Mount Carmel Hospital only provides 10 of mental health services

first_imgThe Clinical Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry within the Ministry for Health, Anton Grech, said that Mount Carmel Hospital offers only 10% of the mental health services available.Grech added that the service provided at the hospital is good despite the conditions of the hospital, saying that MCH is not just a building. The psychiatrist however explained that stigma persists around those who seek help and are admitted to Mount Carmel Hospital.Grech was addressing the media during an event organised over the past days, when the fourth Annual Conference on Suicide Prevention and Self Harm Behaviours was organised by the Malta Association of Psychiatry.Speaking about suicide prevention, Grech said that one possibility is to organise campaigns, citing a study by Gotland which had shown that depression rates decreased when there was an awareness campaign. He stressed about the  need of an online social media campaign on the subject.Addressing the media, the Commissioner for Mental Health John Cachia spoke of a woman who had called him to tell him, that stigma had led her son to commit suicide.Richmond Foundation’s Chief Operations Officer Daniela Calleja Bitar said that a five-year-old child had asked his father why people kill themselves, with his father replying that he does not know. The father had told Calleja Bitar, that from his son’s question, he realised that there is a need to educate children about mental health.If you are feeling sad, anxious or depressed, and would like to see help you can contact the following organisations:, Aġenzija Sapport, Sedqa, OASI Foundation, l-Assoċjazzjoni Maltija għas-Saħħa Mentali, l-Assoċjazzjoni Maltija tal-Infermiera Psikjatriċi, u Richmond Foundation.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’” alt=”last_img” /> read more