Could you do the job of Linux architect Linus Torvalds

first_imgThe Linux Foundation has decided to hide a discount in the form of a fun quiz that poses the question: Could you do Linus Torvalds‘ job?Torvalds is the father of Linux and currently holds the position of chief architect on the development of the Linux kernel. That makes him a very important person for all those companies and individuals who use Linux to run their systems 24 hours a day.While there is a large group of contributors to the Linux kernel project, there’s no doubting the importance of Linus and the work that he does. To lose him from the project would be a major blow, but one day it will have to happen. The question is, who could replace him?The quiz asks that very question by asking you five (rather silly) questions you need to answer as Linus would. Get all five right and you clearly are a potential rerplacement. Otherwsie the quiz will award you a rating such as 2/5 classing you as a Linus Stalker.Even if you think the quiz is silly, it’s worth taking the time to answer the questions as on the results page you also get a 25% discount off the price of attending LinuxCon and the 20th Anniversary of Linux LinuxCon Gala. LinuxCon runs between August 17-19 at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver, Canada. It costs $500 before July 8 to register, and even more after that, so there’s a significant saving to be had if you do intend on going.In reality, if Linus did step down from kernel development it would most likely be one of the other developers he works with closely on the project already that would step up and take over. No one else, however experienced they are with low-level operating system development, would be able to keep development going at pace without some serious cramming on the inner workings of the kernel.Take the quiz at The Linux Foundation Facebook pagelast_img read more