first_img Previous Article Next Article KarenMorris has joined outsource telebusiness agency Telecom Express as head of HR.She comes from provider Internet connectivity where she was EuropeanHR director. Her main role will be to work with the board to develop anddeliver the strategic and operational HR plans that will support the growingbusiness.VictoriaLowe joins international construction and management consultancy Turner &Townsend Group as group human resources manager. She has 13 years of experiencein HR. Her move to Leeds comes as a big change from her previous positioncarrying out voluntary work in Ghana, West Africa. She spent four months withRaleigh International helping with development projects in remote parts of thecountry. She will be responsible for personnel and training across all T&Tdivisions.PaulBrennan is leaving his position as project manager at RAF Cosford to freelanceas a trainer in the areas of personal and corporate development. Since April1998, he has been responsible for bringing distance learning into the RAF’score training programme for its engineering technicians. In November 1999, heformed the Personal Development Squadron at RAF Cosford. During this time healso delivered around 25 three-day courses to improve interpersonalrelationships among all staff. TopJobAtthe end of April, Elsie Akinsanya took over as human resources director ofMarket and Opinion Research International. She previously worked for contractresearch organisation Quintiles, where she was associate director, humanresources. Akinsanyahas an MA in human resources management and is a corporate member of the CIPD.At Mori, her main responsibility will be to direct the full range of HRactivities including recruitment, employee relations, performance managementand employee development. Her primary objective is to ensure that there is anholistic approach to the employee life cycle. Shesaid, “Mori is truly a ‘people business’ – one of its corporate objectivesis to provide a working environment that is satisfying to each member of staffin terms of job satisfaction, remuneration and recognition.”Thekey challenges of the role will involve employee development, performance andcareer management. She hopes to create a network of research agency HR professionalsto address specific industry issues. Shesaid, “One of the many attractions of the role was that it had a healthybalance of strategic and operational input.”PersonalProfileJoanMunro has been appointed assistant director of the People Skills andDevelopment section of the Employers OrganisationWhatis the most important lesson you have learnt in your career?To jump in at the deep end, taking on jobs you don’t feel confident about –it is the best way of learning.Whatis the strangest situation you have dealt with at work?Managing someone from an Army background. She didn’t respect consultationand discussion, only me giving orders.Ifyour house was on fire and you could save one object, what would it be?My photographs – most other things could be replaced.Ifyou had three wishes to change your organisation, what would they be?For the Local Government NTO to be more influential. To have more power toaffect change – we can only encourage more investment in staff development, notdemand it. And more resources to tackle the issues on a much larger scale.Whatis the best thing about working in HR?It’s an exciting time. There are many challenges, but plenty of enthusiasmfor working with us to develop ‘Learning Local Authorities’. Whatis the worst?The importance of workforce development not being fully appreciated. Youhave stumbled upon a time machine hidden in the vaults of your companybuilding. What time period would you visit and why?Fifteen years’ time, to see the impact of our Local Government WorkforceDevelopment Plan. Ifyou could adopt the management style of an historical character, who would youchoose?Simone De Beauvoir. She wasn’t afraid to challenge conventions. She stoodup for equality, and she lived her principles.Howdo you get to work?By Tube – it’s the worst part of my day. I arrive feeling I’ve done battle.Whatwould you do if you had more spare time?More walking in the mountains.Ifyou were to write a book, what would you write about?A mystery with a good plot, and lots of twists, turns and surprises.Whatis your greatest strength?Tenacity.Whatis your least appealing characteristic?Probably the same as my greatest strength – refusing to give up. Whatis the greatest risk you ever took?Revealing all to you. CV– Joan Munro2001Assistant Director (People and Skills Development), Local Government EmployersOrganisation and head of Local Government National Training Organisation1999-2001 Skills and standards manager, Improvement and Development Agency1990-1999 Training and development manager, London Borough of Islington1986-1990 Community training co-ordinator, London Borough of Haringey PeopleOn 5 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more