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used all along insisting that the campaigns message has not changed Throughout the Democratic primary Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders often clashed on health care policy with the Vermont Senator arguing for a single-payer system and Clinton advocating a more moderate approach that involved “building” on Obamacare and improving it Clinton and Democrats have praised the Affordable Care Act for providing health insurance to 20 million Americans allowing people under the age of 26 to get insurance through their parents and prohibiting insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions Still the tone of some of the criticism among Democrats has grown increasingly critical in recent months Hillary Clinton has praised the act for widening coverage but has spoken more about taking steps to fix it At least half of the Senate Democrats who voted for the bill are no longer in Congress many of them voted out in the wake of the legislation New members who did not cast a vote for the law are quicker to address the problems with it And as it becomes more and more apparent that the law will need to be fixed Democrats openness to changes has become more apparent The most prominent and detailed plan is Hillary Clintons She has proposed several fixes that she says will reduce the cost of insurance and prescription drugs Clintons plan is intended to assist those who are not poor enough to qualify for government subsidies but not making enough money to comfortably pay for health insurance She would limit the amount that families have to pay on health insurance premiums for plans bought through the exchanges to 85% a measure aimed at helping those who do not qualify for subsidies She would create a public insurance option which would compete with private insurance plans and theoretically drive down the price of premiums And she would give tax credits of up to $5000 for families still struggling to pay out-of-pocket costs Clinton published an op-ed in the New England Journal of Medicine late last month defending the act but arguing it needs improvements "It strikes me as a move in the direction of affordability" said Larry Levitt a senior vice president at the Kaiser Foundation who has extensively studied the Affordable Care Act said of Clinton’s proposals Republicans meanwhile have called for Obamacare to be scrapped and replaced potentially with a plan that involves tax credits instead of subsidies Trump meantime has said he would encourage insurance plans be sold over state lines and eliminate the requirement that most Americans carry health insurance two moves that would dramatically undercut the law’s current features But Clinton’s plans to tweak the Affordable Care Act would require an acquiescent Congress A Republican House of Representatives is unlikely to support a public option and it is unclear what other pieces in her plan Clinton could pass without GOP support Some health care policy experts say she could be forced to settle with implementing the smaller-grade fixes like appointing more regulators to insure the insurance companies don’t monopolize markets and passing tax credits In a statement on Thursday Jason Miller the Trump campaign’s senior communications adviser said Hillary Clinton should answer for her husband’s remarks who has since repeated that he supports the law but thinks Congress needs to make improvements "Secretary Clinton do you agree with your husband that Obamacare is a crazy system that has a model that doesnt work" Miller said in a statement Clinton’s answer to that however is likely more complicated than Republicans might expect Contact us at [email protected] dysfunctional relationship proceeds though the same stages: from promise to problem to crisis and ultimately to repetitive farce There is one more embarrassing public scene one more fight that disturbs the neighborsa lather-rinse-repeat cycle that becomes more tiresome than anything else That final stage is where the hard right of the GOP has at last arrived in its tortured pas de deux with science The most recent Republican to get into an ugly dust-up with the scientific truth is Florida Gov Rick Scott Running for re-election against former Gov (and former Republican) Charlie Cristand currently trailing in pollsScott was asked by a reporter whether he believes climate change is real Depressingly but predictably he went for what is becoming the go-to dodge for too many in the GOP when pressed on a scientific fact that they dare not acknowledge for fear of fallout from the base but can no longer openly deny for fear of being called out for willful know-nothingism “I’m not a scientist” Scott thus beganand there he should have stopped The device of course is meant to suggest that the issue is just too complex just too abstruse for people without advanced degrees to presume to pass judgment on It was the bob-and-weave used by Fla Senator Marco Rubio when GQ magazine asked him the age of the Earth “I’m not a scientist man” he saidadding the “man” fillip because it presumably suggested a certain whew-this-stuff-is-hard fatigue It was used as well by House Speaker John Boehner when he was pressed about proposed EPA regulations intended to curb greenhouse gasses “Well listen” he began “I’m not qualified to debate the science over climate change” There’s something not just risibly dishonest about this reg’lar-folk pose it’s flat-out unseemly too which is why less disingenuous Republicans whatever their views tend to find a defter way to phrase things Boehner Scott Rubio and the like are seeking to have things two incompatible waysthey deny the science even ridicule the science and then they seek to hide behind the skirts of the science recusing themselves from answering questions because it’s all just too dang complicated Never mind that if you take them at their wordif you say okay let’s see what the eggheads in the labs say and it turns out that the eggheads in the labs all but universally agree that global warming is dangerously frighteningly realthey neatly flip the script The scientiststhe ones to whom they pretend to deferare suddenly dismissed as “grant-grubbing” hoaxsters conniving with liberal politicians to “expand the role of government” But okay let’s pretend the politicos are sincere If the Speaker by his own admission isn’t qualified to debate climate change fine he’s excused from the conversationand he should be expected not to offer further opinion on the matter This however is a dangerous game to play If being a scientist man is a threshold requirement for taking a thoughtful honest position on climate change then the same is true for being an economist or physician or astronomer if you presume to offer an opinion on the federal budget or the health care law or NASA funding The “both sides do it” faux equivalency game is hard to play on this one since science denial is simply not endemic in the Democratic party the way it is in the GOP But that hardly means all Dems have covered themselves in glory West Va Sen Joe Manchin literally shot a hole in a copy of the cap and trade bill in a 2010 election ad a crude symbolic twofer that signaled yes to guns and no to climate regulation in his rural coal-producing state Louisiana Sen Mary Landrieu locked in a tough reelection battle has consistently blocked climate action opposing tighter regulations on coal-fired power plants because she says “Requiring [the plants] to use technology that has not been proven viable in industrial settings is completely backward” a good argument if what she says about the technology were remotely accuratewhich it isn’t But the hard truth is Manchin and Landrieu are outliers among the Democrats while the counterfactual voices are among the loudest within Republican ranks The time really has come for the GOP to fix its relationship with scienceor just break up for good Either way they should do something soon because the rest of us are getting sick of the fighting Write to Jeffrey Kluger at [email protected] which he later had to revise. “We urge you to publicly condemn disobedience of court orders by the Nigerian authorities and prevail on them to refrain from any threats or interference that may hamper court’s independence as the supreme guardian of the country’s constitution and laws.

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