Singled out

first_imgI Said Never Again (But Here We Are)Rachel Stevensout now« « « « «You’d be forgiven for thinking this sex-with-your-ex ditty is the comeback single from (an albeit far saucier) Abba, with its retro swing beat and familiar vocals. But no, it’s the new lead single from everyone’s favourite pop sex-siren Rachel Stevens. The record company blurb for the track announces it as an edgy return “to the glamour of pop synonymous with Rachel”, complete with a video filmed in what looks like a mock-up women’s prison. In reality it’s about as edgy as a bouncy ball and the only thing Rachel is synonymous with is… actually we had better not go there. But we still love Rachel all the same, and the single’s not bad either. She should get back with Jeremy Edwards of Holby City fame. Now there was a power couple to be admired.HighJames Bluntout now« « « « «On to more serious stuff. Ok maybe not, but pop music’s very own bona fide ex-admiral action man James Blunt deserves to be humoured as much as he wants. In all fairness however, this single is a rare thing: it’s a case-in-point for a subsequent release that actually improves on the album’s lead single. Whereas the ubiquitous smash of the summer, You’re Beautiful, made you want to literally smash the television screen when it appeared on MTV Hits for the zillionth time for want of a subtler sentiment, here Blunt’s trademark softly, softly warbling slowly builds around an acoustic guitar that yearns for another play. A soaring chorus follows, and we’re sold. Well done Blunty, you’ve done it again you wonderful, multitasking, NATO peacekeeping crooner.I’m In LoveAudio Bullysout now« « « « «Going all soft worked for Mike Skinner and The Streets last year on the beautiful Dry Your Eyes. The same really cannot be said for this attempt at breaching the sensitive side by beat freaks Audio Bullys. The retro kitsch that made the otherwise unimaginative 90s remix act on Shot You Down a bearable exercise is totally extinguished by the lacklustre production. In the place of a pop sensibility is the most annoying synthesiser loop recorded since A-ha discovered the joys of computer technology. A droning vocal which repeats the same three words (try and guess which ones) completes the insufferable experience. Just count yourself lucky it clocks in at under three minutes.ARCHIVE: 0th week MT 2005last_img read more