Pickle Ball

first_imgA new racket sport is beginning to catch on all over the United States.  It is called Pickle Ball.  You can play it with either two or four players.  Most pickle ball players use solid wood paddles and a perforated ball.  The strategy of the game is to hit the ball over a net.  The court is similar to a double badminton court.  The original pickle game goes back to the 1960’s when Joel Pritchard and his friends wanted to play badminton but did not have a shuttlecock (or birdie).  The Bainbridge Island, Washington, friends decided to take a whiffle ball and knock it across the net.  This game is now called pickle ball.  I am not sure how this name came about.To score in this game you must hit the ball across the net, and it must bounce before the opposition can hit it back.  Just like in tennis, the ball must land inside the lines of the court.  You win the game when you can score 11 points and win by at least 2.  The nice part of this game is people do not have to move as much as they do in a typical game of tennis, so players can be as young as 4 or 5 or as old as they want to be.  It is a very popular senior citizen game!  The nearest league that I know of is in Brookville.last_img

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