Daily Gift Bone Horn Stand Amplifier for iPod

first_imgAttention iPhone owners: we have found possibly one of the coolest gifts under $25 for you. If you’ve ever strained to hear the sound on a YouTube video, or have ever tried to jam out to your tunes via your iPhone’s included speaker, you know how hard it can be to really get good audio. The Bone Horn Stand uses design elements from gramophones of the past, and brings a simple concept to the age of the iPhone. Simply stick your iPhone into the stand, and voila — the sound is automatically louder by 13 decibels. The Bone Horn is made out of silicone — and that’s it. There are no batteries needed, and no adapters to plug in. It’s simply the trumpet-shape of the horn that amplifies the sound from your phone. geek-cetera! Besides working as a way to boost your volume, the Bone Horn also acts as stand. You can prop your phone into a vertical or horizontal position. The Bone Horn Stand fits the original iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, the iPhone 4. It comes in beige, black, and green, and sells for $24.95 at the Cyberguys.com. Imagine the possibilities if you used the Bone Horn with the Pocket Vuvuzela iPhone app. Check out the video after the jump to see the Horn Stand in action — well, sort of.last_img read more