Smart coder for Warburtons

first_imgWarburtons is using a Markem SmartLase 100i laser coder to apply variable date codes to its boxes of All in One Riddlers pre-filled bread rolls. The company chose the coder to print ‘best before’ and ‘display until’ dates, as well as traceability codes on to the cardboard packaging, when it saw the print quality and efficient performance on high-speed applications, it says.The SmartLase 100i enables Warburtons to laser more characters onto each box at far higher speeds and print quality than possible with any other laser coder on the market, claims Markem.Engineering manager at Warburtons’ Blackpool bakery, Chris Beer comments: “In the past we would probably have used a continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) for such an application, but installing a laser coder has proved more reliable as well as more cost-efficient in terms of lifetime costs.”The SmartLase 100i does not require any consumables, inks or solvents, thus providing a cleaner coder and requiring no maintenance. This results in less downtime for manufactu-rers. Day-to-day operation and programming is said to be simple.  A compact screen mounted next to the coder on the packaging line allows Warburtons’ operators to view exactly how the final coding will appear on the packaging.last_img read more

To do list…

first_imgPICKINGAsda’s bakery director Huw Edwards says Asda is generally pretty happy with its plant bread suppliers and the service they offer. But Edwards believes that automated selection of products by plant bakers for store deliveries – as opposed to the current system of manual picking – may lead to greater accuracy when orders are delivered at the supermarket’s back door. PUNCTUALITYSainsbury’s buyer for plant bread and rolls Sophie Luckman calls on suppliers to make sure deliveries are on time. “Delivery punctuality would enable us to labour-match accordingly. These issues are worse when agency drivers are used by the bakeries,” she says. Better order fulfilment accuracy from plant bread suppliers would also boost efficiency, she adds.FLEXIBILITYAsda’s Huw Edwards says he would like to see greater flexibility over delivery times from suppliers, with more deliveries through the day, and in the evening. He says: “Deliveries are highly skewed to the mornings at the moment; there is potentially an issue with store deliveries arriving in the same window. It’s a general issue of improving efficiency.”INNOVATIONSales growth is driven by innovative products and the supermarkets want to see more of them. Waitrose central buyer, bakery Teresa Lindley says: “We would like to see the continuation of innovation, which is currently occurring within the plant bread category. Growth in shelf space has been driven by Hovis’ ‘Invisible Crust’.” OWN-LABELOwn-label plant bread suppliers need to ensure they focus on improving own-label offers as well as their branded products. Sainsbury’s Sophie Luckman says: “We would like to see a greater commitment to own-label from suppliers. They are often very focused on their brands, but there is a large customer base which is loyal to own-label products.”TRUNKINGSainsbury’s Sophie Luckman wants plant bread suppliers to cut down on trunking: “Some products have a 24-hour lead time, while others are 48 hours; production at limited bakeries results in a lot of trunking of bread between bakeries before arrival at stores. This reduces store life and customer life, so the more products produced on a 24-hour lead time, the better.”last_img read more

Marco Beverage Systems brings out Filtro range

first_imgBeverage-making equipment supplier Marco Beverage Systems (London) is launching a range of small-batch filter coffee brewers called Filtro.Two models are included in the range: the pour-over jug model and a thermal airpot version. Each comes in manual fill or plumbed versions.Filtro has a visual and audible indicator of when the brew is finished, together with descale and ‘spoil’ lights. The jug model has two hot plates and the price includes two decanters. It also includes a screw-off spray head, which can be removed easily for descaling. The whole unit is digitally controlled.The flask model operates in similar fashion to the pour-over version, except that the brew is dispensed directly into a 2.2ltr thermal flask, which can be supplied at an additional cost. Also available is a 1.8ltr thermal flask version. List price for the Filtro manual jug model is £199.last_img read more

Tom Chandley

first_imgWinner of the ’North Wiltshire Best New Business 2006,’ MyLoaf Bakery in Corsham, relies on baking and moulding equipment from oven specialist Tom Chandley (Manchester). Directors of MyLoaf Bakery, Tia Lang and Jackie Perry, have identified customers’ need for quality and a range of baked goods. Loaves are hand-baked in open-plan premises and sold to local pubs, restaurants and caterers. Specialist and artisan breads, pastries, savouries and confectionery are offered. Some of the types of breads baked are Mexican, Jack Thai, ciabatta, sundried tomato bread, Pain Rustique, croissants and the popular, Lardy Cake. Tom Chandley Ovens supplied an electric 5-3-8 Deck Oven, fitted with steam and a Panem 20-tray retarder prover. In addition, several Sigma machines were supplied: the Silver 120 Spiral Mixer, BM40 Planetary Mixer, SPM30 Bun Divider Moulder, SQ20 Hydraulic Divider and also a JAC Ecomatic Slicer.last_img read more

