exchange of simplifying administrative procedures for him.The company owner reported the bribery case to the authorities using the hotline number recently launched by the Ministry of Justice “which aims to root out unethical practices such as bribery cases and corruption wherever it is found.” The hotline number made available by the Ministry of Justice also led to the arrest of an agent of public authority in Casablanca last week, who accused of soliciting a MAD 10, 000 ($1,100) bribe from a citizen.The Ministry of Justice said it aims through this initiative to encourage people to report cases of bribery and corruption and simplify the administrative and judicial procedures that prevent people from registering corruption and bribery complaints.People will be able to report any case of bribery or corruption by calling the hotline number The hotline is currently available in Arabic. Amazigh and French are expected to follow.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Remains of 31 foreign nationals repatriated

The fatalities were: one (01) from Bangladesh, six (06) from China, eleven (11) from India (10 Indian nationals and 01 Sri Lanka Passport holder with Overseas Citizen of India status), three (03) from Denmark, one (01) from Japan, one (01) from the Netherlands, one (01) from Portugal, two (02) from Saudi Arabia, two (02) from Spain, one (01) from Switzerland, two (02) from Turkey, six (06) from the UK, one (01) from USA, two (02) holding US and UK nationalities, one (01) holding Swiss and Dutch nationalities, one (01) holding Dutch and Sri Lankan nationalities, and two (02) holding Australian and Sri Lankan nationalities. Additionally, 10 foreign nationals are unaccounted for at present, and could be among the unidentified victims at the Colombo Judicial Medical Officer’s mortuary, the Foreign Ministry said. The Foreign Ministry said that it continues to liaise with the JMO office and Diplomatic Missions concerned in the identification and repatriation of human remains.Representatives of the relevant Sri Lanka Missions in the countries concerned attended funerals and memorial services of the victims and expressed condolences on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka. Official condolence messages were sent by the Heads of Mission to the bereaved families. All over the world, many, including political leaders and dignitaries visited Sri Lanka Missions to sign the books of condolence, expressing sympathy and solidarity with Sri Lanka at its time of grief.Sri Lankan expatriates joined interfaith religious observances including candle light vigils organized by Sri Lanka Missions in memory of those who were killed in the Easter Sunday terror attacks. The human remains of 31 foreign nationals killed in the Easter Sunday attacks have been repatriated to date, the Foreign Ministry said today.As at Monday, 06 May 2019 1900 hours, the number of foreign nationals who have been identified as killed is 44. read more