Warriors fatigue? No NBA Awards finalists for Golden State

first_imgThe Western Conference’s top team didn’t have a top-three player, rookie, defender, coach or reserve this season, according to the panel that determines finalists for the NBA Awards.The Warriors were shut out of the finalists groupings, which were determined by media across the league, the NBA announced Friday.The three candidates for most valuable player are Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, Thunder forward Paul George and last year’s winner, Rockets guard James Harden.Steph Curry and …last_img

Film Study: How to Pull Off a Twist Ending in Your Feature

first_imgFollow these steps to really earn a twist ending in your feature film — one that will leave audiences coming back for more.Causal fans and seasoned cinefiles can never get enough of twist endings. There’s something about the experience of it all. You feel tricked, or even lied to, by being drawn into a narrative that turns itself (and you) on its head — but you enjoy it. While there are many examples of memorable twist endings throughout film history (several of them featured in this article), it’s actually a very nuanced trick to pull off.Let’s look at some examples of how to lure your audience in before pulling the rug out with these memorable twist ending tricks.Hide Clues in the BeginningImage via The Prestige (via Walt Disney Studios).The first tenet of earning a good twist ending is to hide clues in the beginning. (Bonus points if you can hide them in plain sight, as is the case with Christopher Nolan’s classic psychological magic thriller The Prestige.) Nolan leaves clues to the dramatic twist ending throughout the film from the very beginning. While these can subconsciously add to the anticipation, they also make great easter eggs for audiences to comb through again and again.Build ExpectationsHowever, while hiding clues about your twist ending may be fun, the majority of your film’s beginning and middle acts should center squarely on building expectations. Quentin Tarantino offers a master class in deceptive rising action in his breakout classic Reservoir Dogs, wherein he creates a boiling pot narrative filled with guns and angry gangsters. Inside the building tension, he’s also laying the expectations for what becomes a well-earned and powerful twist at the end.Consider Red HerringsImage via Shutter Island (Paramount Pictures).Alfred Hitchcock is perhaps the most well-known user of plot devices like the McGuffin and the Red Herring. While the former advances the plot, the latter is a great example of how to throw audiences off the chase and bring about new surprises and information. A stalwart Hitchcock homage-r, Martin Scorsese uses Red Herrings expertly throughout his film Shutter Island to mislead audiences into expecting one narrative before twisting it into something completely different.Invest Your Audience EmotionallyImage via Memento (Ambi Distribution).At the heart of every good twist is a movie with emotions and, well . . . heart. In another example from Christopher Nolan, one of his first features Memento is great inspiration for filmmakers who want to see how a film can build emotional investment in audiences. In Memento, Guy Pearce’s character is a tragic figure with an awful memory problem and a terrible past. Thanks to the film’s clever plot-telling device, audiences learn about the events of that past along with the character, which draws them into the narrative and builds investment for the gut-wrenching twist at the end.Twist at the ClimaxImage via Fight Club (20th Century Fox).For both Gen Xers and Millennials alike, Fight Club might be one of the most memorable twist endings in modern cinema. David Fincher, who also brought us other notable twist ending movies like Se7en, creates a wholly unique and stylized world that can leave audiences shaken. Fight Club presents a heavily layered narrative that masquerades as a standard thriller before taking a very earned twist into the psychological with an ending that has now become a part of modern pop culture.Explain or . . . NotImage via The Usual Suspects (Focus Features).Finally, as is the case with Kevin Spacey’s famous character in Christopher McQuarrie’s crime thriller The Usual Suspects, filmmakers have an interesting option to consider at the end of their twist ending narratives. They can take The Usual Suspects route and have their diabolical character explain the twist for audiences to examine step-by-step, or they can simply leave it open-ended like the extreme example of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. The choice is yours as a filmmaker, but only if you take all the necessary steps to bring your audience in and earn your surprise and powerful twist at the end.Cover image via The Sixth Sense (Walt Disney Studios).For more filmmaking theory, techniques, tips and tricks, check out some of these articles.Manipulating the Audience’s Emotions With ColorFilm Theory: How to Master the Memorable Ending ShotHook Your Audience With the First ShotHow the Buddy Comedy Continues to Enamor AudiencesFilm Theory: Why Don’t We Notice All Those Editing Cuts?last_img read more

Several Schools to be Removed from Shift System

first_imgMONTEGO BAY: Some 10 to 15 schools are to be taken off shifts this year, as the Ministry of Education looks to eliminate the system being used by some 200 institutions to accommodate their large populations.Portfolio Minister, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, who made the announcement as he addressed an Education Summit at the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) Western Jamaica campus in St. James on Friday, June 7, said that the aim is to “do progressively more year after year.”He informed that some 90,000 new secondary school places are needed and the Ministry is looking at ways to satisfy the needs including forging partnerships.He issued an appeal for anyone with knowledge of any available space “which can be transformed into a school come and tell me because we are going to have to use it”.Meanwhile, as the Ministry focuses on providing education and training to meet workforce needs, Rev. Thwaites informed that the HEART Trust/NTA has been asked to upgrade the technical and vocational facilities in the high schools, so that they can offer certified training in those areas.He stated that by 2016, all high school graduates must be qualified either academically or with at least one marketable skill.“By 2016, we expect that there is going to be no more issue of a person attending a high school and at the end of the day, coming out with a certificate of attendance, and a picture in your cap and gown meaning nothing,” Rev. Thwaites stated.“You must take an examination, which will be a combination of CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) or CVQ(Caribbean Vocational Qualification), whatever combination suits your aptitude, and you must come out with at least one marketable skill, so that you can apply for work or you can go on to other advanced technical training,” he stated.Contact: Bryan Millerlast_img read more