Kluman & Balter

first_imgBakers can use Kluman & Balter’s photocake decorating system for Easter cakes. Images of rabbits, flowers, eggs or other Easter themes can be transferred from a PC to a special printer that uses coloured, food-safe ink to print onto sugarpaste sheets, which can be placed directly onto the cake. Kluman & Balter (Waltham Cross, Herts) also supplies basic cake pre-mixes, chocolate drops, shavings, curls, marzipan blocks and specialist glazing gels for Simnel cakes.last_img

In the Archives

first_imgSome of our readers inform us that they have been doing a good trade during the very hot weather with their American soda fountains. We are glad to learn this, for a year or two ago, we devoted a good deal of space to up-to-date formulae for American drinks, and we strongly urged confectioners to install fountains in their shops. We pointed out that there was a danger of allowing this branch of the business to go almost exclusively into the hands of chemists.In the warmest days, an army of sandwich men have been patrolling Holborn with posters, announcing the desirability of stepping aside to indulge in a cool drink. This shows how these general stores trench upon the province of the confectioner. How many confectioners with a soda fountain thought it worthwhile to draw the attention of those who were not their customers?last_img read more

Warburtons seeks best picnic spot

first_imgWarburtons is on the hunt for Britain’s best picnic area, as part of its National Bread Week celebrations from 4-10 May.Consumers are being encouraged to join in by voting for their favourite picnic spot on the website and all those who vote stand a chance of winning a year’s supply of bread. In addition, people can upload images of their own picnics and take part in an interactive sandwich game.Warburtons is also offering consumers a chance to win £1,000 daily during National Bread Week by way of an on-pack promotion. The promotion will run across Warburtons’ top-selling lines: the 800g Toastie Loaf, 800g Medium and 800g Farmhouse loaves.To enter, consumers enter a product code from the packaging on the website for the chance of winning a prize.last_img

