The Surprising Secret to Improve Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

first_imgThe IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Dell, found that the Dell UltraSharp Curved Ultrawide Monitor (U3415W) improves productivity and efficiency, especially for workers in financial or creative fields.While the Dell screen rated highly across industries, professionals in finance, accounting and creative work found the most benefit from the curved screen, thanks to the ability to display multiple windows without scrolling or task switching. (By the same token, Videomaker Magazine called the Dell U3415W a “video editor, colorist and VFX artist’s best friend.”) Across the board, respondents preferred the Dell product’s matte screen and commented on the monitor’s attractive industrial design and build quality.“IDC believes that once users become more educated and aware of the benefits (and as component prices fall), it is only a matter of time before 21:9 curved monitors become commonplace in the workplace,” the IDC Technology Spotlight states. “Companies and IT departments that get such displays earlier in the game also stand to benefit from the efficiencies in productivity that competitors won’t have.”The findings of both the InfoBrief and the Technology Spotlight support our approach to designing monitors for today’s workplace needs. Whether our customers need ultrawide, curved displays, a more compact profile or a mixture of both, we offer monitors that minimize eye strain and maximize the ease of establishing multi-monitor configurations. When we can set workers up with a comfortable, efficient workstation, their satisfaction increases, their productivity skyrockets, and the entire organization benefits. Pop quiz: What object do you spend the most time looking at, but the least time thinking about? You can’t do your job without it, but it’s only useful when you fill it. And it can affect the course of your entire day without you even knowing it.Many working professionals give very little consideration to the role their monitor plays in their daily work. But for jobs that require multitasking — which, let’s face it, is almost every working professional today — the style and configuration of monitors can either boost productivity and comfort levels dramatically or make them plummet.To gauge exactly how much of an effect monitors have on workers’ daily lives, Dell commissioned studies by premier global market intelligence firm IDC and SURL at Wichita State University, whose report was also written by IDC. What the studies discovered will serve as an eye-opener for companies that are still equipping workers with outdated displays. (Hint: They may be unintentionally impacting their team’s productivity.)Dual monitors improve employee satisfaction and productivity.The first IDC InfoBrief, Improving Productivity with Dual Monitors, summarizes a 2015 Wichita State SURL Study to show that dual monitor users are 18 percent more efficient, completing tasks at hand quicker and with more accuracy than single monitor users. This is largely because dual monitor users can compare more information simultaneously, switching windows 15 percent less frequently than other workers. Perhaps most significantly, 91 percent of study participants said they were more satisfied with dual monitors than single monitors.The IDC InfoBrief goes so far as to say that, for office workers dealing with information as a large part of their workflow, dual monitor configurations are a must.Dell’s selection of thin bezel Dell UltraSharp monitors (U2415, U2515H, U2715H, U2417H and U2417HA, U2717D and U2717DA), especially lend themselves to a dual or multi-monitor setup with virtually borderless viewing between monitors. Like the curved ultra-wide monitors, our thin bezel displays are tuned for wide-angle viewing and maximum real estate.Curved, ultrawide monitors reduce eye strain, increase efficiencyOf course, a dual monitor setup isn’t the only option for increasing screen real estate thus boosting productivity. The ultra-wide, curved monitors can give workers some of the same productivity benefits.Almost half of all PCs being purchased by IT departments globally today are notebooks. This is fantastic for convenience and mobility, but the smaller screen size can be less than ideal for longer working sessions. When users have to constantly scroll or switch between applications, it can very quickly impact productivity and efficiency.To meet these needs, in April 2015 Dell introduced the Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Ultrawide Monitor (U3415W) to great excitement from consumers and industry pros alike. With its 21:9 aspect ratio, the curved screen provides much more contiguous real estate to the user. PC Mag recognized the U3415W as the editor’s top pick for ultrawide monitors, saying, “You get a lot of monitor and great performance for your money. Dell’s UltraSharp monitors have always maintained a pleasing aesthetic, but the U3415W takes it to another level with a slick, (mostly) bezel-free design that makes the gigantic 34-inch panel look even larger than it already is.”Recently, IDC tested the Curved Dell U3415W alongside a flat 34-inch monitor, created by a Dell competitor, for its Technology Spotlight Curved Ultrawide Monitors: Seeing the Big Picture. Both monitors measured 34 inches with a 21:9 aspect ratio, and brand names were hidden to eliminate any bias from respondents, who represented over ten different industries ranging from finance to fashion design to software programming. The IDC Technology Spotlight found that, despite the identical size and resolution of the monitors, the flat panel caused more eye fatigue vs. the curved screen, as users strained to see information on the far left and right sides of the screen.last_img read more

