The best leaders know – that they do not know!

first_imgThe only true certainty in life is uncertainty. We live in a constantly changing world. Even though we have access to more information than any generation that ever lived, it’s still impossible to know what’s going to happen tomorrow with absolute certainty.The best leaders are masters at dealing with uncertainty. A capacity to deal with uncertainty is also a baseline indicator for evaluating candidates for potential leadership opportunities.There is a lot of powerful data available today, most notably the research of Randall White and Sandra Shullman that confirms that developing a comfort with uncertainty is one of the most valuable assets for aspiring and experienced leaders.Viewed as a trait, uncertainty also helps a leader establish trust and credibility. To put it plainly, people tend not to trust people who seem too sure of themselves. Researcher Erik Douglass reports that “Leaders who were confident but relatively uncertain were viewed as more effective…”We’re more willing to follow someone who doesn’t believe––or pretend to believe they know everything about the future.And on the flip side, over-confidence can produce disastrous outcomes. Don A. Moore wrote the following in Harvard Business Review:“Research has shown that over-confident CEOs make overly risky decisions, often at the expense of their shareholders. Leaders who are able to come to terms with uncertainty and communicate it to employees may avoid such bad decisions.”Now that we’ve established how important it is for a leader to be somewhat comfortable with uncertainty, there’s a sad fact we must face––we’re not generally good at it! An inability or unwillingness to face uncertainty competently and confidently is a huge problem today, especially for aspiring and emerging leaders.Fortunately, the solution to this problem is remarkably simple. It does, however, require some courage and some discipline. I learned how to deal with uncertainty in the rough and tumble environment of the dojo. The same process applies to the business world.#1 If you want to become more comfortable with uncertainty––you’ve got to expose yourself to it!You simply can’t train courage and confidence without exposing yourself to risk. In the dojo we practiced endless self-defense scenarios. As soon as we were comfortable with one set of conditions, the Master changed them, usually without warning.We took our lumps! But by exposing ourselves to the unexpected, we learned to deal with rapidly changing and unanticipated conditions quickly and effectively. We learned how to adapt, improvise and innovate.What are you doing in your life and business to expose yourself to risk and uncertainty? Or, like too many people, are you trying to avoid it?#2 Comfort, courage and confidence come from training and preparation. Acknowledge the fact that absolute certainty is nothing but an illusion––another powerful philosophy I learned from my Eastern Masters. Having acknowledged that fact, the way to develop a “quiet mind” in the heat of battle is to prepare for as many contingencies as possible.Training in this way, you remove many of the variables that may otherwise have taken you by surprise. And even when conditions are not exactly what you expected, the situation may be similar enough to something you’ve trained for that you can adapt to any variation quickly.As important as it is to become proficient in certain techniques, it’s even more important to develop a calm and centered mind. That’s the mindset you need to respond to chaos and as a leader––to be the calm in the center of the storm.And that comes from training.What are you doing to train yourself to respond to unexpected or rapidly changing conditions?#3 Anticipate as many contingencies as possible and have the courage to consider the improbable, the impossible and the worst case scenario.As I noted above, an over-confident leader can make bad decisions. Arrogance has destroyed many promising and successful leaders.Think about what could happen––both good and bad. Plan for the most improbable conditions, prepare for the worst possible outcomes and train yourself to face the most improbable conditions with courage. What are you doing to anticipate and prepare for the worst case scenario and the least likely challenges, situations and conditions?Finally, remember always that one of your most important roles as a leader, if not your most important role, is to develop the next generation of leaders. As Tom Peters famously said, “Leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders!”If you want to develop strong, competent leaders on your watch, you must expose them to challenges and risks too.You decide the level of exposure, both for your protege and for the organization, but keep in mind that to become comfortable with uncertainty, you must be exposed to it. There is no true growth without risk––especially for leaders.Identify, manage and even develop opportunities for aspiring leaders to test their mettle under live fire. Sure, there is risk that they’ll fail once in a while. But in the long run you’ll find that your future leaders are those who will surprise you with their ingenuity, creativity and exemplary performance under pressure––Given the chance!There are no shortcuts. I wouldn’t want any.You develop your full potential as a leader by embracing your most daunting challenges. There is no greater challenge than facing the unknown. 53SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jim Bouchard “THE SENSEI LEADER is not just another leadership development program. It is a movement.”Our programs support this movement and help us fulfill our vision and mission…                                                                     Vision: To promote … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Gazette missed the boat with victims story

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion The issue of gun crime is serious, but local protestors aren’t serious about solving the problem, either wanting attention more than a solution or they’re totally clueless about the problem.If students walked out of class to protest abortion, bring our troops home from the Middle East, or anything else, would the Gazette print articles about it and the school treat them like heroes? What good does a League of Women Voters bus to Washington D.C. accomplish, other than giving them an outing and a chance to preen?The Gazette ran a truly sad story about 16 tragic gun deaths that impacted Schenectady over the last several years. The victims and their stories deserve to be remembered and mourned. But the Gazette failed to identify the common factor in each of those murders: the victims were all killed by persons not licensed to own or use guns.JOE GRYGASSouth ColonieMore from The Daily Gazette:Albany County warns of COVID increaseEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationlast_img read more

Madang FC and Admiralty ready for the game

first_imgMadang FC Coach Bob Morris has named the first eleven aiming at targeting the Manus fast game.Morris says the team will be captained by strikers; Vanya Malagin and Max Sengum while Midfield will be controlled by Hanson Tirimo and Samuel Kini. In the backline will Langarap Samol sweeper, Nigel Malagin and Vincent Worio on right and left backline respectively while Ray Romo looking after the central defender.The two wingers are Maskulan Pulung and Darren Steven and Lien Manase will look after the goal mouth.Morris says the game is a must win and the lineup is based on the weakness and strength of the last game.Meantime, the boys from the Island of Admirality have also named a strong side.Coach Peter Sakael named Nabo Pongi as goal keeper, Christoper Mathew, Agi Mosses, Roger Sabua and Junior Selam at the backlineSakael says up in the midfielder will see Andrew Marapau, and Captain Nigel Yohang while up in the front will see Soso Poliap and Shane Sakael with two flankers Lore Richard and Sorove Malma.Coach Sakael says we both team lost last weekend and this game will be a tough one with both of us amining to come out victarious.He says Madang will come out strong with their supporters but I am confident with my boys and will play our game in the 90 minutes.The game will kick off at 3pm at Laiwoden Oval.last_img read more