We Have Our First Look at the Tesla Model Y

first_imgEarlier this week, Tesla had it’s annual shareholder meeting. Most of it was boring, as those sorts of meetings tend to be, but we did get an early look at the Model Y.The Model Y isn’t the official name of the electric manufacturer’s next vehicle, but it has been the operational title. In any case, it’s going to be a crossover — an SUV on the frame of a car. They tend to be sportier and a bit lighter. Originally, Tesla’s plan was to start with the Model S, size up to the X for those wanting an SUV, push out the Model 3 — a compact sedan. This would cover the broadest scope of customer bases and get more people into more electric vehicles more quickly.From there, we expected the Y to iterate on the design of the Model 3. Instead, the company is designing it from the ground up. Beyond that little bit and that it’s a crossover, we don’t know much about the Y at all, really.That’s what makes this image so… odd. It’s just an outline, not a whole lot to go off of at all, but it doesn’t have any mirrors. Car blog Jalopnik notes that many modern companies try to pull the same thing for their cutting-edge designs, and always end up adding the mirrors back in the production model for safety reasons.Buuuuuuuuuut, it’s worth remembering that Tesla’s also pretty well invested in self-driving tech. It could very well be, as Jalopnik again posits, that maybe the Model Y will be a fully autonomous vehicle. After all, Tesla’s product development cycle isn’t exactly… zippy. They take a while to get out anything. It’s one of the big things the company’s known for. By the time the Model Y intends to start shipping, we may very well be at a point where a luxury, all-electric crossover could reasonably be autonomous — eliminating the need for rearview mirrors.The possibilities are tantalizing.last_img

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