Men must be more Involved in Family Planning – UNFPA

first_imgDirector, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Sub-regional Office for the Caribbean, Geeta Sethi, says men must play a greater role in making family planning decisions. Her comments come against the background of a recommendation in the State of the World Population Report 2012, for the engagement of men and boys in family planning, for their own benefit and to support the right of women and girls to use contraception. Ms. Sethi, who was addressing the launch of the report on November 14, at the Comprehensive Clinic in Kingston, said the issue is not only a challenge in Jamaica, but across the world, where family planning is largely seen as the responsibility of the female. “I think that’s (unacceptable) because a child doesn’t get born with one parent. Yes, there is artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. But by and large….this is a joint decision by both partners, who contribute to the creation of that life. So it cannot be taken by just one person; it needs to be the couple,” she stated.  She noted further that the enjoyment of sexual relations is seen as a man’s prerogative, and men are not taught to be responsible for pregnancies outside marriage. “They learn to pursue their own pleasure, rather than mutual pleasure and respect,” Ms. Sethi said. Acting Executive Director of the National Family Planning Board (NFPB), Dr. Sharlene Jarrett, said the agency is cognizant of this issue, and is working to find ways to reach males to sensitize them of the important role they play in family planning. The State of the World Population Report, published by the UNFPA, calls for developing and developed countries, international organisations and civil society, to do a number of things to make family planning accessible to all. The report suggests that countries need to radically increase financial and political commitment to ensure that quality family planning services are available to everyone; promote family planning as a right; and integrate voluntary family planning into broader economic and social development. It also called for the elimination of economic, social, logistical and financial obstacles to voluntary family planning so that everyone can have access; and reduction in the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions by increasing availability, reliability and quality of family planning supplies and services, including emergency contraception. Countries are also urged to make family planning programmes available to the full range of users including adolescents, unmarried people, and all others who need it. For her part, Acting Manager of the Population and Health Unit at the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Toni-Shae Freckleton, said through support from various partners, Jamaica has been working to strengthen its family planning and reproductive health programmes.   “As we strive to meet our international and local obligations to promote family planning as a human right and promote choice rather than chance, we are cognizant of the strategies to strengthen this approach. Jamaica, through support from all its partners within government, civil society and our international development partners, have made significant contributions to achieve the progress we have made, to date, in this area,” she said. The report titled: ‘By Choice, Not By Chance: Family Planning, Human Rights and Development’, examines the challenges in ensuring that all women, men and young people are able to exercise that right and suggests actions that governments and international organisations can take to give everyone the power and the means to decide freely and responsibly, how many children to have and when to have them.last_img read more

Action against illegal encroachers in front of marketplaces KMC

first_imgKolkata: In the wake of the recent incident of a devastating fire at Bagree Market, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to take prompt action against the illegal encroachments in front of all the marketplaces including those owned by the civic body.Mayor Sovan Chatterjee who is also in charge of the State Fire and Emergency department on Tuesday said that action will be takenagainst those who are encroaching the pavements in front of the various market complexes in the city.The KMC and fire department officials will conduct surveillance in all the markets to oust the illegal encroachers.”The Fire department had faced great difficulties while dousing the flame inside the Bagree Market due to the encroachment on the pavements. We will not allow anybody to occupy the space in front of the markets. Those who are illegally encroaching the pavements in front of the market areas will be asked to vacate the place failing which, a legal action would be taken against them,” the Mayor said.Earlier in the day, Chatterjee held a meeting with the Member and Mayor-in-Councils in the KMC in this regard. He also added that the illegal encroachments obstructed the fire officials to combat the blaze at Bagree Market.”All the owners of the shops will be instructed not to keep any goods on the pavements adjacent to their shops. Instructions will be issued to those who run shops in the markets restricting them from using the pavements. The civic body and the Fire department may also take steps against the vendors putting their stalls on the pavements,” Chatterjee said. He mentioned that an FIR has been lodged against the CEO and the director of the Bagree Estates Private Limited by the state Fire department for their failure to put in place adequate firefighting mechanisms in the market. The civic body had issued notices to various markets including the Bagree Market to arrange for water reservoirs and sprinklers. But in case of Bagree Market, two reservoirs that were there were empty at the time of the incident, giving a very difficult time to the fire officials.”We are looking into why the reservoirs were empty. As a result, the fire officials had to arrange water from various other places. The firefighters did a commendable job. They restricted the fire from spreading. We are now issuing some fresh notifications to the KMC-owned markets and others to strictly meet all the required parameters set by the civic body and the Fire department,” Chatterjee said.last_img read more

Rust 134 releases with alternative cargo registries stabilized TryFrom and TryInto and

first_imgYesterday, the Rust team announced the release of Rust 1.34. This release introduces alternative cargo registries, includes support for ‘?’ operator in documentation tests, stabilized TryFrom and TryInto, and more. Support for alternative cargo registries Rust provides a public crate registry called where developers can publish crates with the cargo publish command. However, as this crate registry is not for people maintaining proprietary code, they are forced to use git or path dependencies. This release brings support for alternate cargo registries, which coexists with So, users will now be able to write software that depends on crates from both and their custom registry. Support for the ‘?’ operator in documentation tests It was proposed in RFC 1937 to add support for the ‘?’ operator in the main() function, #[test] functions, and doctests allowing them to return Option or Result with error values.  This ensured a non-zero exit code in the case of the main() function and a test failure in the case of the tests. Support for the main() and #[test] functions were already implemented in previous versions. However, in the case of documentation tests, support for ‘?’ was limited to doctests that have an explicit main() function. In this release, the team has implemented full support for ‘?’ operator in doctests. Stabilized TryFrom and TryInto The TryFrom and TryInto traits that were proposed in an RFC back in 2016 are finally stabilized in this release to allow fallible type conversions. A ‘Infallible’ type is added for conversions that cannot fail such as u8 to u32. In future versions, the team plans to convert Infallible to an alias for the (!) never type. Library stabilizations This release comes with an expanded set of stable atomic integer types with signed and unsigned variants from 8 to 64 bits available. In the previous versions, non-zero unsigned integer types, for example, NonZeroU8 were stabilized. With this release, signed versions are also stabilized. The ‘iter::from_fn’ and ‘iter::successors’ functions are also stabilized. To know more about the updates in Rust 1.34, check out its official announcement. Read Next Chris Dickinson on how to implement Git in Rust The npm engineering team shares why Rust was the best choice for addressing CPU-bound bottlenecks Rust 1.33.0 released with improvements to Const fn, pinning, and more!last_img read more