NBA Power Ratings And Playoff Odds Waiting On Durant

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another edition of FiveThirtyEight’s NBA Power Ratings. The least you need to know about how these numbers work: Each team is ranked according to a projection of its strength over the upcoming week — and the upcoming week only — using Real Plus-Minus (RPM) player ratings provided by Jeremias Engelmann and Steve Ilardi. For more details on the ratings, see our introductory rankings post.(Note: These ratings were calculated before news broke that Chicago’s Jimmy Butler would miss three to six weeks with an elbow injury. Butler carried a strong +3.2 RPM rating, so replacing his 26 minutes per game with a replacement-level player would drop the Bulls from 11th place to a tie for 19th with the Pistons. Chicago’s saving grace might be that the average player below Butler on the team’s depth chart is significantly better than replacement level, but there’s no doubt that this news reduces the Bulls’ rating.)Some observations about the rankings this week:The Oklahoma City Thunder climbed more in the rankings from last week than any other team, leaping from No. 13 to No. 6. The biggest reason? The expectation that Kevin Durant will return in some capacity this week, even if in reduced minutes, was worth 1.7 points per 100 possessions to OKC’s overall rating. The ripple effects of Durant’s return extend beyond his own increased minutes. Our playing-time projections also see Dion Waiters (whose extremely negative RPM falls below the replacement level) getting fewer minutes on the wing — a boon of 0.8 points/100 to the Thunder’s rating. More minutes may also go to plus-minus darling Andre Roberson,1Relative to other metrics at least; from his awful 9.9 Player Efficiency Rating (PER), you wouldn’t expect his RPM to be a strong +2.4. and fewer minutes will go to guard D.J. Augustin, an additional 0.6 point boost for OKC’s rating. The mix of very good and very poor players on the Thunder roster makes the team a great case study in how much effect playing-time reshuffling can have on a team’s overall talent rating.The Atlanta Hawks dropped four spots in this week’s rankings, largely because Al Horford (+2.3 RPM rating), Jeff Teague (+1.3), DeMarre Carroll (+1.2) and Pero Antic (+0.8) are all listed as day-to-day in the team’s injury report. Those slight playing-time downgrades gave more minutes to a host of negative RPM players; chief among them are Dennis Schroder and Kent Bazemore.Joining the Hawks with a four-slot decline this week are the Toronto Raptors. More than half of Toronto’s 1.8 point ratings drop is driven by an injury to Kyle Lowry — and the resulting uptick in playing time for the man behind him on the team’s point guard depth chart, Lou Williams. Williams’s box-score numbers are very good, and Toronto has played much better with him on the court this season. But Real Plus-Minus isn’t convinced despite his great 2014-15 season to date. His long-term predictive RPM is currently -1.9 — with a -3.6 defensive mark — numbers only slightly improved from his -2.0/-3.7 ratings from the end of last season.For all the changes just outside the league’s top tier — in addition to the rise of OKC and declines of Atlanta and Toronto, the Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets both moved up a pair of spots — the top four in our rankings stayed constant. This marks the first time that’s been true since we introduced the rankings in mid-January.With Oklahoma City’s gains, the Western Conference playoff picture is all but set. Seven teams have postseason probabilities in excess of 97 percent, and the Thunder don’t sit too far behind, at 92.7 percent. As for the East, it boasts six teams with playoff odds of 99.6 percent or greater, although there’s some drama to be had with six teams battling for the conference’s final two playoff berths. The Indiana Pacers have the inside track for one of the slots, with a 62.7 percent playoff probability, but none of the five teams behind them are any more than 40.2 percent likely to qualify, which ought to bring at least some tension to the final month and a half of the season.Related to the previous point, it’s worth mentioning that the Utah Jazz have a zero percent probability of making the playoffs despite ranking 12th in talent. What happened? Utah’s record has undershot its Pythagorean expectation by three wins, but the team has also improved its talent rating recently (granted, by too little and too late) by jettisoning Enes Kanter and his -2.5 RPM in a three-team trade with Oklahoma City and the Detroit Pistons.Finally, who on earth is Joffrey Lauvergne? Our projections had the French big man down for 2.8 minutes per game for the Denver Nuggets last week, but he ended up averaging 21 minutes per game instead (and even got a starting nod against the Jazz on Friday). Denver might be toning down Lauvergne’s playing time after he shot 38 percent from the floor and posted a -36 plus-minus in that lone start, but his expected role increase — and -4.4 RPM rating — is still enough to help the Nuggets drop by five slots in the rankings. They’re still not New York Knicks bad, but after their mass talent exodus at the trade deadline, the Nuggets now bring up the rear of the non-Knicks/Philadelphia 76ers division of the power rankings. read more