South Bend homeless situation to return to front burner during council meeting

first_img WhatsApp Google+ Google+ WhatsApp Twitter Facebook Pinterest By Jon Zimney – July 27, 2020 3 378 (Sara Rivest/ABC 57) The homeless situation is expected to return to the front burner during the South Bend Common Council meeting on Monday, July 27.Members are expected to try to override the mayor’s veto of a resolution that was passed during their meeting two weeks ago called for the Mayor Mueller to declare a State of Emergency regarding the homeless situation in the city.Protesters demonstrated in front of some council members’ homes on Saturday who voted against the resolution in an effort to get them to support the veto override.Several council members issued a statement regarding their viewpoints on the situation:As community activists announced plans to protest at their homes, Council members Rachel Tomas Morgan, Sheila Niezgodski, Jake Teshka, and Troy Warner wish to reiterate that they value and honor the principles of free speech protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The protesters object to their recent votes on Resolution 20-22 addressing the homeless situation and calling on the Mayor to declare a state of emergency. After a contentious afternoon committee hearing which resulted in criticism of the resolution, the Council narrowly passed Resolution 20-22 by a 5-4 vote on July 13th. The four targeted council members voted against it. Issuing a “Statement of Administrative Policy,” Mayor Mueller vetoed the resolution and it will likely face a veto-override vote on July 27th. Starting at the home of Councilwoman Tomas Morgan, protesters hope to intimidate at least one of the four to vote in favor of overriding the Mayor’s veto. While welcoming voice and respecting their right to free speech, the four council members hope the protesters have read the resolution and listened to the recordings of the July 13th committee and Council meetings and their public statements debating the resolution.After Tomas Morgan invited the protest organizer to her porch for a conversation, it was clear there is misunderstanding about the resolution and they believe the council members voted down a homeless shelter.“I want to do what the city can for the houseless in our community. I support the intent but not the spirit and manner of this resolution. This is more confrontational than constructive. We have had constructive conversations with the Administration and I am hopeful the Mayor’s implementation working group will bring together the right people around the table to come up with the right solutions,” said At-Large Councilwoman Rachel Tomas Morgan. “It is a shame that this resolution with zero legal authority has detracted from the real goal of helping those dealing with houselessness or fighting shelter or food uncertainty. The resolution is a laundry list of demands made with very little determination whether the demands are feasible, financially sustainable, or even legal. The very first demand on the list is a violation of state law. Under Indiana law, the Mayor cannot declare a “state of emergency” and legally suspend housing and code ordinances and requirements to assist the houseless; so right from the start the resolution proposes illegal action. I took an oath to uphold the law and cannot ignore that fact,” continued 4th District Councilman Troy Warner. Fifth District Councilman Jake Teshka explained, “The Council has struggled for a few years now finding the correct actions to take and what we have seen is you cannot force or rush effective solutions. My vote against this resolution was based on current budget restraints and concerns with the council’s authority to demand some of its tenants. I strongly reject any notion that a vote against the resolution is a heartless vote against helping people.”“I voted against the resolution because I felt the tone of it did not represent a cooperative effort to work on solutions. Cooperatively we can address this matter but any solution should be vetted out and be financially possible for both short-term and long-term,” stated Councilwoman Sheila Niezgodski as she explained her vote on the bill. The Mayor has announced a homeless implementation working group consisting of representatives of the city, the council, and staff of the service providers on the front line helping those struggling with homelessness and poverty. The group will be working on solutions that will be viable and sustainable as the city moves forward during the economic fallout. Longer-term solutions include a Housing First complex that involves wrap-around supportive assistance. The city also just recently awarded a total of $500,000 in federal funds to two local agencies to provide both rental and utility assistance. Council members Tomas Morgan, Niezgodski, and Warner with City staff have been coordinating with providers to provide legal and rental assistance for those in our community at risk of eviction due to COVID-19.“Working together with the administration and providers to coordinate resources, we aim to heed the tsunami of evictions that will be occurring at the end of this month and could result in homeless families. We are working to keep people in their homes,” said Tomas Morgan.Warner also noted, “The notion that the city has done nothing for the houseless is completely false. Each year the City of South Bend provides financial resources to partner organizations who provide services, meals, and beds to those fighting homelessness and poverty along with opening the weather amnesty shelter during the winter months. The City of South Bend is on the forefront of providing assistance and no other government entity in our region of the state even comes close, not Mishawaka, not St. Joseph County, not Elkhart or LaPorte. This is not just a South Bend problem. This affects people from all over the region, but they come to South Bend because we are one place where they might find some help.”Council member Niezgodski closed by stating, “We all have the same end goal here. We hear what the protesters and activists are saying as they protest this morning and we will be pushing for more efficient use of the funds the city is currently spending as well as working with the Mayor to come up with further options. The following response to the statement issued by council members Tomas-Morgan, Niezgodski, Warner and Teshka was issued by council woman Lori Hamann:In all due respect to my council colleagues, I believe they are missing the point. The alleged legality of the resolution notwithstanding, the main point was to urge the mayor to act on the immediate situation. Moreover, these members of the council could have amended to resolution on the floor rather than vote against it.  We have heard at nauseum about long-term plans.  The question I have for the mayor and my council colleagues is, “What is the plan for next Friday when the tent city is going to be forced off the Chapel property”? We now have young children living in this tent city. The question remains. What is your plan for the immediate needs of these people? You have no plan.  In terms of the tone of the resolution, go spend time with these folks as I have, and your tone would change too. God gives us emotions such as righteous anger so that we can effect justice!! These people deserve JUSTICE. Twitter IndianaLocalNews Facebook Pinterest South Bend homeless situation to return to front burner during council meeting Previous articleRegis Philbin funeral, burial to take place on campus at Notre DameNext articleSouth Bend Cubs to host Chicago Cubs watch party this Friday night Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney.last_img read more

