BNC ball goes green

first_imgBrasenose has teamed up with Trees for Cities to host Oxford’s first ever carbon-neutral ball today.Environmental rep Jocelyn Waller commented that the Ball committee wanted to “show that it is possible to have a normal Ball without changing much and still helping the environment.”“We worked hard not to increase the ticket prices because we wanted people to see how easy it is to create this type of ball.“We are hopeful that this will start a trend within Oxford Balls”.To show the results of the evening, Morebins will be weighing the waste streams to show much was recycled.The event’s partner agency, consultancy Environmental Perspectives, will be conducting a complete review of the environmental impact of the ball, as well as the carbon footprint, that will be shared online.last_img read more

Xbox One to launch in China this month after all

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Smart coder for Warburtons

first_imgWarburtons is using a Markem SmartLase 100i laser coder to apply variable date codes to its boxes of All in One Riddlers pre-filled bread rolls. The company chose the coder to print ‘best before’ and ‘display until’ dates, as well as traceability codes on to the cardboard packaging, when it saw the print quality and efficient performance on high-speed applications, it says.The SmartLase 100i enables Warburtons to laser more characters onto each box at far higher speeds and print quality than possible with any other laser coder on the market, claims Markem.Engineering manager at Warburtons’ Blackpool bakery, Chris Beer comments: “In the past we would probably have used a continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) for such an application, but installing a laser coder has proved more reliable as well as more cost-efficient in terms of lifetime costs.”The SmartLase 100i does not require any consumables, inks or solvents, thus providing a cleaner coder and requiring no maintenance. This results in less downtime for manufactu-rers. Day-to-day operation and programming is said to be simple.  A compact screen mounted next to the coder on the packaging line allows Warburtons’ operators to view exactly how the final coding will appear on the packaging.last_img read more

In the Archives

first_imgSome of our readers inform us that they have been doing a good trade during the very hot weather with their American soda fountains. We are glad to learn this, for a year or two ago, we devoted a good deal of space to up-to-date formulae for American drinks, and we strongly urged confectioners to install fountains in their shops. We pointed out that there was a danger of allowing this branch of the business to go almost exclusively into the hands of chemists.In the warmest days, an army of sandwich men have been patrolling Holborn with posters, announcing the desirability of stepping aside to indulge in a cool drink. This shows how these general stores trench upon the province of the confectioner. How many confectioners with a soda fountain thought it worthwhile to draw the attention of those who were not their customers?last_img read more

Six grad students named Rappaport Fellows

first_imgSix Harvard University graduate students are among the 13 local graduate students who will spend the summer working in key state agencies as Rappaport Public Policy Fellows.Now in its 10th year, the fellowship is a unique program that gives talented young graduate students throughout greater Boston the opportunity to help public officials address key problems and, in doing so, to learn more about how public policy is created and implemented.  The fellowship is funded and administered by Harvard Kennedy School’s (HKS) Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, which strives to improve the governance of the region by strengthening connections between scholars, students, officials, and civic leaders.Rappaport Public Policy FellowsHARVARD KENNEDY SCHOOLLalita Booth, who is in the joint Master in Public Policy (MPP)/Master in Business Administration (MBA) program at HKS and Harvard Business School, will work at the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services.First-year MPP students Jennifer Vorse and Michael Zakaras will work in the office of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino on the Circle of Promise Initiative, which seeks to break the cycle of poverty by linking ambitious efforts to turn around troubled schools in the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods with other programs, assets, and resources in those neighborhoods.HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOLMichael Honigberg, who recently completed his first year at Harvard Medical School (HMS), will work for the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy in the Performance Measurement Group. His primary task will be to produce a descriptive report on healthcare systems integration.Ravi Parikh, who also finished his first year at HMS, will work for the Joint Committee on Health Care Policy and produce a report for the Massachusetts House of Representatives on pending legislation regarding the scope of practice of non-physician allied health professionals. He will also work on a project to analyze the effect of Massachusetts’ shift to global provider payments on single- or small group- practice physicians.GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ARTS & SCIENCESJeremy Levine, a second-year doctoral student in sociology, also will work for Mayor Menino on the Circle of Promise Initiative. Levine has analyzed local community development policies in Detroit, the impact of unequal access to public transportation, and transportation policy as a means of combating urban poverty.To read the full announcement.last_img read more