Without Jeter The Yankees Improved More At Shortstop Than Any Other MLB

The other day, several of us in the FiveThirtyEight office were musing about the New York Yankees’ chances in 2015. Certainly the Yankees are no longer the dominant powerhouse they were in the late 1990s and early 2000s, nor are they even the outrageously expensive (but championship-starved) juggernaut of the mid-to-late 2000s.1They’re still spending in excess of $200 million on payroll, but that no longer ranks No. 1 in baseball, nor is it anywhere near as far from average as their payroll was at its 2005 peak. Fangraphs’ projections — which, like all preseason predictions, come with a lot of uncertainty — see the Yankees as a slightly above-average team this season, and their 84-78 record last year fit that description as well.But another interesting note about the 2015 Yankees is that their position-player corps figures to be one of the most improved in the American League, according to the projected wins above replacement (WAR) listed on Fangraphs’ depth charts. And the biggest position at which they got better? Shortstop — former home of future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter.We slagged on Jeter a bit last season for all the attention paid to his yearlong retirement tour despite his plainly awful numbers. The truth is that, according to WAR at least, the Yankees had the least-productive shortstop situation in all of baseball last year, so even a shortstop depth chart headlined by Didi Gregorius was bound to be one of the game’s most improved in 2015. And, sure enough, no team is projected to gain more WAR at shortstop this season than the Yankees, mostly because Jeter retired.Here’s an accounting of the Yankees’ projected gains and losses at each position, along with those of every other team going into the 2015 season:Of course, some teams improved even more at other positions than the Yankees did at shortstop. The St. Louis Cardinals, for instance, picked up WAR superstar Jason Heyward to man right field, a position that had been filled poorly by Allen Craig and the late Oscar Taveras in 2014. That change projects to be worth a net improvement of about 7 WAR for St. Louis this season (including 4.6 from Heyward himself, plus the additional bonus of getting rid of -1.8 WAR from Craig and Taveras).The following table represents a more specific breakdown of the Yankees’ shortstops, the Cardinals’ right fielders and the 28 other positional situations that are projected to improve the most in 20152Note that, in some cases, a team can show great improvement despite the same player being projected as the primary starter in both 2015 as in 2014. This could be due to a number of reasons, including the player having improved projected rate statistics (whether because of age-related improvement or regression to the mean after an out-of-character bad season) or even more projected playing time in 2015.: read more

LIME launches 4GLTE with Delano Williams as Ambassador

first_img Recommended for you The Indian Premier League Has a New Home in the Caribbean Flow Sports now offers an unrivalled Cricket line-up Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 03 Aug 2015 – LIME has done it, launched 4GLTE in the Turks and Caicos Islands and now both mobile service providers can offer this superfast service to customers. On Friday evening at the Seven Stars resort, LIME invited dignitaries including Premier Rufus Ewing to be a part of the launch where not only was the 4GLTE unveiled, but a dazzling campaign featuring the country’s fastest man and one of the region’s fastest athletes, Delano Williams as the new brand ambassador. LIME had months ago announced the acquisition of Islandcom, and unabashedly stated they wanted the company’s assets primarily for its LTE license. Now, under a new general manager, Delleriece Hall, the superfast service is launched. Premier Rufus Ewing is among the first in the country to boast the service from LIME. Flow counting down to Rio Games, launches Gold Tour campaign Related Items:Delleriece Hall, launch, lime, LTE, premier rufus ewing, seven stars resort Perdina wins Movado Watch set from LIME & Jai’slast_img read more

Degree of devotion

first_imgSo what does this show explore? Well, the answer is a list of questions. What is devotion? Is it a mere a tool? Or a religious observation or worship?  Or an instant mantra to quell one’s innermost disquiet?  Or is it all a grand delusion and religious posturing? These are some of the ideas that this show explores through the works on display. Bajaj noted, ‘The art works in the show portray multidimensional elucidations of devotion and the way it transmutes individual entities. There are works that conjure up peace and spiritualism while others that invoke disquiet and action.’ Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The show opens today with the performances by Sweta Bhattad and leading puppeteer of India Dadi Pudumjee.This exhibition brings in an interesting exercise to examine the modern intellectual’s notion about devotion. The show has been in the making for the past one year and eminent group of artists contributed to make it so beautiful and absorbing.Curator Puri explains, ‘Great literature, art and cinema have always flourished in times of turmoil and strife. If censorship has imposed laws to stop the common man from protesting, art has provided the perfect platform for him/her to express angst through art.’ Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe art works by this fairly large and varied collection of artistes, depicts devotion the most basic and profound human emotion since the inception of the civilization, in multidimensional forms and renditions reflective of each individual entity and his/her leanings or preoccupations.The concept for this annual show on this open platform is reflective of the gallery’s own ethos and support to a diverse representation of art where the only limitation is the ideas that the artiste is able to dream up and the degree of their dedication and commitment to realise it.When: On till 15 January 2015 Where: Gallery Art Positive, Lado Sarai Timing: 10.30am – 7.30pmlast_img read more