President limited in duties, campaigning, due to positive coronavirus status

first_img Pinterest President Trump was taken to Walter Reed Military Medical Center “out of an abundance of caution,” the White House said Friday evening, after testing positive for COVID-19 and experiencing “mild symptoms.”Hospitalized or not, the president’s positive test will put some limits on what he can do as president, and as a candidate for a second term, said Charles “Chip” Taylor, a political science professor at Ball State University.“This development has an immediate impact on the president’s ability to travel for at least the next 10 to 14 days, which in turn will likely affect some planned campaign activities,” said Taylor.He said he expects the president, depending on how his health holds up, will likely be campaigning in some capacity using technology. Trump’s schedule already had him participating in a campaign phone call event.“It was clear in the debate earlier this week, if not before then, that Joe Biden is making the president’s response to the COVID pandemic a large part of his campaign messaging. This development brings even greater salience to message,” said Taylor.He said that also means that the Biden team will need to handle their messaging carefully.“I think that everyone hopes for a speedy and full recovery for President and First Lady Trump. The Biden team would certainly want to avoid any comments that might be construed as less than sympathetic about their contracting the coronavirus.”Taylor said it is worth acknowledging that the president is in a high-risk age group for having more severe consequences from a coronavirus infection.“If his experience with the virus was one with extended or more severe symptoms, then the impact on the campaign and his presidency would likely be more serious,” he said.Taylor also said the president may be able to participate in the next debate, which is two weeks away, if his health doesn’t deteriorate. Google+ Facebook WhatsApp President limited in duties, campaigning, due to positive coronavirus status Previous articleNotre Dame’s Father Jenkins tests positive for the coronavirusNext articleMore Greek house at I.U. Bloomington forced to halt activities Network Indiana WhatsApp (“Trump, Pentagon leaders honor 9/11 victims” by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CC BY 2.0)center_img Pinterest Google+ Twitter By Network Indiana – October 2, 2020 0 250 CoronavirusIndianaLocalMichiganNews Twitter Facebooklast_img read more