#72: OpenStack Summit Barcelona (Recap & Live Reports)

first_imgDorian Naveh (@DorianNaveh), Sr. Director Technology Alliances joined me back in episode #66 “Dell EMC Cloud Ecosystem”; during that episode, Dorian teased us with the Dell EMC Premier sponsorship of “Open Stack Summit Barcelona 2016”Dorian is fresh back from the summit, check out his recap blog here!  This week he shares his perspective of the conference along with a few quick interviews he conducted at the conference.  From Open Stack Consumption Model discussions with Kamesh Pemmaraju (@kpemmaraju), VP Mirantis and Dell EMCs own VS Joshi (@vsJoshi) to Dev Ops with Monty Taylor (@e_monty) Red Hat evangelist and Nigel Kersten (@NigelKersten), CIO PuppetFor more information, visit the ECN community Everything OpenStack, and for more on OpenStack Barcelona check here.The Source Podcast: Episode #72: OpenStack Summit Barcelona (Recap & Live Reports)Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Dell EMC The Source Openstack Chalk talkDon’t miss “Dell EMC The Source” app in the App Store. Be sure to subscribe to Dell EMC The Source Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Google Play and visit the official blog at thesourceblog.emc.comEMC: The Source Podcast is hosted By Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)last_img read more

Sustainability Takes the Stage at CES

first_imgWhen we think CES, we think showy, shiny, NEW.  But tomorrow, #ces2017 is spotlighting the less flashy, often hidden side of tech innovation: sustainable design.Sustainable design is a conscious approach to creating products and packaging with the environment in mind. It’s also about what goes in, what we avoid, and how we extend the product’s workable life for use by a second, even third customer. And in the end, it’s about reuse, refurbishment and responsible recycling.In a world that produces 92 billion pounds of electronic waste annually, the impact of sustainable design is significant. For example, at Dell, we’ve recycled more than 36 million pounds of post-consumer recycled plastics from water bottles, milk jugs, and used technology back into our products.  And we ship 93 percent of our laptops in sustainably sourced packaging in our quest toward zero waste.Tomorrow, at “Sustainability Day at CES,” the green leaders take the stage.  We’ll discuss sustainability policies for the new administration and new research on the resource and waste implications of consumer electronics. The EPA will also honor the winners of their Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge, which recognizes electronics manufacturers, brands and retailers for excellence in electronics collection, recycling and design.  Dell is thrilled to be a Gold and Champion honoree for our global takeback program and our innovative use of recycled carbon fiber in select Latitude and Alienware laptops.If you’re on-site at CES tomorrow, stop by the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center at 10am Pacific or catch the conversation online at www.CES.Tech/livestream.And you can read more about the impact of design on the e-waste challenge from Dell’s experiential design leader, Ed Boyd, on TriplePundit here.last_img read more