PFCs may hinder vaccine response

first_imgPerfluorinated compounds (PFCs), widely used in manufactured products such as non-stick cookware, waterproof clothing, and fast-food packaging, were associated with lowered immune response to vaccinations in children in research led by Philippe Grandjean of the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).The study appears in the Jan. 25 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).“Routine childhood immunizations are a mainstay of modern disease prevention. The negative impact on childhood vaccinations from PFCs should be viewed as a potential threat to public health,” said Grandjean, adjunct professor of environmental health at HSPH and the report’s lead author.PFCs have thousands of industrial and manufacturing uses. Most Americans have the chemical compounds in their bodies. Prior studies found that PFC concentrations in mice similar to those found in people suppressed immune response, but the adverse effects on people had been poorly documented.The researchers analyzed data on children recruited at birth at National Hospital in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, 1999-2001. A total of 587 participated in follow-up examinations. Children were tested for immune response to tetanus and diphtheria vaccinations at ages 5 and 7 years. PFCs were measured in maternal pregnancy serum and in the serum of children at age 5 to determine prenatal and postnatal exposure.The results showed that PFC exposure was associated with lower antibody responses to immunizations and an increased risk of antibody levels in children lower than those needed to provide long-term protection. (Antibody concentrations in serum are a good indicator of overall immune functions in children.) A twofold greater concentration of three major PFCs was associated with a 49 percent lower level of serum antibodies in children at age 7.“We were surprised by the steep negative associations, which suggest that PFCs may be more toxic to the immune system than current dioxin exposures,” said Grandjean.The PFC concentrations were similar to or slightly below those reported in U.S. women, and most serum PFC levels in Faroese children at age 5 were lower than those measured in U.S. children aged 3 to 5 in 2001-2002.The study was supported by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Danish Council for Strategic Research, and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.last_img read more

The state of AIDS

first_imgThe first World AIDS Day was December 1, 1988. That same year, the Harvard School of Public Health AIDS Initiative (HAI) was established to help end the epidemic. Max Essex, the Mary Woodard Lasker Professor of Health Sciences at HSPH and Chair of HAI, has been involved in HIV/AIDS research since the beginning of the epidemic.HSPH: The disease that became known as AIDS was first reported in 1981. What’s the state of the epidemic today?ESSEX: Overall, I think the epidemic is at a plateau. Today, about 35 million people worldwide are living with HIV. That number isn’t rising nearly as rapidly as it used to, but neither is it decreasing as rapidly as people would like. There are several reasons for that. About 50,000 people in the U.S. are newly infected with HIV each year and several million people are newly infected each year in the world. The number of people with HIV isn’t going down faster, in part, because many people are being kept alive longer. There’s been tremendous success with the utilization of drugs to save people’s lives. As more and more lives are saved, the total number of people living with HIV increases. We have to prevent more new infections to compensate for the fact that people who are HIV-infected might now live for 20 to 40 years, as opposed to dying in six or eight years. Read Full Storylast_img read more

BAVO and Feminist United invite students to discuss catcalling culture with ‘Don’t Call Me Pumpkin’