2020 General Election Results

first_imgKeith Goodman1,11234% Mishawaka School Board At Large >Curt Nisly (R)20,63472% Douglas Weaver3,48266% >Craig Snow (R)22,63178% Brent Wright2,38420% Pinterest >Yes89473% MI Proposal 1 >Chris Carlson1,80416% 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Carmin Ruff (D)1,98335% Indiana Governor 92% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Coloma Charter Twp. Road Millage Proposal 93% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Karl Swihart (D)2,37710% >Jeff Vanbelle (R)16,25366% Ryan Liedtky (D)7,58334% Ronald Welbum17144% >Kenneth Boswell (R)2,58423% No1,60826% Culver Comm. School Board District 5 Tom Swihart (D)2,25113% Whitko School Board District 2 No3021% IN State House District 17 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Jamie Balkin28419% 82% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING No41431% >Ed Charbonneau (R)43,48866% >Rayonte Bell (D)3,93450% Three Oaks Village President Vilija Kerelis00% Chokwe Pitchford (D)19,65843% Gary Davis (D)18,11436% Harry Walder10529% >Jessica Crouch1,56931% Eugene Wagner17115% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING IN State Senate District 12 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Royalton Twp. Trustee >Ryan Dvorak (D)11,03051% IN State Senate District 18 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Richard Currey2,93223% Laura Fred-Smith (D)12,40427% IN State House District 5 >Matthew Clay1,10523% Fulton Co. Commissioner District 3 Donald Westerhausen Jr (D)9,00844% Coloma City Commissioner 65% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >James Elliott (R)50,07870% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING No33427% IN Attorney General Faye Anglin8,90814% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Eric Holcomb (R)1,620,60757% >Jim Pressel (R)18,58171% No1517% Mark Kroll33713% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Antony Garza (D)10,72231% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Tony Catanzarite (D)8,43834% >Yes61061% >No22255% Brian Wogoman2,84727% >John Kramer33420% IN State House District 8 Three Oaks Village Council Jill Smith60545% Tim Gust (D)7,71029% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Karen Billingslea36915% >Timothy Wesco (R)14,55966% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Michael Grice (R)2,19665% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 50% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Jason Ackerman (R)1,99639% Elkhart Co. Surveyor Brian Gruszczyk78316% >Lynn Studebaker2,12651% 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Cass Co. Commissioner District 1 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Christy Stutzman (R)16,35267% >Jeffrey Weber (D)7,22080% Facebook 88% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Michael Stephenson (D)5,24623% Chelsea Powers1,45243% Conner Stigner71413% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING By 95.3 MNC – November 5, 2020 1 835 IN State House District 7 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Elizabeth Welch1,465,04420% Jon Hoadley (D)134,40638% Jeffrey Kozinski (R)1,60422% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Dan VandenHeede (D)16,30136% MI State House District 79 >Matthew Schick (R)75634% Annette Malone2,36544% Three Oaks Twp. Trustee IN State House District 51 >Yes1,46663% >Bridget Mary McCormack2,339,99532% Tracy Howard2,05349% Meryl Chistensen (R)1,55921% Sheldon Scott19815% Elkhart Co. Commissioner District 3 94% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING IN State Senate District 8 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 97% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING St. Joseph Charter Twp. Trustee John James (R)2,625,57348% Sodus Twp. School District No. 5 Proposal >Deah Muth42767% Douglas Denton (D)1,53927% No559,66311% Berrien Co. Clerk Anne Tews8718% >Sharon Tyler (R)46,29959% >Julie Smith32822% Desmont Upchurch3,3375% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING No16,89223% Derrick Perry8,24113% 98% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >William Bennett2,77935% Michael Lovely (D)7,57326% >Christina Price (R)1,05867% Cass Co. Commissioner District 5 Starke Co. Commissioner District 1 Christina Eshelman4,39351% Jonathan Anderstrom2,14430% Monroe Lemay41814% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Michael Majerek (R)2,91254% Cass Co. Commissioner District 2 St. Joseph Co. Marnocha Retention 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Eau Claire School Board Timothy Jaycox (R)10,57249% Jeffrey Krolzick17111% J.D. Uebler53748% >Edward Koshar (R)84271% Jill Underhill65523% Casey Zitkus1,79334% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Jimmy Terry1,26916% Daniel Vigansky45315% Barbara Holcomb (D)5,43912% >John Humphrey45218% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Yes30956% 75% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Ron Reeves (D)1,51048% Gwen Swanigan (D)31,65841% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING IN State House District 21 Earl Leinbach (R)4,16718% >Natalie Frentz2,48135% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Brian Duffield (R)1,84824% John Anella13,66622% >Kelly Blankenship91925% Kathryn Redding19913% Cass Co. Drain Commissioner New Buffalo Millage Proposal Robert Shriner Jr2,04916% >Yes3,66960% IndianaLocalMichiganNationalNews Shoreham Village President >Yes11679% >Chad