Deaf Kids Code & Show How Digital is Great Equalizer

first_imgShireen Hafeez is the founder of Deaf Kids Code, a nonprofit working to bridge the economic and social gaps among deaf children and adults.She has been an advocate and lobbyist for deaf kids because her own son is deaf – and she believes that computer science, technology, and design thinking skills can break down the barriers that have prevented deaf people in the past from getting jobs and fully participating in society.In her workshops, Hafeez will often ask her deaf students to make something useful in a few hours from the big can of recyclable garbage she dumps onto the classroom floor. The kids will take items – like berry cartons and cereal boxes – and after a quick hardware tutorial, are able to assemble and wire their trash into programmable creations.By using Blockly programming languages, Hafeez then teaches her students how to create complex command sequences. In no time, they are coding – and their creations are moving in response.“Computer programing is global and visual. It’s a visual voice to the world,” Hafeez says. “These kids may not know the word ‘algorithm,’ but they can produce one. This is project-based learning – and it’s accessible to them. They walk away inspired, more confident.”You can see these great projects in Hafeez’s TedxPurdueU Talk, in which Hafeez shares her powerful story.Deaf Kids Code is a Dell Youth Learning partner. Dell provides grant funding and our technology.Less than one percent of the students Hafeez works with have prior experience with computers. This doesn’t hinder a kid’s ability to learn code, she says, and neither does being deaf. In fact, deaf and hard-of-hearing children can excel at coding by leveraging the skills they use to tackle daily challenges. “Our children are natural innovators, problem solvers, and visionaries because they are navigating in a world that does not bend towards inclusion or accessibility. Because of their ability to function on those levels, they are natural creative thinkers,” Hafeez says. “It’s extraordinary what they can do with these talents.”Students with the mini nano-propellers they each designed at the Deaf Kids Code workshop at Mississippi School for the Deaf.Also extraordinary, Hafeez’s work with deaf and hard-of-hearing children is tapping into a big source of diverse talent for tech jobs.One in eight people in the U.S. aged 12 or older has hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing examinations, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. As Hafeez points out, deafness spans all races and genders, all faiths, national origins, and sexual orientations.“When 70 percent of people who are deaf or hard of hearing are unemployed, it’s imperative to enable greater social and economic participation by this population.Share“When 70 percent of people who are deaf or hard of hearing are unemployed, it’s imperative to enable greater social and economic participation by this population,” Hafeez says, adding that if more companies allocate internships and shadowing opportunities for students with disabilities, the pipeline for diverse talent becomes more substantial.Hafeez has hosted over 23 workshops in the past 12 months and has worked with over 650 students. There is a strong demand for Deaf Kids Code, she says, and strong results.Following her workshops, over 95 percent of her workshop attendees report they can see themselves in a STEM-based career and that they want to continue learning more about coding.Hafeez says, “Why not put our efforts towards empowering kids, like my son, with the skills the world needs? By building deaf and hard of hearing students’ skills and know-how, the employment gap can be impacted regardless of their auditory or communication challenges.” This story shares one example of how Dell is committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet.We invite you to explore our FY17 Annual update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan at read more

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manger, SaaS Data Protection for Cloud Native Workloads

first_imgIt has been a busy summer and we are excited to share what we have been up to! Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager is now part of the PowerProtect Software Family! Moving forward, Cloud Snapshot Manager will be called Dell EMC PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager. As part of this release we have added some new features to CSM.The protection of cloud native workloads is becoming more of a challenge. Cloud providers only offer rudimentary tools for the creation and deletion of snapshots. This can be cumbersome when customers have many cloud accounts and a large number of workloads to protect. Many enterprises who have adopted a multi-cloud strategy are facing a challenge in protecting workloads across multiple clouds in a uniform and seamless manner. Using different tools for each cloud is unmanageable and costly. As a result, customers are faced with being vulnerable with regards to protection of their workloads in the cloud and are bearing high monthly cloud costs as snapshots have proliferated in their environment.Dell EMC has a SaaS offering catered to solving this growing issue. For those of you that are not familiar with CSM, Cloud Snapshot Manager is a SaaS solution making it easy for customers to protect workloads in public cloud environments (AWS, Azure) – without requiring installation or infrastructure. Customers can discover, orchestrate and automate the protection of workloads across multiple clouds based on policies for seamless backup and disaster recovery.CSM breaks cloud silos, allowing customers to use one tool to protect workloads across multiple clouds. Designed for any size cloud infrastructure, CSM scales as your organization and data grows. The automatic assignment of resources to protection policies based on tags is essential to achieve auto-scaling in the cloud with the peace of mind that your resources are protected.In this quarters release we are proud to announce the following featuresCSM now supports the protection of Blob storage containers in Azure with granular Blob object level recovery. More and more cloud native applications are taking advantage of the Blob storage containers — you must ensure that the data is protected and easily recoverable.Expansion of the REST API to facilitate greater automationPowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager has also been added as a promotion for new PowerProtect Software, Data Protection Suite, and DPS4VM customers. New customers are entitled to 20 instances of CSM for 6 months, free! Talk with your account rep to learn more about this promotion!If you are considering trying CSM for your cloud native workloads feel free to take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Make sure to follow us on social for updates in the future and feel free to check out our other data protection blogs. All for now and we look forward to hearing from you!last_img read more

Australian prime minister says he invited Biden Down Under

first_imgCANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s prime minister said he invited President Joe Biden to visit in September during a “very warm and engaging” phone call between the two leaders on Thursday. Scott Morrison said Australia shared Biden’s view of the Australia-U.S. relationship “as providing the anchor for peace and security in our region.” The White House said Biden and Morrison agreed to work together on holding to account those responsible for coup this week in Myanmar. Morrison said Biden reacted positively to the invitation for him to visit Australia. American presidents making the long journey typically also visit other Asia or Southeast Asian capitals.last_img