first_imgAs Halloween approaches and the end of domestic violence month nears, the Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO) hosted Don’t Call Me Pumpkin, an event co-sponsored by Feminist United that encapsulates the two. The event encouraged students to initiate discussions about catcalling while they painted pumpkins.“Don’t Call Me Pumpkin is an event where everyone can come in and have a conversation about catcalling,” senior Anne Nowalk, treasurer for Feminist United, said. “That is something that is so important, especially around Halloween when people are wearing costumes. We’re able to open up a dialogue about [catcalling] before Halloween begins while doing something fun that everyone enjoys, which is painting pumpkins.” Courtney Driscoll BAVO and Feminist United hosted ‘Don’t Call Me Pumpkin’ in the student center, inviting students to carve pumpkins and discuss catcalling culture.Senior and student advisory committee (SAC) member Courtney Driscoll said Don’t Call Me Pumpkin is “an event to give awareness for catcalling, which is also known as street harassment.”“It’s basically a place where we can come celebrate Halloween [and] paint pumpkins, but also give awareness on catcalling, what it is and ways to react to it appropriately and safely,” Driscoll said.The event started by defining the act of catcalling. It then featured students who felt comfortable sharing their own experiences and how they personally reacted to the harassment. The discussion was followed by tips on how to react to future catcalling.“I think an event like this promotes a safe environment to come and interact with other students while we’re promoting awareness for catcalling, sexual assault, stalking and sexual violence as a whole,” Driscoll said. “We’re doing that but also creating fun events where you can interact with other students.” Catcalling is easy to shrug off because it’s often regarded as “something funny” or a joke, Nowalk said, when in reality it’s sexual harassment.“Both women, men, and non-binary people do not deserve to be catcalled or objectified by what they wear, how they walk, or their appearance,” Nowalk said. “And unfortunately that’s still something that is so normalized in our society, so having this event where we’re able to have a dialogue about this is extremely important for our community.”Nowalk said the importance of events like this for the Saint Mary’s community is not lost on her.“I think [it] is extremely important that individuals can come here whether or not they’re involved with BAVO or involved with Feminist United because the subject is something that everyone can resonate with, whether you believe you’re a feminist or involved with BAVO,” Nowalk said. “It’s really good that the whole Saint Mary’s community can be involved and be ready to talk about these subjects.”The issue is particularly pertinent to Saint Mary’s, Driscoll said.“I think an event like this is important because it gives awareness to issues that we as women in an all women’s college experience and will sadly experience, if not already, in the future,” she said.Nowalk said events such as Don’t Call Me Pumpkin start important discussions on campus.“Events like these mean for the community that students are able to speak about things that they may have been uncomfortable talking about with others, creating a friendly atmosphere where people can feel the need to speak up when they want to, with the comfort that they have and the bravery they have,” Nowalk said.Tags: BAVO, catcalling, Don’t Call Me Pumpkin, Feminist United, pumpkin carvinglast_img read more

Adam Pascal Belts Out a Drag Anthem in Animated Musical Short Lady of the Night

first_imgAdam Pascal is exploring the darker side of drag in Lady of the Night, an animated musical short film directed by Laurent Boileau and composed by Attie Albertus. The Rent and Aida star voices the role of Samuel, a closeted gay man who—on the anniversary of his partner’s death—dons a dress, heels and wig to cope with his solitude and pay tribute to his lost love. The short will receive its New York premiere on December 10 at the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. In the meantime, take a look at a clip below, featuring the Tony nominee and Audience Choice Award winner knocking out the film’s title song. It’s sort of like a Disney film…if the princes were wearing evening gowns. View Commentslast_img