Miner (R)24,16269% Murial Oswalt14617% >Kimberle Danzy Yeager31528% >Yes1,00058% 2020 General Election Results Jeff Conklin509% Allan Kauffman2,15966% New Prairie School Board At Large Marshall Co. Council At Large Brenda Troxell (D)48034% Cass Co. Siver Creek Twp. Supervisor Galien Village President >Michelle Tackitt (R)57262% Indiana U.S. House District 2 Ross Deal (D)9,04742% Kerry Morgan335,3385% Kelly Thompson (D)7,97228% Oliver Davis (D)13,37946% >Larry Money88330% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING William Sniadecki5,14151% >Kendyl Adams (R)1,77423% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Stacey Stubblefield (D)32721% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Galien Twp. Trustee No25345% >Matthew Kinne (R)55250% >Gerald Mast (D)32529% 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Bill Spaulding1,53832% >Richard Smith36754% Paul Bergan20,49516% Village of Cassopolis Trustee >Yes4,409,44389% Annette Ferch878 Yes58,00177% >Thomas Milnikel (R)3,56820% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Pauline Wendzel (R)25,65657% Larry Seurynck37525% U.S. President 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Jim Banks (R)220,64068% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING John Swanstrom39023% Baroda Village Trustee Cass Co. Marcellus Twp. Trustee >Kathryn Strefling18823% Michael Strawser (R)4,83628% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Don Turney15219% Cass Co. Lagrange Twp. Trustee Cass Co. Volinia Twp. Supervisor 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Tim Helmuth1,19463% Elkhart Co. Treasurer No22822% Grand Beach Village Council >Cary Groninger (R)25,69674% Kevin Holmes (D)1,88730% Chris Brooks10218% >Sue Fox (R)4,38877% Leslie Wesley5,02649% Darwin Watson2,99710% Bianka Tinklenberg (D)6,74525% Michigan U.S. Senate Diana Gudeman (R)4,92721% Marcellus General Fund Override Ronald Kish (D)34229% Steven McKowen (R)4,83428% >Griffin Ott4,97828% >John Glassman86423% >Tyler Ream31819% John Pappa31119% >Donald Hess Jr (R)66330% Niles City Council Ward 1 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Kosciusko Co. Commissioner Middle Dist. Mary Kelly1,240,24817% Starke Co. Treasurer 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Tonya Jahnke5,15229% Yes18545% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Joe Biden (D)72,110,95150% >Angel Clark Crayton4,77616% Corey Lady1,03434% Bradley Hazelton (D)3,82039% Eastern Pul. School Board (Monroe Twp) >Joe Hinman36622% >Kristin Von Mauer43335% Brandywine School Board 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Michael Mintz8933% >Holly Pomranka1,32827% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Chikaming Twp. Trustee Patricia Jordan (R)52,09153% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Indiana U.S. House District 3 >Katie Berry2,28521% >Tina Bontrager (R)49,54869% Jeanette McCullough14,77924% 98% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 71% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Bradley Rogers (R)49,01768% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Britney Martin1,77516% >Priscilla Gatties (D)77635% Charles Estok (D)3,47715% Kyle Johnson1,06513% >Roger Luewski63926% Coloma Charter Twp. Supervisor 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Monica Miller (D)3,98440% Jesse Bohannon (R)10,07122% Argos School Board District 5 Jay Meeth3,00917% >Jerry Willmeng (R)1,67722% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Kathy Moore3,36828% Knox School Board (Center Twp) 91% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Google+ >Jeff Brill (R)5,33931% >Julie Marsh (R)2,01839% >Jodi Mattner16821% St. Joseph Co. Chapleau Retention Watervliet School Board Dana Conard Hunt (D)22,56631% >Joshua Asmus3,20226% Benton Harbor Area School Board 92% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Katie Miller2,54923% Aaron Mishler (D)8,90936% Susan Corwin-Cripe (D)23,07332% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Kenneth Chappell10350% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Bruno Trapikas17439% 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING No1,00043% Berrien Co. Commission District 1 >Rich Sullivan (R)1,08838% Michael Nelson12915% >Jake Teshka (R)12,40858% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 88% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING New Buffalo Park Improvement Millage Renewal Three Oaks Police Protection Millage Katherine Nepton285,6814% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING No22033% Eric Ott1,27921% Karen Crelling (D)6128% River Valley School Board 97% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Pinterest Tyler Rensberger1,77617% 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Hagar Twp. Operating Millage Renewal & Increase >Philip Barker (R)47,98667% Three Oaks Marihuana Biz. Regulation No71342% Niles Charter Twp. Police Protection Millage 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Yes4,51874% >Paul File (R)80336% Edwin Rath12816% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 95% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING No1,96432% Marc Gumm53940% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Yes80178% Hazen Harner65818% St. Joseph Twp. Road Millage 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Joel Dendiu1,1789% John Kieninger (D)2,36227% Michael Risner (D)2,82612% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Shawna Krieger (D)34538% Buchanan City Commissioner Coloma Charter Twp. Public Safety Millage Renewal No85637% >Jim Masterson (R)11,36625% James Thomas Sr14717% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Mary Jo Tomasini29,49524% Phil Oretsky10,2718% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Renee Calabrese (D)2,09918% >Patrick Swem96932% >Yes31555% James McGee16,47013% Paul Steury (D)20,99311% >Ryan Mishler (R)41,37476% Amanda Qualls (D)8,17733% Deke Demarco1,24816% >Adam Loehmer (R)3,37330% Michael McGann (D)45,59747% No39940% >Lawrence Davis (R)32757% Lake Michigan College Trustee >Robert Benjamin (R)2,60669% Elkhart Comm. School Board District D Kathleen Schwenk (D)4,0459% >Jessica Holbrook1,93957% WhatsApp Ful/Roch School Board District 2 Rudy Monterrosa Jr13,05921% >Frank Williams Sr27024% Sarah Porath (D)48822% >Mike Bohacek (R)31,69664% Kosciusko Co. Judge, Sup. Court 3 >Suzanne Ginter1,71973% >Georgia Tenney2,14851% Westview School Board (Eden) Julie Dye (D)1,14233% Michael Poorman (D)2,49546% >Fred Upton (R)206,07858% Lakeland School Board District 5 Stacey Carvey-Schoenhals1,45413% Robert Spirito27711% Susan Hubbard603,6848% Fulton Co. Auditor >Jack Davis42735% Thomas Stump (R)42,02923% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING IN State Senate District 5 Wa-Nee Comm. School Board At Large Donald McAdam86927% >Dixie Ann File (R)2,36273% >Jeremiah Jones (R)1,65052% IN State House District 18 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Marsha Hammon41061% Facebook Ian Haight (R)3,00817% Tina Wenger (R)41,94423% >Justin Kimbrell2,47135% Robin Cupka2,36140% Plymouth School Board District 3 SBCSC Board District 4 Cass Co. Marcellus Twp. Clerk >Stefon Luckey27124% >Georgia Boggs41858% >Sarah Engstrom58628% Yes3,38436% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING WhatsApp >Trenton Bowens4,40915% No2,42140% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Cass Co. Ontwa Twp. Trustee >David Krugh69619% Andrew Dreibelbis (D)3,9669% Brandi Wampler62127% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Dan Stutsman (R)1,48320% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Todd Rokita (R)1,631,74459% IN State House District 22 >Yes7483% Marcellus Street Fund Override Elkhart Co. Commissioner District 2 Bruce Gorenflo (R)3,93450% 86% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Alex Williams9517% MI Supreme Court Jeccika Yoder2689% Durie Bennett (D)22721% Michiana Vill. Police, Fire & Ambulance Millage 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING John Juroff (D)66830% >Lauri Manns Venckus (R)6,01160% >Ronald Griffin (R)3,54120% Village of Marcellus President >Joann Fisher9033% Dennis Wentworth9238% >Dale DeVon (R)11,60656% 97% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 96% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Tony Breseman24728% Ryan Jackson21024% No35429% Baroda Twp. Clerk >Brian Burge1,05921% >Melissa Hahn (R)3,84722% No24744% Watervliet Mayor >Jack Jordan (R)19,92875% >Tim Overmyer (R)3,31229% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Kyle Rensberger2,39022% >Vicki Welbum Essex54926% No39639% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Three Oaks Fire Protection Millage 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Buchanan School Board 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Barry Gravitt37030% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Sodus Twp. Fire Protection Millage 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Apollonia Williams3,98413% >Yes4,15868% >Yes21953% No19547% Chad Harris (D)6,35022% >Toni Lou Gaul17622% >Kathleen Hogan Morrison9033% Berrien Co. Commissioner District 12 Elkhart Co. Coroner 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Shawn Johnson4,18949% Idris Busari (D)21,82830% Nathalie Johnson4886% Marcellus Community School Board >Mark Gourley (R)6,07661% Taylor Prestidge27218% Mollie Trottier1,51414% >Christine Sziede22156% IN State House District 49 Donald Brown (D)23,19332% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Julie Phillips1,38522% >Dave Volrath (R)4,50570% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Elkhart Co. Council At Large >Dennis Zent (R)17,62877% >Blake Doriot (R)32,37869% MI State House District 78 >Steven Metzger (R)6,64775% Susie Meeks-Wade (D)21,49112% >Laura Schug51625% Baugo School Board At Large 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Chris Carithers1,61726% >Yes1,35157% >Bill Saunders (R)1,15275% Jay Squibb1,06917% Donald Trump (R)68,643,54448% Mellissa Johnson3,33126% >Karen Lee58652% Tom Flint31246% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Google+ 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Dalton Tinklenberg69512% Danny Brown1,53448% Timothy Hackett56546% 95% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Niles Charter Twp. Fire Protection Millage Marilee Keim2,46724% Bremen School Board District 2 Peggy Cronin1,68816% Brenda Vargas (D)2,24825% Goshen Comm. School Board District 4 Berrien Co. Commissioner District 9 Baroda Twp. Treasurer 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING IN State House District 20 Twitter 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 0% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Blake O’Halloran14941% Coloma Charter Twp. Trustee 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING New Buffalo City Council >Yes47757% Cheyenne Wilmers (D)31514% >Ryan Laylin (R)2,33867% Fulton Co. Commissioner