Colombia’s Army Has Faith in the Cause

first_img Gen. Navas explained that although the motto “Fe en la Causa” and the supporting campaign is new, the underlying concept of faith in the military and the nation is not. “While the concept for ‘Fe en la Causa’ had not been previously brought out as a motto, it has been a fundamental part of our institution’s daily life,” Gen. Navas said. “The faith that we have and the cause that motivates our actions are not mere new words. They have been implicit in the hearts and minds of our officers, NCOs, and Soldiers forever, and have become part of our philosophy of life.” “We saw the need to convert this concept into a motto that would remind us, under every circumstance and at all times, that if we want to live our lives as military service members, we must be committed to the institution’s mission and therefore, committed to unconditional service to country.” Based on this recognition, the Army devised a three-phase institutional campaign to instill the concept in the hearts of its members as well as in everything they do. The three phases are an instructive, a persuasive, and a sustainment phase through which commitment and faith in the Armed Forces’ mission is deepened, in order to reach victory. As described by Colonel Wilson Torres, deputy director of Integrated Action, the office within the Army’s headquarters charged with leading the instructive phase efforts, the campaign has matured over the last 18 months with the instructive and persuasive phases well underway. The Army expects to enter the sustainment phase in 2014. The first phase consisted of developing a communication plan that would ensure that all members of the Army were informed about the initiative and its goals. From videos and radio spots, to messages in the food packets Soldiers take with them on combat operations in the jungle, the “Fe en la Causa” concept is spread throughout the Army using all communication platforms. The campaign has also reached the Colombian public through the showing of a specially produced video in civilian movie theaters as well as on television during prime viewing hours and radio spots on public radio channels. Public awareness and interest also has been raised through the Army’s website, which has seen an increase in public users accessing “Fe en la Causa” information. In addition to the communication campaign, the Army’s Training and Doctrine command has established a “Fe en la Causa” training program that is included in all levels of professional development. For example, in Tolemaida, the Army’s largest training post, Soldiers go through training where they encounter scenarios designed to challenge their ethics and values. The scenarios are based on events that they could experience in combat. Retraining is done every six months to ensure that Soldiers internalize the concept of superior ethical behavior. General Sergio Mantilla, current Army commander, said the “essence of the campaign is the human resource, our Soldier. This is the most valuable asset of the institution.” Highlighting the importance of the human resource, the Army designed the “Fe en la Causa” medal that is used to recognize Soldiers and civilians whose actions embody the spirit of ethical behavior and dedication to the cause and the nation. To determine the success of the program, the Army is surveying the force every six months to measure Soldier understanding and knowledge of the program, and the degree to which they accept and apply the principals. The Army also tracks the number of “Fe en la Causa” medals awarded; the number of human rights violations or complaints made, if any, during operations; the Soldier desertion rate; and finally, the Army tracks Gallup poll results regarding the civilian opinion of the Military as a profession. So far, the results of these measurements are positive. According to Integrated Action officers, the Army has seen fewer retirements; leaders report a positive influence on Soldiers and their behavior as well as an increase in Soldiers taking on leadership roles; a decrease in the number of complaints by Soldiers and against Soldiers; and a February 2012 Gallup poll had the military rated as the most respected institution in Colombia by 81 percent of poll respondents. To achieve victory, the campaign has reaffirmed the values and ethics of a professional military throughout a force that has been fighting an enemy within its own borders for decades. The campaign sets the foundation for good citizenship and a military that Colombian citizens can count on to conduct itself in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards. “The vision is to carry out the duties that the State requires of us, which has a direct impact on our defense of our sovereignty, of our independence, the integrity of our national territory and the constitutional order,” Gen. Mantilla said. “We can carry out all of that with the commitment and the courage of all the men and women that comprise the force, with their total devotion to duty, courage, discipline, modernization, training and values, the highest morale and ‘Faith in the Cause.’ ” By Dialogo January 01, 2013 There’s no worse disease than hate, no greater gift than health, no other faith like trust, and no other joy like peace. I thank the creator and nature for the growth arising from the path of peace and harmony in my beautiful Colombia. In my view this is a very good article, very well written. But it would be good to put in the exact day the campaign was created because all that is there is the month and the year XDDD These are the officers who make us proud to be Colombians. Congratulations to Colonel Wilson Torres Pradocenter_img The Colombian Army has been fighting an insurgency led by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for more than 50 years. During the past five years, the Army and the Colombian Government have mounted a series of successful operations against the FARC and have begun to plan for the end of the conflict. Key to recent successes is the professionalism and dedication of the Colombian Army and its willingness to strive for constant improvement not only of the institution but of its members. More than 50 years of combat causes an army to adapt and change, and allows for the chance to review tactics and strategy, and try new ideas. In Colombia, the Army saw a need to develop a program that reaffirms and strengthens the fundamental principles of ethics and values that provide the foundation for its Soldiers to perform their mission. The initiative, called “Fe en la Causa” (Faith in the Cause), was developed by General Alejandro Navas during his time as commander of the Colombian Army and began in December 2010. The program not only involves the officers, NCOs [noncommissioned officers], and Soldiers of the Army, but also seeks to involve the Colombian civilian population by reinforcing the ethical component of combat operations that will help lead the Military and the nation to victory against the FARC. With Gen. Navas’ appointment as commander of the military forces, “Fe en la Causa” has also been embraced by all services. last_img read more