District 1 Wawasee Comm. School Referendum Pulaski Co. Auditor John Pawlik97028% LaGrange Co. Council At Large Whitko School Board District 1 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Travis McConnell (D)8,94426% >Stephanie Rockette-Martin4,09914% 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Victor Gutierrez-Schultz (D)6318% >Lee Nagai1,10237% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Luke Bohm (D)22,56934% Jason Wolfe1,92147% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Jason Hicks Sr26039% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 92% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Derek Dieter (R)15,69854% >Reneta Mais26861% Watervliet Twp. Library Millage Renewal Coloma Mayor Dacey Davis1,62952% Harold Bragg1309% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Newburg Twp. Road Repair Millage Angela Layman3,50127% Jonathan Weinzapfel (D)1,139,81441% >Jackie Walorski (R)171,77365% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >No5,99464% Jim Bronke11310% >Ezra Scott (R)4,29956% Michael Dimino (D)1,18135% >Doug Miller (R)16,18464% Three Oaks Ambulance Millage >Kyle Zelmer3,15926% Brian Pearison82613% >Jennifer Hurford67554% >Debra Johnson26,66421% Troy Zebell30319% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Marvin Haywood2,6879% Michael Bennett (D)23,76833% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Yes2,31675% No78725% Berrien Co. Commissioner District 5 >Gary Peters (D)2,699,76050% >Yes4,095,69484% >Casi Cowles1,81317% Chip Coldiron (D)104,51632% >Reinaldo Tripplett6,67423% >Kurt Christiansen2,91449% Weesaw Twp. Treasurer Jennifer Krull2,02749% >Yes45467% Brandon Cavanaugh (D)13,27524% >Christina Sriver (R)6,80876% Ida Walter Bahney (D)2,12724% >Lance Becht (R)1,76623% Yes55,70577% Adam Bujalski (R)40,85522% IN State Senate District 9 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING David Brinker21233% Berrien Springs Village Trustee 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Suzie Weirick (R)49,01768% 97% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Kimberly Adams1,45430% Michigan U.S. House District 6 >Yes87471% >Nikki Springer2,47872% Pulaski Co. Commissioner District 1 Tim Harman (R)10,73324% Niles Community School Board 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING IN State House District 48 Kenneth Parrigin (R)1,81620% >Annette Arnold2,18853% Criston Zehner (D)1,28723% Twitter Cass Co. Commissioner District 6 St. Joseph Co. Commissioner District 2 Larry Beach1,24016% Pulaski Co. Council At Large Pulaski Co. Recorder 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Scott Carlin2,29121% >Rexalee Gordon (D)67740% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 96% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Paulette Hutson (R)77666% >Douglas Gutwein (R)21,68674% >Scott Hanson1,37517% Cass Co. Marcellus Twp. Supervisor Dean Hill (D)1,18631% No36643% Michiana Village Council St. Joseph Co. Coroner 60% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING MI Proposal 2 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Elkhart Comm. School Board District C Charles Mumaw (D)14,75631% >Donald Binkley (R)5,58124% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING IN State House District 16 >Yes92169% >Stacey Donato (R)34,08673% Edwardsburg School Board Village of Marcellus Trustee 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING James Miller70737% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Christian Mitchell (D)64438% Brock Swartzle1,001,41614% SBCSC Board At Large Lakeshore School Board Ann Webb (D)39834% Bremen Schools Referendum >James Zobl (R)93066% Oregon Davis School Board At Large >Paul Palmer10550% Pat Hackett (D)93,92235% Previous articleChicago Bears cancel practice over possible COVID outbreakNext articleAlleged murder details remain unknown in case from Elkhart County mobile home park 95.3 MNCNews/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel is your breaking news and weather station for northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. >Kevin Bushu4,65026% Janis Exner1,03621% >Richard Ranstead (R)6,48973% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Watervliet City Library Millage Renewal Rich Eichholz (D)3,33444% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Beth Ruff1,71722% Don Geisler58216% Stephanie Ball2,29743% Jason Becker1,61316% No16,52723% SBCSC Board District 3 >Edward Meny (R)3,50420% Woody Myers (D)903,59532% >James Bracewell10730% >Vicki Burghdoff21,96318% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >William Marske (R)1,13539% >Laura Wheeler (R)3,70065% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING >Kent Churchill33522% Starke Co. Council At Large Whitko School Board District 3 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING No764,10616% Oxana Werbiansky (D)17,71310% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Justin Flagel30342% >Brian Flanagan42517% >Yes60360% Autumn Ferch2,52832% >Maurice Loehmer (R)4,09173% Wendy McIntire2,54432% Jim Devlaminck1,07410% Michelle Schuur44421% Donald Rainwater336,11412% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Sandy Tyler1,13110% Becky Foster (D)1,09921% 100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING 99% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Cass Co. Commissioner District 7 >Brad Paquette (R)28,48463% Dawn Bolock (R)1,57121% Fairfield School Board District 1last_img read more